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L.A. Coliseum

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Lincoln, NE

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Washington State

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Seattle, WA

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Notre Dame

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Eugene, OR

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Oregon State

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Berkeley, CA

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Arizona State

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Rose Bowl

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496 thoughts on “2007 Schedule

  1. eric brown says:

    fuck usc those cheating bastards notre dame beat u guys but that stupid asshole reggie bush errrr cheater hade to push the pretty boy errrrr matt leinart to score fuck USC FUCK ALL THERE FANS SUCK MY COCK!!!!!!

    GO IRISH!!!!!!!!

  2. Tom McGuire says:

    I happen to know the above comment by Eric Brown was not from a Notre Dame fan, but from a fan of ASU. Being a Notre Dame fan, and knowing of the source of the above comment, I just wanted to make that clear. I do hate you guys, but you did what you needed to do to win that game. Good luck against Texas, ’cause we want you undefeated until you meet the Irish next year in L.A.

    Go Irish (from a real Irish fan)

  3. Zach Taylor says:

    Ok, to further clarify…I agree with the above statements by Mr McGuire, however, a true Notre Dame fan does not want USC to beat Texas making college football history with ANOTHER national title. In addition, Leinart and Bush are leaving so I know as an Irish fan that I don’t want them going out both Heisman winners and consecutive national champions. USC will have a different look to it next year without those two, and will lose before we play them for the last game of the season anyway. So that’s why Irish fans should be praying Vince Young can pull off a few miracles to beat USC in the Rose Bowl.

  4. Christine Metzler says:

    I agree that a real Notre Dame fan, (I would know) does not need to use profanity to make their point but has an ample supply of class – something the Trojans will NEVER possess. Not only will be beat the “mighty Trojans” on their home turf in 2006 but we will be the National Champions with a Heisman trophy winner of our own (Brady). I’ll never forget the sight of Matt Leinart crossing hiimself and praying on the bech in ND stadium this past Nov. just before they NARROWLY escaped defeat. That said it all. And one final note: It’s hard not to love even one Fighting Irishman but I thank God that D.J. Fitzpatrick is graduating. The man does NOT hve a career in football and I hope Charlie makes a first string choice so that we fans don’t have to sweat whether a top-notch football team like the Irish will make a PAT or easy field goal again.

  5. jason says:

    Eventhough usc still lost the championship.They are still #1, In my eyes. So all you assholes can just piss off .so go go go go go go trojans.

  6. pat says:

    HELLO Football fans. Please mark your calendars.The Longhorns won the championship for the first time in 35 yes 35 years. congrats: see you in another 35.OH i can not forget NOTRE LAME
    fans.Quit whining. WE’LL MEET AGAIN NEXT YEAR AND NEXT YEAR TILL 2014. Good luck because you’ll need it. GO TROJANS

  7. Mytneto says:

    USC is #1! Most NCAA National Championships period. Also most NCAA NC in football since inception and opening its doors. USC will win the 2007 National Championship. USC is the best football program. When you play in the best conference, The Conference of Champions you always stand to lose a game or two. Remember, USC gets quality, ranked, Div. 1 teams, and reknown teams for preseason. We don’t play patsies. Let me count the ways.
    USC plays preseason: Past Penn St. ranked, Auburn ranked, now: Arkansas, Nebraska, and so many more. Also, when we play other teams like Notre Dame each year, we get injured and lose to suckish teams like UCLA or Texas by less than 5 points and people say we are not as good as we really are the best. Hell, UT barely won by 3, UCLA by 4.
    USC will beat Michigan by way more than 2 points, unlike Ohio St. did. We don’t play teams like West Carolina, Ball St. Hell Stanford 100- Ball St. 3. And since ND beat UCLA, and USC beats Michigan that proves UCLA sucks. Of course they won this year. But once every 8 to 10 years is not bad. Of course any team will want to win a game out of embarrassment, being ashamed, having lost to same rival team for so many years. I can live with losing once every 8 to 10 years (decade) to UCLA.
    Next year 2007 USC will be #1 and win its 13th National Championship. We will have 13 NC in Football and 7 Heisman Trophy Winners. 13 NC
    are: ’28, ’29, ’31, ’32, ’39, ’62, ’67, ’72, ’76,’78, 2003, 2004, and 2007. 7 Heisman Trophy winners for USC are: Mike Garret, Charles White, O.J. Simpson, Marcus Allen, Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, and Reggie Bush. USC is now working on its 8th, 9th, and 10th Heisman Trophies for 2007, 2008, and 2009 seasons. Remember: John D. Booty (QB), Dwayne Jarret (WR), and Mark Sanchez (QB).
    USC has most Heisman Trophy winners. Michigan only has 6. If you count the same guy twice than Michigan barely ties USC. And they opened their doors two decades before. We gave them a 20 year head start and we still have more of everything. And our football program didn’t get started until 25 years after Michigan won its first NC.

  8. Mytneto says:

    USC has played 31 times at the “Grand Daddy of Them All Bowl Games” (The Rose Bowl).

    USC has more NC in all sports combined, more total gold medals at olympics than all universities, more Heisman Trophy Winners, more Baseball National Championships, and this is why we are the best, were the best, and will continue being the best. We are the team of the new millenium also, not just the last Century.

    USC owns the Rose Bowl. USC owns Michigan. Michigan will crumble, fumble, stumble, and tumble to USC. USC 5 – Michigan 2 at Rose Bowl. We are more than double better than Michigan. In January 2007 USC will make it USC 6 – Michigan 2 at the Rose Bowl. USC even owns Ohio St. USC 4 – Ohio St. 3 at the Rose Bowl. We could have even beat Ohio St. in 2001 season(2002 NC Game). We scored 45+ every game vs. more ranked opponents with #1 SOS. Ohio State never scored more than 35 points. We also had an awesome Defense. We only lost to ranked CAL in triple OT. We murdered Iowa in 2002 Orange Bowl three times better and by 3 to 4 touchdowns more than Ohio St. beat Iowa the same year. Ohio St. played patsies. USC beat #2 Auburn, #5 Washingto St. who beat Texas easily, #6 Notre Dame, #15 CAL, and #3 Iowa and more ranked, quality, and reknown teams.

  9. Mytneto says:

    USC has more National Championships than UT (Texas), LSU, Florida, UM (Miami), Louisville, Boise St., Vanderbilt, Kentucky, Kansas St., Wake Forest, Louisiana La Fayette, Louisiana Monroe, Utah, Utah St.,and more universities combined.

  10. Mytneto says:

    In 2007 Season USC will only lose 1 game or no games. USC will win the NC, BCS, USA Today Coaches, AP, ESPN, FSN, and all other polls unanimously! Fight On! USC #1! : )

  11. tigran martirosyan says:

    usc will defeat michigan in the rose bowl in a great defendive battle. I think our speed on defense will put alot of pressure on Chad Henne pocket passing game. We will also have an advantage in the passing game because of our two star wide outs (Dwayne Jarrett and Steve smith), and if we do end up winning our 23rd rose bowl with all the players coming back next year the polsters will have usc at #1 to start the 2007-2008 season. Oh ya Notre Dame fans say good buy to Brady Quin, and i hope you guys will get your asses kicked in the sugar bowl and lose your 9th straight bowl game. FIGHT ON!

  12. tigran martirosyan says:

    I guarantee everyone USC will the rose bowl this year for the 23rd time also there 5th BCS bowl win in 6 seasons including the 2 national titles, anyway they will win the national championship next year infatically.

  13. sean says:

    It’s incredible how ignorant all of you USC fans are. In reading all of the comments on this page i am astounded that your going to make the claim that you were still better than texas when you lost to them in the 2005 NC. First of all congratulations on all of your tradition. It truly is a dynasty that has been built at USC however you cannot judge a teams quality by their past but by their play. This year they lost to 2 terrible teams. And how can you even claim that you play in a tough conference? The Pac-10 is 2-3 in bowl games and Oregon State’s victory was barely eeked out against an unranked Missouri team. You need to understand that the only reason that your ranking is always so high is because of your tradition. How you got a bcs bid is beyond me. There were much more deserving teams i.e. Wisconsin. Ya you can run up alot of points and your defense has great numbers but think about who you play all year. Conference of champions…you’ve got to be kidding me. You claim to have class and you can’t even give credit where credit is due. You lost to UT in 2005 because they were better than you. You lost to Oregon State and you lost to UCLA. You cant compete for the national championship this year. If you can’t beat Oregon State you cant beat Ohio State. Learn to give credit where credit is due instead of thinking you are the the only good team in college football

  14. eric #23 says:

    fuck the fight girls(ND), fuck UCLA, fuck you eric brown, and fuck the rest of the haters. Congrads. to USC for just beating the crap out off Michigan at the Rose Bowl, 32-18. Fight on Trojan fans!!!

  15. tigran martirosyan says:

    I told you that USC will win the Rose Bowl, and ya it’s me the same guy who garuanteed that USC that USC would beat Michigan. Now we all know USC is going to be #1 in the preaseason polls next year and feel that they will win the national championship.

  16. tigran martirosyan says:

    2007-2008 rankings USC#1 Florida#2 LSU#3 Michigan#4 Ohio St.#5 Boise St.#6 Texas#7 Cal#8 Penn St.#9 West Va.#10 Goergia#11 Wake Forest#12 Lousville#13 Wisconsin#14 Arkansas#15 Auburn#16 Florida St.#17 Oklahoma#18 Boston College#19 Miami#20 Tennessee#21 Oregon St#22 Nebraska#23 Oklahoma St.#24 UCLA#25.

  17. tigran martirosyan says:

    I was reading Sean’s comnt and him saying that we had an easy schedule was shocking to me, I wuold like to point out that USC played 7 ranked apponents this year and three of them were out of conference apponents, and remember we won all those games after losing 2 hiesman trophy winners and 8 total starters, and we still ended up winning the rose bowl by blowing out the #3 tem in the nation. So dont make any coments when you don’t know what the hell your talking about.

  18. tigran martirosyan says:

    Did you hear that if Florida wins they might give USC the national title as well? Wow what a weekend for USC and there fans, and UClA fans thouht our dynasty was done

  19. kevin says:

    tigran, whoever you heard that from is an idiot. There’s no way usc gets a share of the title this year…that’s just foolish. And to the comment above saying that UT was a bad team and usc only lost because they were beat up? They hadn’t played in a month, they had everyone there. Maybe they had a better team, but ut had the best player on the field that night, who also was the rookie of the year in the nfl. And have you thought maybe the reason usc beat down michigan is because the big 10 is overhyped also, not necessarily that the pac10 is so great

  20. tigran says:

    For your information I heard that from espn, and it’s ok even if they decide not to give the share of the title because it was great for USC to win the rose bowl considering how young there team is, and lets remember that this rose bowl win continues USC dynasty witch first started in 2002, and now they have the best shot to win the national title next year witch shouldn’t be such a tough road for them next year.

  21. tigran martirosyan says:

    Do you think Dwayne Jarrett is gonna comeback next year, I think he should because if he does come back he will have a great chance to win the hiesman trophy and the #1 overall pick in the NFL draft. Lets also remember when Mike Williams who was one of the top recievers in the country and he decided to leave as a junior, and now we rarely hear his name. I just dont want that to happen to Dwayne Jarrett. Also if he stays he will most likely win his second national championship next year

  22. tigran martirosyan says:

    Kevin the reason USC beat Michigan is not because the Big 10 is overhyped it’s because USC just flat out played better then them, because Michigan is a great football team and they have been playing great football all year long, and USC showed them up , and also tell me how long you guys are willing to hold on to the USC and Texas game. forget about it it’s history. I also think USC fans need to forget about it and begin to think about all the great things that are ocurring for the Trojans, also remember what a great dynasty USC has built so far a dynasty that will conyinue for th next 3 to 4 years, and remember this dynasty began all the way back in 2002.

  23. tigran says:

    Now USC is most likely going to play in the national title game next season but who do you think they would end up playing because there are alot of teams right now who can make a case for #2. Now I’am not trying to say that they are definitily going to get in but you have to agree that they are the favors for next year not only to get in to the national championship but to win the national championship. However what I want to know who do you guys think would end up #2 next season. Theres Florida, Michigan, LSU, Texas, Georgia, West Va. Boise St.

  24. tigran martirosyan says:

    Mario Donello USC field goal kicker was found dead 120 feet below a cliff in San Pedro he was only 21 years old there going to release further details later on.

  25. tigran martirosyan says:

    So somebody trll me who do you think USC would play in the national championship game if they get there next season.

  26. Dave D says:

    Let’s clear all this crap up. We(USC) lost last year because of an outstanding performance. Yes, the defense was young…but that’s the way it goes. Jeeze, enough about that game.

    Idaho is trying to get out of that game, which was a filler for USC after the 12th game was added. I am sure that both universities would like to change that. The problem is that any major program..i.e. Miami would want a home and home (as USC would) to collect that payday. I am not sure that USC’s 08 schedule would allow that.

    As for #2 next year…If Russell comes back, you have to like LSU. If not, Michigan will be in the running since a bunch of their Juniors are returning. Florida will also be interesting if Teebow can perform as the #1 starter. West Va seems like a gimmicky team that can’t put a whole season together. Sleeper: Alabama…some talent there and Saban is that good. Boise St is done for a year or so…too many seniors.

  27. tigran says:

    Thank you Dave for being the only one out there who’s forgotten about that game, I mean seriasly have of the comments written are about last years game, and if you read one of my comments I am trying to send the same message as you are.

  28. tigran says:

    Thank you Dave for being the only one out there who’s forgotten about that game, I mean seriasly have of the comments written are about last years game, and if you read one of my comments I am trying to send the same message as you are.

  29. Mikey D says:

    Can anyone be at all objective?

    Please note that what may objectively be the “better” team does not necessarily play better/win on any given day. In Jan 2006, a very good UT played better than USC on the day of the Rose Bowl (thanks primarily to VY) and deserved to win. Doesn’t matter who was “truly” better–UT was at the time it counted. This year, USC failed to win a key game (UCLA) they needed to earn a shot at OSU. Florida did what they needed to do to earn it.

    I was very skeptical about UF and the SEC going into the bowl season–I wasn’t sold on the conference (and UF by extension), but they made believers out of me for the 2006 season since then . Keep in mind USC thrashed Arkansas this year, one of the teams that made it out of such a tough conference to the SEC title game….

    I have to chuckle at anyone saying the Pac-10 is such a lousy conference. And since when is did it become legit to call a top 20 team (OSU) terrible? And while UCLA may not have been a power, they are a RIVAL with some talent–good enough to go to a bowl. While the PAC-10 did have a disappointing showing in bowl games this year (though their top 2 teams dominated their games and their #3 also won), it was a tough enough conference for the USAToday computer ratings to credit USC with the second most difficult schedule in the country (UF, out of the might SEC ranked 8th for SOS)–this AFTER bowl game results. Oh yeah, two other PAC-10 teams were (Stanford and Arizona) were credited with the number 1 and 2 most difficult schedules respectively….

    USAToday computer computations had the PAC-10 as the 3rd most difficult conference for ’06, just behind the Big East and a step or so behind the SEC.

    I feel that USC, at the top of their game this year, would have very good odds at beating any other team at the top of their game. However, USC did not play up near that level consistently enough to warrant a shot at the title. Two other extremely good teams did, and one of them topped out in the Championship Game. The Gators won it by the rules of the system that everyone else abides by (not going to go into how difficult that system makes it for some Boise State fans), and DESERVE the title.

  30. Mikey D says:

    Correction on my last regarding SOS out of the Saragin ratings in USAToday. Arizona was 3 (as USC was 2). Take a lookie at the top 10:

    1. Stanford
    2. USC
    3. Arizona
    4. Tennessee
    5. Washington
    6. Oregon
    7. UCLA
    8. Florida
    9. California
    10. Washington State

    Yep, the conference is so bad that after having to play over 70% of their games against other PAC-10 teams, 8 of the 10 PAC ten teams had SOS in the top 10….

  31. tigran says:

    What are you talking about how can 8 pac 10 teams be in the top 10 theres only about 2 or three teams that are alete in the pac 10 and only one of them is always in top 10 or 5, and that is USC. What you wrote does not make any sense at all.

  32. tigran says:

    2007-2008 How they will finish USC#1 WV#2 LSU#3 Michigan#4 Florida#5 Texas#6 Penn St.7 Georgia#8 Arkansas#9 Ohio St. #10 Cal#11 Florida St.#12 Rutgers#13 Oklahoma#14 Boise St.#15 Auburn#16 Wisconsin#17 Miami#18 Alabama#19 Boston College#20 UCLA#21 Wake Forest#22 Hawaii#23 Oregon St.#24 Oklahoma St.#25 Other receiving votes Navy 53, Kansas St.47, Oregon 22, Pittsburg 14 Texas A&M 12

  33. Mikey D says:


    I was addressing sean’s comment of “how terrible” the PAC-10 is by making inference from the STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE (derived from the season’s final results) for PAC-10 teams this year.

    I DID NOT say 8 of the leagues 10 teams were ranked in the top 10. I DID SAY that 8 of the leagues 10 teams had STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE ranked in the top 10 (according to this particular source). The obvious implication being that this could not be possible if the league were so terrible as over 70% of these team’s games were against other PAC-10 teams.

    NOTE: The rated strength of schedule for the other two teams was 11 (Arizona State) and 15 (Oregon State). The fact that the lowest Strength of Schedule rating for any team in the 10 team conference is 15 implies volumes about the quality of the league top-to-bottom compared to other leagues.

  34. Steven Hix says:

    Whoo!! GO USC!! Fight on Trojans!! 2007 preseson #1 and Heisman winner!!! 41-14 sucks in any game, Sugar or Fiesta!! Whoo!!

  35. Mikey D says:

    You can never be certain what EGO may motivate one to do, but in my opinion Carroll would be extremely foolish to do anything but simply retire when he feels the time comes. I feel a move to the NFL would be about the MOST FOOLISH thing he could do. I was down on the hire when he was first brought on at USC based on his NFL head coaching resume. I thought he was a very good NFL D Coordinator, but not suited for a head coaching position. However, he has proved to be a perfect fit for the college game–especially for USC. I still don’t think he’s a fit for an NFL head coaching job.

  36. goinggone says:

    Just a quick comment on the strenth of schedule calculations- there’s a good reason why the BCS and NCAAF adjusted the calculation this year as it’s fairly evident the previous format was highly misleading (Standford #1- seriously?). Sad to admit USC will have another easy schedule infront of them- hope the beavers aren’t too much for ya, and, after watching UCLA-FSU, the Bruins must be intimidating as well. Other than that- rest of the schedule should be a wipe.

  37. tigran says:

    2007-2998 top 25
    #3West Va.
    #11Ohio St.
    #12Virginia Tech
    #15Boise St.
    #16Texas A&M
    #17Penn St.
    #20Wake Forest
    #24Oregon St.


  38. tigran says:

    Revised top 25 2007-2008
    #3West Va.
    #11Varginia Tach
    #12Ohio St.
    #14Texas A&M
    #15Boise St.
    #17penn St.
    #19Wake Forest
    #21Wake Forest
    #24Boston College

  39. jmoney says:

    Does anyone want to make a prediction on which Trojan gets arrested next? We have an office pool and the money is on Sanchez again this summer. One of those drunk girls is bound to call the police this time.

  40. ucla fan says:

    fuck usc they can suck my cock basterds
    i hope fag reggie bush gets his heisman taken away for the money problom all u usc fans go suck a dick

    ( ya like matts or reggies)

  41. Z says:

    whoa sounds like this guy worked for a trojan and got fired yesterday!
    pucla better than who? san diego st.! you got to do better than that pal. you need 3 in a row for that statement to hold water!

  42. tigran says:

    the guy who posted the remarks about ucla being better then the #1 U

    The guy who posted the remarks about ucla being better than the #1 USC Trojans next year is one of my friends . Now Trojan fans dont get at them because he doesn’t know shit about college football and he’s a pussy. ok this guy runs inside for hours when he barely hits the neighbors tire on there car. He just cant admitt that we are a great football team and always will be. ps UCLA sucks balls there like there fan Brian a pussy.

  43. jmoney says:

    If there is anything I can learn from this message board, it’s that Pac Ten fans can’t write. I hope you guys didn’t graduate from USC. If it makes any of you feel any better, I think USC and UCLA both suck ass. Oh, and your conference sucks ass, too. Have a wonderful day!

  44. tigran says:

    Hey Jmoney or whatever the fuck you call yourself, we are in middle schoole ok we havent even gotten to highschool yet. Please do tell me how does USC suck when we have one 11 national championships, 23 rose bowls, 7 heisman trophy winners and next we are going to start as #1. Now I agree with the fact that UCLA sucks because the have yet to accomplish anything but how can say that about the best known football program in the country.

  45. tigran says:

    I read one of the statements posted by UCLA fan, ok you did beat and I give you guys credit for that. However we are ok by beating the Bruins 8 years in a row and then losing once, and how about the fact that you guys lost your bowl game 44-7 and we one “the grandaddy of them all” the Rose Bowl over #3 Michigan 32-18 and once again for the 23rd time celebrated as Rose Bowl champions in your own stadium.

  46. tigran says:

    Listen this argument is about the Trojans and the Bruins not what my name is. Im sorry that you cant think of anything to say to back up your team. However you dont need to replace that by making fun of my name, and I dont no if youve noticed but this site is a Trojan site. Not a site for you and your pussy Bruins.

  47. tigran says:

    Oh ya amd what took you so long to coment back the first time. Your dumb ass couldnt think of anything to say, and after all that time thats your comeback. You really are a dumb ass.

  48. lsubowlchamps07 says:

    hey congrats on the rose bowl win.

    isn’t this a little weird though:

    ucla beat usc
    usc beat notre dame
    notre dame beat ucla

    someone explain that and how:

    Auburn beat florida
    florida beat georgia
    georgia beat auburn

  49. tigran says:

    This is my answer to isubowlchamp. In college football or in any sport you cant compare one team to another based on how they both played against one team. It all depends on how a team comes out to play. As you saw Notre Dame was totally unprepared for the game at the coliseum as they got manhandled by the the Trojans, and the Trojans weren’t prepared enough for the Bruins. However you could tell that USC was pumped to to play Michigan in the Rose Bowl.

  50. tigran says:

    Now all we have been talking about is USC football, how about some basketball, they are currently seeded 5th in the ncaa tourney this year. Now chances are they are noy going to win, however hopefully they can make it to an elite 8 or something.

  51. tigran says:

    Can you believe it USC in the SWEET 16 thats unbelievable and I think they have a great chance to beat North Carolina.

  52. tigran says:

    Why not there is always a few upsets in the tourney the bracket is never perfect. Now im not stupid as much as i am a USC fan I have to give the advanteg to North Carolina but USC has alot of talent and one of the top defenses in the country, and how about the fact that all of North Carolina’s 6 losses have been upsets against teams that aren’t even close to being better than USC.

  53. tigran says:

    BCS Championship
    #1USC vs #2West Varginia
    Rose Bowl
    #3LSU vs #5Texas
    Sugar Bowl
    #4MIchigan vs #9Varginia Tech
    Orange Bowl
    #6Florida vs #8Rutgers
    Fiesta Bowl
    #7Georgia vs #11Wisconsin

  54. tigran says:

    BCS Championship
    #1USC vs #2West Varginia
    Rose Bowl
    #3LSU vs #5Texas
    Sugar Bowl
    #4MIchigan vs #9Varginia Tech
    Orange Bowl
    #6Florida vs #8Rutgers
    Fiesta Bowl
    #7Georgia vs #11Wisconsin

  55. Big Guns says:

    i don’t think so, wv and texas will fall off the radar this year, michigan will bite the dust again! something about that whole prediction stinks! maybe so… but i don’t like any of those schools.

  56. tigran says:

    Well the only reason I picked West Varginia was because they have there 2 stars returning
    “pat White and Steve Slaton”. Also they have a very easy schedule so all they have to do is go undefeated and they will most likely get in. You are absolutely right about Michigan, however speaking specifacly I think they will fall to Wisconsin, and for Texas I think they will lose to Texas A&M.

  57. SCforLife says:

    Your BCS ranking is flawed. If Michigan makes it to a BCS bowl and not the title game they will be in the rose bowl. If LSU makes it to the BCS above any other SEC team but not the title game they will be in the SUGAR. Texas Fiesta and so on. Know your conference tie ins before you write. Some of you make the rest of us SC fans look retarded.

  58. tigran says:

    My revised Bowl games:
    BCS Championship
    #1USC vs #2Michigan
    Rose Bowl
    #3West Varginia vs #5LSU
    Sugar Bowl
    #6Texas vs #8Wisconsin
    Orange Bowl
    #7Florida vs #11Varginia Tech
    Fiesta Bowl
    #9Rutgers vs #12California

  59. Big Guns says:

    dude i don’t waste my time with that type of non sense…theres only one team that matters, and that the trojans everybody else can follow. you can’t trust college football!

  60. tigran says:

    jmoney whoever you are you’re fucking retarded the comments you make are the type of comments my 7 year old cousin makes. why cant you accept the fact that there is a reason why USC has been ranked #1 4 out of the last 5 and stop hating on them like a little bitch.

  61. jmoney says:

    Updated: April 27, 2006, 3:54 PM ET
    USC suspends Sanchez after sexual assault arrestAssociated Press

    LOS ANGELES — Southern California backup quarterback Mark Sanchez was released from jail early Thursday following his arrest for investigation of sexually assaulting a female student, authorities said.

    Sanchez, 19, was released shortly after midnight after posting $200,000 bail, said Los Angeles County sheriff’s Deputy Ban Nguyen.

    He was arrested around 4 p.m. Wednesday at an apartment complex near campus, Los Angeles police Officer Jason Lee said. No other details were immediately available.

    USC officials said they will temporarily suspend Sanchez while police conduct their investigation.

    “The university takes charges of sexual assault seriously,” Michael Jackson, USC vice president of student affairs, said in a statement. “Depending on the facts as established by the LAPD, we will determine the appropriate action. In the interim, the student will be placed on interim suspension while the case is pending.”

    USC coach Pete Carroll said he was aware of Sanchez’s arrest and that the Trojan football program would cooperate with police and “follow along with whatever action the university takes.”

    Sanchez is listed on the Trojans’ depth chart as the backup to John David Booty, but was expected to battle for the starting job this fall. Booty practiced only once this spring before he injured his back and had to undergo surgery.

    Sanchez, a redshirt freshman, played the recent spring scrimmage and has been practicing with the first unit.

    His arrest was one of several off-field problems for USC within the last year. However, no charges were brought in the other cases.

    Copyright 2006 by The Associated Press

  62. Sid Vicious says:

    If boning a girl that dragged you out to the 9-0 and then back to your place, is rape, then I’m a rapist 10 times over

  63. jmoney says:

    Here are a couple of definitions for you. It’s not just getting some chick drunk at the bar and banging her later. Unless, of course you threaten her with a broken bottle and beat her or something before trying to get on her. Sid, thanks for maintaining the reputation of USC fans.

    sexual assault

    a statutory offense that provides that it is a crime to knowingly cause another person to engage in an unwanted sexual act by force or threat; “most states have replaced the common law definition of rape with statutes defining sexual assault”

    sexual assault
    n. Conduct of a sexual or indecent nature toward another person that is accompanied by actual or threatened physical force or that induces fear, shame, or mental suffering.

  64. uscfan68 says:

    im from arkansas and i have this to say…… mitch mustain is going to be nothing but a pain in the ass, him and his mom! damien williams is another story. this kid has talent and will be good for usc. mustain wont make it and ask for another transfer…… if its possible to transer twice? maybe some day he will find a home!

  65. tigran says:

    I say we all gang up and beat the shit out of Jmoney or what ever the fuck his name is. USC fans dont sweat it when you have a great team like the USC theres gonna be some haters.

  66. jmoney says:

    I wonder if that girl that Sanchez assaulted is classified as a “USC fan” or a “hater.” What do you guys think?

  67. tigran says:

    Even if Sanchez did assault nobody cares cause he’s just a backup, and there’s a key word in that sentence if. All we care about is that we are Rose Bowl champions for the 25th time, were going to ranked #1 next year, we are favors to win the title for the 12th time, and we have a Heisman trophy front runner to give us our 8th Heisman trophy winner, o and did I mention our 6th straight PAC 10 tiltle and our 34th in history.

  68. ucla fan says:

    tigran can you shut your trap
    your qb raped sombdy end of story its in the past
    fuck the trojans
    they ca suck your dick and you will be happy bout dat bitch

  69. tigran says:

    What do you mean USC sucks you guys are the ones who cant even win the emerald bow. While were out there winning the Rose Bowl, for the fucking 23rd time. So shut your dumb ass up. I swear ill fuck your bith ass up.

  70. tigran says:

    I don’t care if he wants to make stupid choises and ruin his life that’s his problem I cant do anything about that because he should realize he has a great future in front of him. Now I am not 100% convinced that he did do it, but if he did thats his problem not mine. I am just glad our starting QB John David Booty is staying out of trouble.

  71. tigran says:

    #3West Varginia
    #11Ohio St.
    #12Varginia Tech
    #13Penn St.
    #15Wake Forest
    #18Boise St.
    #20Florida St.
    #25Oregon St.

  72. jmoney says:

    I don’t think that poll is official.

    Michigan doesn’t have an “s” and Virginia is spelled V-I-R-G-I-N-I-A. West Virginia goes by the same spelling, with a “West” in front of it.

    It’s good to see that you guys are on top of the rankings when everyone is 0-0 at this point. Do you think there is a chance that sports writers could loan you guys the National Championship trophy until mid-season?

    I’ve been looking for a way to eliminate wins and losses from sporting events altogether. I think you’re on to something here.

  73. tigran says:

    I see you have finally gotten off the ass of the sexual assualt case, to move on with your worthless life, however it’s great to see USC at #1 after taking a year off, because when you start out at #1 all you basically half to do is go undefeated, and not worry about other teams and how there doing, and you know what go ahead and hate on USC as much as you want because when your a great team like USC there’s gonna be some fucking retards that are gonna be hating.

  74. jmoney says:

    Some haters might even say that the Pac Ten is a completely worthless conference and that you guys have no competition. Some might even say that, even despite the lack of competition, you guys still manage to lose to such crappy teams as Cal or UCLA every once in a while.

    Some might also say that you guys have a dirty program, citing Reggie Bush booster money of upwards of $100,000.

    Some might say that you guys ruined the BCS for whining about the emphasis on strength of schedule. Now that it’s de-emphasized, some might even say that teams with weak schedules in weak conferences now get a shot at the championship if they win a whole lot of worthless games. Some might even say that this encourages teams to schedule less intriguing regular season games and makes college football worse as a whole.

    That’s just what some people say.

  75. tigran says:

    So we take advantage of our crappy conference thats why we have won 5 years running. Also the PAC 10 isnt that bad you got #8Cal,#25Oregon St. and#23UCLA, and when was the last time we lost to Cal we have beat them 3 years straight with blow outs. With this question I am not trying to get at you I just want to know whose your favorite team.

  76. tigran says:

    I dont understand why do you hate USC I mean they haven’t done anything wrong. All they have been doing is going out there and playing great football week after week.

  77. Z says:

    can’t you tell this sad ass whinner is from texas…you know the so what chimps, wont see another title for about what? 30 years from now!

  78. jmoney says:

    Is that about the time that you guys start offering athletic scholarships again? Your current pace doesn’t bode well for an academic institution.

  79. Resilient29 says:

    jmoney, even though you bagged on my CAL Bears, I still think your posts have been quite humorous. keep it up. Go Bears (usc going down in Bezerkeley this year) good luck trojan fans. respect

  80. tigran says:

    Would you guys like to see a USC Texas rematch this year and if there were a rematch how do you think it would play out, now that Texas doesn’t have the threat of Vince Young.

  81. Michael Battle says:

    I think if we played them again we would beat them with ease, because when we played texas in the Rose Bowl Vince Young beat us not texas.

  82. jmoney says:

    Vince Young beat you? I didn’t notice-What color jersey did he have on? That’s completely absurd. Just because your team can’t hang with one player, and your Heisman winner doesn’t even show up to play doesn’t mean that you lost to one guy. It’s a team sport! Their defensive line was playing extremely well in that game and shut your running game down. It was a competitive game, but don’t blame your loss on one guy. One guy can bring a program down, like Maurice Clarett or Reggie Bush, but he can’t win a game on his own.

  83. tigran says:

    I agree that Reggie Bush didn’t play well but besides that last play LenDale White was amazing 3 tuchdowns and about 114 yards rushing I blame Pete Carrol for going consorvitive with 4 minutes to play in the game.Thaty should of just kept attacking.

  84. tigran says:

    i think he was talking to ucla fan that one guy who never writes anymore but im not sure i think ucla fan got kicked out couse he used to much profanity

  85. tigran says:

    i think he was talking to ucla fan that one guy who never writes anymore but im not sure i think ucla fan got kicked out couse he used to much profanity

  86. tigran says:

    whatever u dont even have a favorite team s o why the hell u talking. u just wont say who your favorite team is cuz u ur afraid that everyone is gonna start baggin on them.

  87. Big Guns says:

    that’s easy he’s a long horn fan! he a longhorn pussy, the so what chumps that couldn’t defend they’re title after bragging back 2 back! he ain’t from the sec those jack ass will d-fend themsevles with balls! unlike these big 12 pussies!

  88. jmoney says:

    I’m not a big fan of Texas and I hate the Big 12. Their conference, like yours, is top heavy. The only difference being that they occasionally have a couple of good teams in theirs.

    But hey, at least you guys play Notre Dame every year. By the way, Do you think they’ll hit double-digits in bowl losses this season? Chances of them being the most overrated team in college football again and getting a matchup way beyond their means: 100%.

    Oh! Since we’ve resorted to name calling….You guys are all a bunch of buttholes. Mine is dumping on your team.

  89. tigran says:

    All i nkow is are Usc’s dynasty has been going on for the past 6 years. With national championships, rose bowl championships,orange bowl championships ,and heisman winners, and no matter who we lost on are team who gave us a heart breaking loss, and bounce back. Thats where the term fight on comes from. when we lost to Cal in 03 we came bac and won the title, when we lost to texas we came back and won the rose bowl when we lost to osu we came back to a shot at the tilte when we lost to ucla and eveyone thought our dynasty was done we came back and won the rose bowl.

  90. tigran says:

    for now on just ignore anything jmoney says if he says something stupid just talk about something else or continue on another conversation.

  91. tigran says:

    so anyway i am graduating tommoroww and my gift is to any usc home game of my choice wich game do you think i should go to Washington state stanford arizona oregon state or ucla.

  92. jmoney says:

    They all sound like worthless Pac Ten games. I think you’d be better off spending the time watching the pot in Southern California grow.

  93. tigran says:

    seasons almost hear but there something else that we have to look forward to the preseason rankings, the magazines with all the schedules, big games and predictions. This preseason will be a bit more enjoyable for trojan fans because they will see there team at #1 again rather than #6 and this year we are following a rose bowl win not a dissapointment like last year.

  94. ucla fan says:


  95. ucla fan says:


  96. ucla fan says:


  97. ucla fan says:

    fuck u tigran in the fucking ass im sure you wouldn’t like it but id reggie bush had his dick up your ass u be so fucking happy but then again who would fuck matt leinart ohh i no i no why not have a gay threesome i can just see it know it will be recorded and will be posted on http://www.uscgayfagsfuckateen.com

  98. tigran says:

    dude if i saw reggie bush i swear to god i would say fuck me, fuck me hard and good. o ya reggie i like up the ass and a long black dick

  99. tigran says:

    you know there is alot of sick and fucking stupid and low life people in this world and bruin fan you are definiyely one of them and jmoney i say you beat his ass

  100. uclafan says:

    jmoney im sorry please dont kick my ass its not my fault im fucking retarded and have thoughts of naked college football athletes

  101. ucla fan says:





  102. BRIAN says:




  103. uclafan says:

    uclafan all youve been talking about is dicks and guys fucking eachother do you have anything else on your mind besides that shit atleast think about fucking girls. If thats all you spend your time thinking about than you are fucking gay dued. You say that were the ones who want to da gay shit like that but the only one who talks about it is you.

  104. ucla fan says:

    first of all tigran i love girls aint nuthin like some good pussy but u just dont seem like the person that likes girls so i want to make u feel comfortable thats all if u want to be gay go ahead but id rather suck pussy

  105. tigran says:

    uclafan we heard you the first time you dont have to right the same fucking comment like three times ok. Do you know how to fucking use a computer. And besides I get way more girls then you what kind of girl would want to go out with a guy who has no life and spends his day talking about dicks and guys fucking eachother. You call yourself a UCLA fan but I probably no more the Bruins than your gay asss

  106. jmoney says:

    As stupid as this conversation has gotten, I still imagine in-class discussions among USC football players to be even less intellectually satisfying.

  107. jmoney says:

    You guys are way too wound up. Maybe you could ask Dirty Sanchez if you could borrow a roofy or two to calm your nerves.

    UCLA Fan,

    Way to get in there and make yourself the biggest idiot on a USC chatboard. It doesn’t seem like an easy thing to do, but you’re winning by a landslide.

    The biggest loser in this battle of the minds: Los Angeles.

  108. tigran says:

    ucla fan! u talk mess bout usc but ucla the 1 that sucks ass tell me the last time ucla won a bcs bowl game or a national champ

  109. tigran says:

    I thought this site was called trojanwire not bruinwire. So whats up with all the ucla fans and there sorry ass football team whose last national championship came in 1954. You guys are lucky that your even going to be ranked next year. and the funny thing is when ucla has alot of there players coming back teyll have a descent year but the next year you guys suck again So bascically ucla has to rebuild every year because there sory ass coach doesnt no how to recruit. However look at USC no matter who they loose or whose returning there always one of the top if not the national champion contender

  110. tigran says:

    My bad jmoney I thought when you wrote ucla fan you were trying to say that you were a actual ucla fan but after readig the comment again I see you were talking to ucla fan

  111. todd says:

    jmoney, im from california so thats why im a usc fan, but i have lived in arkansas for 20 years so there you go… i love my team and stick with them.. you always badmouth the trojans and there fans. were are you from? huh?? BOY?? thats right!!!! you sound like a ou fan or a florida fan from what i have read/ … why dont you pack your shit and get the fuck out of here and go fuck yourself ok? everyone would benefit from that happening… todd fight on…….

  112. tigran says:

    Todd they don’t realize that USC fans are one of the only fans who stick with there team no matter what every time I hear someone who for one year is a Texas fan for the simple fact that they were national champions. Then for the start of the 06 year they become Ohio St. fans. However when it comes to USC we always stick to our team. You can talk as much shit as you want, and that goes to ucla fan as well. However its not going to bother us, because no matter what you guys say you guys cant change the fact that USC is one of the greatest football teams to ever set foot on a feild

  113. tigran says:

    Ya fight on. You Trojan haters can say what ever you want to say, but that still deosn’t take away the fact that were next years #1, and this is about the 4th time in the past 5 years we have seen USC next to #1

  114. chris says:

    yes thats right usc will be #1 for the next 3 or 4 years. this newcomer joe mcknight, he is going to be a great one! fight on!!!!

  115. Jsplff says:

    If you’re hating on USC, you’re either: A) jealous or B) a UCLA or Michigan fan. Either way, you’re second rate. Pete Carroll can do no wrong and is the best coach in the NCAA. The best revenge is success, Go trojans. Here’s to all you haters watching the trojans anyways! National Championship in ’07? Not much of question… Booty for Heisman.

  116. tigran says:

    There is no doubting this is our year you know the tradition one year you win the rose bowl the next you win the title. That is how USC has been doing it for the past 60 years, and we have 30 rose bowls, 7 heismans, and 13 national championshps to prove it.

  117. jmoney says:

    You’re right. Football fans in Southern California are known all around the world for their loyalty. How about those LA Rams? Did the Raiders enjoy their temporary stay in your crappy section of an overpriced state? Well, at least USC didn’t relocate to a state in the top 45 in public education.

    By the way…Do you mind if I write and sell the lyrics for “Booty for Heisman” to R.Kelly?

  118. jmoney says:

    im sorry all you usc fans i have to admit it but heres the truth. ……im gay and i would really love to suck suck sanchezs cock if he would let me. if he wont i will settle for mitch mustains smaller then average little pee-pee!

  119. tigran says:

    jmoney sereiesly you need help you and uclafan I think uclafan inspired you or something with all the fucking dick sucking and gay shit. sereisly gets some help dude, And just please do us all a favor and just stop writing coments

  120. jmoney says:

    ok i will prove that im a usc fan… taylor mayes went to a catholic school in seattle and he changed from 29 to # 2 this year…….. rey maluga went to eureka hs in nothern calif,jd booty went to evengel hs in lousiana and he passed for like 8000 plus yards in his carrer. brian cushing went to a private school in new jersey. he played fullback and def. end plus alot of other posistions. how else would i know all this if i wasnt a true fan… ask me anything. i will anyswer it

  121. todd says:

    tigran i live in arkansas and i seriously need some tickets for the usc nebraska game, can you help me out? know anyone thats looking to sell any tickets let me know man. thanks, and fight on!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. tigran says:

    its my real name, im armenian, and was born there. Go to ebay im sure theres a bunch of people that are selling cheap tickets. because all there home games arent that tough. O jmoney answer this. How did Dwayne Jarrett end up playing for USC. This should be an easy one he told the media during the press conference after this years notre dame game.

  123. tigran says:

    Get help jmoney, seriously get some help. No one cares who your a fan of, and why dont you suck uclafans cock since you guys both have that same gay shit on your mind.

  124. Black and Gold says:

    I don’t think its fair too talk so much shit about a team who can only shine playing the nobodies (unranked) teams they play and call that a dynasty. The SEC is by far the toughest conference to play in, thats why we have our own conference championship game. The PAC 10 is a weak conference. Try playing in a conference where its dam near impossible to go undefeated, then you might have a dynasty. I wouldn’t count those NC of the one’s you supposely share with other teams who actually won the game and your basis of losing one game. Such a crock of shit, who has the tropy bishes. LSU’s defense was so brutal last year eveyone they played win or lose lost thier next game. Go Tigers LSU 2003 National Champs FUSC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  125. jmoney says:

    im a texass fagot and my name is jmoney ehhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! duh what a dumb ass fuck stick with my thumb stuck up my ass and myother thumb in my mouth!

  126. TODD says:

    hey black and gold….. athlons pre season top 25 look at it ok? you might learn something. usc will play four top 25 teams and lsu only will play three. why is that??? HUH???? cal would beat lsu.. probebly nebraska too! arkansas will beat lsu this year and i think if that happens and then win the sec championship, you will see arkansas and usc in the national title game… yes everyone call me crazy but that is my pic for the tilte game… usc vs arkansas. im a usc fan BUT i think arkansas is going to very, very good this year. later, todd

  127. todd says:

    black and gold my mistake lsu plays florida also . i didnt know that they did, cause florida is in the sec east and usually dont play lsu. ok so they both play four. the pac 10 is not a weak conf. like everyone says. they have four temas in the top 25 athlons preaseason poll , the sec has five . the pac-10 has ten teams compared to the secs 12 teams so it weighs out about right doesnt it.dont dog on the pac-10. i still stand by my title game pick…. usc vs arkansas!!!

  128. Artof war says:

    inside every bruin there’s a trojan trying to get out! this boy wish his school was hot like usc the more he hates the more he wish he was a trojan. keep dream pig.

  129. jmoney says:

    Whoever is writing messages using my name….

    What is with your gay obsession? You should probably seek some professional help to assist you in calming yourself down. I have a strong feeling that you aren’t into football to watch the competition, but probably spend an inordinate amount of time trying to sneak a peek at body parts of your favorite players. Considering you’re a UCLA fan, and no one knows anyone that plays football there, I don’t even know what player to mention in order to take a shot at you. Help me out. Can anyone here name somebody on their roster?

  130. jmoney says:

    hey you guys. im the real jmoney. im here to cheer for the trojans of usc and thats it. they are my team, always have been always will be….. even when i am laying in the nursing home not knowing what the whole purpose of my time on earth was about because i didnt accomplish anything???? i will still look up at the tv and see this football team wearing the cardinal and gold and know thats my team. fight on ucs!!! sincerly jmoney

  131. jmoney says:

    hey you guys. im the real jmoney. im here to cheer for the trojans of usc and thats it. they are my team, always have been always will be….. even when i am laying in the nursing home not knowing what the whole purpose of my time on earth was about because i didnt accomplish anything???? i will still look up at the tv and see this football team wearing the cardinal and gold and know thats my team. fight on ucs!!! sincerly jmoney

  132. snoop gotta poop says:

    hey everyone i will be back directly, i have to go take a bathroom break. i have needed to take me a big ol jmoney all afternoon. i just hope when im done i have enough toilet paper to wipe all the jmoney off of my bob stoops. sure dont want my bob stoops smelling like jmoney that would really be the jmoney”s…….. mmmm gotta go be right back..

  133. tigran says:

    jmoney I know who wrote the comments, one of them is my freind brian. If you scroll through the site youll find his name somewhere, and the other is definitely, uclafan you can tell by his intryst in cocks, and fucking football players.

  134. jmoney says:

    jmoney is a fag a fucker a shithead an asshole he eats afterbirth and fucks his sister in the backseat of his moms 1974 pinto in his daddys garage, jmoney is a democrat, ouch! jmoney shops at walmart jmoney spanks his monkey on his balconey while looking and crips and bloods wait for the bus on the street corner. jmoney fucks his leftover christmas ham while he enjoys an ice cold pabst blue ribbon jomoney needs to get a fucking life! sincerly im jmoney

  135. tigran says:

    Ok! This whole comenting under other people’s names is really getting annoying. no one is going to beleive that jmoney would write about himself like that. If your going to use somebody else,s name to talk shit atleast dont make it obvious.

  136. uclafan says:

    I have decided, since no one likes me and I’m incapable of even communicating in complete sentences, that I’d do the world a huge favor and shoot myself in the head.

    I know that my boyfriend will miss me, but since he has also gone through the Los Angeles public school system, all he can do is stare at that naked Ed O’Bannon poster on my bedroom wall and drool on himself, mumbling incoherently, I know that even he won’t notice that I’m gone.

    I think what I’ll miss most is hearing that brain surgeon Bill Walton say really cool things like “In amongst the trees” and “Throw it down Big Man!” and wonder “Who’s going to do it? Who’s going to step up?”

    Plus, I know I’m never going to live long enough to see UCLA’s football team win a decent bowl game. I mean, I’m in 8th grade and I would only have about 80 years left anyway.

    Since it’s all going to be downhill from here, I just wanted to say goodbye to everyone. Take care, and Go Pac Ten. (You’ll always be more than a third-tier conference to me).

  137. tigran says:

    Ok buddy first let them try to get through florida, georgia, auburn, alabama, arkansas,. Then you can start thinking about the title. The only reason LSU is getting so much hype for next year is because, they beat notre dame in the sugar bowl. A team that had lost its 9 previous bowl games, Big deal we have beaten notre dame the last 5 years, and with jamarkus russel, your two star wide outs, and your running back I dont what all the hype is about

  138. t says:

    tigran or whatever you call yourself, i was at the arkansas practice today and they look really damn good. i think that arkansas will dominate the sec west and win the sec title against whoever? they will play usc in the bcs championship… what a rematch but usc wil come out on top by at least 30

  139. tigran says:

    Thats debatable but, I dont think they can do it without a QB, Arkansas has a new QB under center almost every game. I know Darren McCfadden is good but they need a team to to get to a title. There is not one team I can name THat one or played in the national championship without a good QB under center. I dont even know if Arkansas will get to a BCS bowl. By the way Tigran is my real name Im Armenian.

  140. t says:

    thats cool my uncle and little cousin are armenian. your correct about the qb thing.i think their backup to casey dick is the best, nathan emert. he is getting married too or already has married dadvid lees daughter. if you dont know he is arkansas qb coach who has spent the last few years at dallas. they have a few to pick from. last years whole qb thing was a complete immature act between the houston nutt and mitch mustain… they both should have been more grown up and played ball, do whatever it takes to put a win up correct? with the mix up with mcfadden and felix jones and michael smith running, and peton hillis and marcus monk catching and mcfadden throwing passes from the wildcat formation, i think arkansas will do really good. and im not even really an arkansas fan. their defense is a ? for me though. anyway this is a trojan site so enough arkansas talk! hey trojans have a great season , good luck to you all and FIGHT ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  141. tigran says:

    Thanks, Im glad some people can make there point in a mature manner unlike jmoney, or uclafan, or any of those guys. Anyway the USA Today polls came out today. USC is ranked #1, and LSU is #2 Florida is #3, Texas is #4, and Michigan is #5. thats the top 5. Oh ya this might make you wonder Arkansas is #20. I thought that and plenty of other things was wrong, like Florida being #3 the belong at the 5, and Michigan belongs at #3.

  142. t says:

    coolness tigran… texas should be 2, michigan3, lsu4 and who knows about the rest but florida shouldnt be in the top 10. thats just my opinion. arkansas should be in the top 10, thats my opinion again. im happy cause usc is 1 and i hope its that way the entire season. FIGHT-ON!!!!!!!

  143. tigran says:

    My Rankings:
    #1 USC
    #2 Michigan
    #3 LSU
    #4 Texas
    #5 West Va.
    #6 Florida
    #7 Wisconsin
    #8 Oklahoma
    #9 Virginia Tech
    #10 Ohio St.
    #11 Arkansas
    #12 California
    #13 Auburn
    #14 Louisville
    #15 Georgia
    #16 Tennessee
    #17 Penn St.
    #18 UCLA
    #19 Nebraska
    #20 Rutgers
    #21 Florida St.
    #22 Boise St.
    #23 Hawaii
    #24 Texas A&M
    #25 Boston College

  144. troy rocks! says:

    At The end of the year

    #6.West Virginia
    #9.Boise State
    #19.Brigham Young
    #20.Penn State
    #21.Texas A&M
    #22.Ohio State
    #24.Boston College

    If there was a number 36, then Notre Dame would make it. By the way I hope you guys get loss # 10!

  145. tigran says:

    Ya right Auburn would get shut out just like they did in 03, they have no weapons what so ever. By the way dont make stupid assumptions expesially when its towards a team whose formed one of the greatest dynasties in college football history.

  146. tigran says:

    Ya but Cal doesn’t match the high class and domimance level of USC, O UCLAfan it seems that You dont even think your team is even good enough to be 2nd rate. Which everyone agrees with by theway

  147. troy rocks! says:

    Only one other conference has 2 teams that are really good.

    Don’t say the big ten. Ohio State is nothing w/o Smith and Gonzoles. Michigan isn’t even as good as people think. Look at what SC did to them. The SEC has Arkansas, Auburn, and Florida (who is really only O.K). They are probably the best conference, with the Pac-10 in second.

  148. houston nutt says:

    hey e. moody come play for me at arkansas and you will be by next heisman winner. im talking next year after mcfadden wins it this year, and you come here and win it next year. COME PLAY FOR THE HOGS MOODY!!!!!! PIG SOIEEEEEE!!!!!!!

  149. troy rocks! says:

    Why does Boise State never get any credit for their team? Last year they were perfect, the only perfect team, but the highest they were ranked was #5 when I’m sure that they could have been a contender against Ohio State.

    P.S: #5 was after they beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl.

  150. tigran says:

    Bottom line USC will win the national championship this year, either over LSU, Michigan, or West Va. That will break the tie with Notre Dame for the most national championships in NCAA history. I Cant wait for August 30 when the season starts.

  151. brian says:


    read the words



  152. tigran says:

    THats why were #1 again for the 3rd time in 4 years. If USC sucks I wonder what that makes UCLA. Oh ya I love when USC stands in the middle UCLA’s feild and celabrates the Rose Bowl championship, or the Reose Bowl national championship

  153. brian says:

    u guys shouldt say u lost at to ucla at home when u play at that stadium all the time for the rose bowl so your saying your good enough to beat michigan but u say ucla sucks and u cant beat them at the same freaking stadium

  154. tigran says:

    Weve beaten you guys 8 time out of the last 9 years you act like that was the third time in a row you gus have beaten us. You guys win one game and now you think you can call your selfs a good football team. In our case let me tell why were a great football team, and the class of college football,how about the fact that we have had 5 straight seasons with 11 or more wins, with 5 consecutive BCS bowl games, 5 straight PAC 10 championships the conference you guys are apart of, 2 national titles, 3 heismans, and 3 out of tha last 4 years weve benn #1, And weve done all that since 2002, dont make me tell you what weve don in history.
    FIGHT ON!!!

  155. tigran says:

    Oh ya Brian you need to go learn how to type, because you don’t make any sense at all. Learn how to type and then continue this argument, because right now its hard to understand what your trying to say.

  156. Im me says:

    YEah USC LYKE TOTALY RAWKS MY EFFIN SOCKS!!!!!!! Ya’ll (NOTRE DAME especially) needs to look out for #46 Mike organ yep yep thats my brudda reppin DAllas Texas to da fullest!!!!!!! So ya’ll look at cause her comes a forced fumble baby!!!!

  157. BG says:

    that’s because you only deal with what you ‘ve been taught. in this day and age you have to read ebonics as well as hear it dude. people can write but with texting and trying to type ebonics folks don’t give a shit what you can inturput. i’m not saying he’s right your wrong, or vise-versa, i’m just sayingwhy waste your time trying to correct someone english when they can give 2 shits from a rats ass? fight on!

  158. tigran says:

    No im just trying to say that before he posts something read it, make sure yo dont have mistakes that couse the reader to not understand what your talking about, I mean me and Brian are freinds he lives right across the street from me, so since he’s a bruin fan, and Im a trojan fan we have arguments about college football, and stuff but that last comment he wrote, and many other comments I really didnt understand what he was trying to say.
    FIGHT ON!!

  159. Fight on says:

    It’s pretty funny reading comments like “Brady will win the Heisman next year” a year after they were posted. I hope it meant Greg Brady, not Brady Quinn, cause Quinn was what, oh, that’s right, WINLESS against good teams. It never ceases to amaze me how people attack the best team. If Notre Dame was ranked #1, the last place that you would see me is on a Irish site crying that USC was the best ever. Root for your team until you bleed, but don’t sound like a moron online….
    Is anyone else noticing the media darlings this year are LSU? I know, it would make a great story, but in the non-fiction department.

  160. brian says:

    the thing i dont like about usc u guy cant accept a lose u have to learn and move on

    tigran tells me all the what should have happened in texas game but guess what u didnt do that so move on

  161. tigran says:

    Exactly that means you guys have no pressure on you and we have all the pressure in the world, and you guys went in to that game off of a buy week, while we came off games against notre dame, cal, and oregon, I give you guys credit but let that game go move on, and thats exactly why you guys got killed by florida st. and we killed michigan, you guys beat us and then didnt concentrate in the game against the seminoiles, we moved on and only concentrade on one thing, michigan

  162. BG says:

    Can you say stupid? it’s like texas….they kept saying, “we beat you guys”, but couldn’t defend they’re title! no gas in the tank, but a lot of hot air. uh new season “HELLO”! bells are ringing willie!

  163. tigran says:

    Exactly don’t you see Brian no one cares about that game anymore. It’s over. You guys can brag all throughout this upcoming season until USC kicks ucla’s ass and then will see whose bragging, and the thing about USC is will only brag about for a few weeks and then we move on, and get ready for the next game.

  164. tigran says:

    What are you talking about. we got at # 20 Nebraska, a rivalry game agianst Notre Dame in South Bend, at Oregon who will probably be ranked when we play them, at # 12 Cal, at ASU, and agianst rival UCLA who is ranked #14, and in the BCS games no matter who we play, Iowa, Michigan, Oklahoma, we usually blow them out.

  165. tigran says:

    Ive seen the rankings for the teams with the toughest schedule’s USC has the second most toughest schedule in the country

  166. YdoBruinsSmellLikeTravelerDick says:

    Looks like another great year of banging hayseed poon in my limo at the away games. Hey Jethro, make sure she takes a shower before comming to the game or else she won’t get into the stretch and you’ll miss out on the can of mixed nuts; and her smelling of trojan nuts.

  167. tigran says:

    oh my bad, a did you see the game last night against Idaho, it got so boaring by the second half. Im sure if pete Carroll wanted to he would of ran up the score, but I guess with all the injuries you got to take your starters out while tha game is already in hand, if he left hia starters in to run up the score they would risk even more injuries.

  168. It's raining men says:

    USC will get proggressively better throughout the whole season. Ucla or the excuse for 11 monkey cum guzzling nigger half-breads they put out on the field each week will lose to BYU ! You heard it hear first. Are all UCLA fans armenians or some other worthless race ? thats not rhetorical, i really want to know. I’d be pissed off too if i went to a school with ugly smelly unshaven poon, and had to get beat every year by the cooler guys across town just like back in high school. go back to doing what you guys are really good at, math problems – Mahalo Fuck You Dont you have a bruin page to spend all your time on ?

  169. tigran says:

    A Im Armenian, and Im a huge fan of USC, my whole family is Armenian and my uncle is attending USC, I like the fact the your a USC fan as well, but you better watch what you fucking say. and unlike other Armenians Im not at all harry Im all clean, for some greaat reason I have the only Armenian family who doesnt look like that. Peaple are shocked when they find out Im Armenian.

  170. tigran says:

    Oh by the way he’s right about something, you Bruin fans need to find your own page. If you didn’t notice this site is called Trojanwire, not bruinwire, trojanwire.

  171. kenny says:


  172. Leo Alcala says:

    Man all you hatas need to stop drinking all that haterade save some for your children so they could hate when USC beats their favorite teams. All you biatches(don’t know if we could swear so i purposely spelled it like that.)need to shut up just because we beat you and don’t choke in a bowl game *cough* Notre Dame *cough*. Hey “tigran at August 23, 2007 06:50 PM” Take michigan out of there they lost to that crappy team, wait i guess they’re good, Appalachain State. So ya all of of you quit your biatching and see USC win the National Title. USC #1

  173. Leo Alcala says:

    Man all you hatas need to stop drinking all that haterade save some for your children so they could hate when USC beats their favorite teams. All you biatches(don’t know if we could swear so i purposely spelled it like that.)need to shut up just because we beat you and don’t choke in a bowl game *cough* Notre Dame *cough*. Hey “tigran at August 23, 2007 06:50 PM” Take michigan out of there they lost to that crappy team, wait i guess they’re good, Appalachain State. So ya all of of you quit your biatching and see USC win the National Title. USC #1

  174. tigran says:

    USC is #1 weather you like it or not. There is a reason why they have been #1 3 out of the past 4 years. consistancy, 5 years in a row now they have won at least 11 games, have you herd that from lSU Oklahoma, ,Florida , West Varginia or any other team in the country no. No team in the top 25, or I should say in the country has been better than USC has the last 5 years or even in college football history we have our 5 consecutive BCS bowl games appearences to show for it , our 4-1 BCS record, and our 2 recent national, championships. and out of all those great teams the past 5 years who were argued to be the greatest team of all time, speaking of the to time national championship team who was led by Leinart , and Bush this is the best defense that USC has had out of all these great teams in those past 5 years maybe even the best defence in USC’s great history who has put up 12 national titles, now if your not a Trojan fan that has to be a scary thought I dont care how much you hate them.

  175. LSU# 1 says:

    USC plays noone and that is why they have 11 wins every year. Oh, and btw LSU always has 11 or more wins…. they have for the past 5 years too. Also, if anyone was watching we beat the shit out of the #9 Virginia. And in case anyone was wondering LSU played in the BCS national championship game in 03 against Oklahoma. Not USC, they played in the Rose Bowl. ( BUT LSU had 1 loss and USC had non) Well, USC plays NONONE! The SEC is the toughest conference, thats why you rarely see an undefeated team come out from it.

  176. LSU# 1 says:

    USC plays noone and that is why they have 11 wins every year. Oh, and btw LSU always has 11 or more wins…. they have for the past 5 years too. Also, if anyone was watching we beat the shit out of the #9 Virginia. And in case anyone was wondering LSU played in the BCS national championship game in 03 against Oklahoma. Not USC, they played in the Rose Bowl. ( BUT LSU had 1 loss and USC had non) Well, USC plays NONONE! The SEC is the toughest conference, thats why you rarely see an undefeated team come out from it.

  177. Big Guns says:

    wah fucking wah! this is what we’ll hear from the sec . which i don’t see making a whole lot of noise either. everyone’s got their sharwe odf buster’s on the scheduals, so pass us by with that one! the pac 10 is as cut throat as any confrence in america!

  178. sec fan says:

    “wah fucking wah! this is what we’ll hear from the sec . which i don’t see making a whole lot of noise either. everyone’s got their sharwe odf buster’s on the scheduals, so pass us by with that one! the pac 10 is as cut throat as any confrence in america!”

    bull shit! dont even try and compare your little bullshit conf. to the SEC ! we spend every week playing like it’s a championship on the line. think about it every week we play FLORIDA…..GEORGIA……ALABAMA….ARKANSAS…AUBURN…..EVEN OUR WEAKER TEAMS LIKE S.CAROLINA AND OL’ MISS are a harder schedule than most of your!

    it’s alright I swear to god I hope usc wins out and ends up playing LSU for the National Title, it will go down just like the ass rape that ND took last year when they brought their beloved brady quinn to battle!

    and think about this, for LSU to make it to the big game they will have to get past Florida not once but twice! why you ask, easy they have them on the regular schedule, and chances are highly likely that it will be a florida LSU SEC title match…..or as we will be calling it down here “the actual national title game” any time a SEC teasm goes and plays a team out of our conf. it’s never a game worth watching.


  179. TIGERS says:

    TRUE THAT! i remember when LSU played ARIZONA last year and won 45-3, when USC won 20-3. Also, face it when u play teams like washington, washington state, arizona, arizona state, and stanford who wouldnt finish over .500 in the SEC you know that your conference sucks. Just face it, the Pac-10 is weak and the only reason that USC is ranked #1 is they play nobody, and they get alot of publicity being in California compared to Louisiana. Also, they dont play a Conference championship game! The SEC Championship game is the actual TITLE GAME! For example, in 03 LSU had to play Georgia 2xs!

  180. tigran says:

    I dont understand why you guys think so high, and mighty of your selves for beating Notre Dame, USC beats the shit out of Notre Dame every year, and it’s not that great of an accomplishment, because Notre Dame just flat out sucks, they didn’t even deserve a BCS bowl last year. If USC does play LSU in the title game this year we will beat the shit out of them, because LSU’s so called great defensive line who hasn’t played a descent offense yet, will finally go up against a great offensive line, and a great quarter back. In my mind i don’t even think LSU will get to the title game, I see USC playing Oklahoma in the national championship. Oh ya if USC has such and easy schedule why is there schedule ranked as the 2nd toughest in the country which by the way is higher than LSU.

  181. Big Guns says:

    no it’s just wah fuck’n wah! let em gripe, bitch, bragg, lsu plays busters till florida, and they’re the greatest thing since invented wheat bread! sec wasn’t so tough when auburn was suppose to shut out usc.. when we came there! hmmm ,went the other way… heh go figure!

  182. Mike D says:

    Sheesh. It’s way to early to see how things will end up, but it’s assinine to say either the PAC 10 or the SEC “sucks” given recent history or what we’ve seen so far this year. To say CAL sucks, and the whole SEC is tough, when CAL took care of TENN (a ranked SEC team who would likely be near the top 10 if they had beaten CAL) this year–what planet are you from? Now, the objectively “better” team does not necessarily play better on a given day (if they did we there would never be an upset and we would ALWAYS have an undefeated National Champion as they would never lose since they are the “best” team), but let’s bring some objectivity here. At the moment, the PAC 10 has 4 teams in the top 20, with two just outside the top 25. The SEC, with a couple more teams in it, has five in the top 20 with two more in the top 25. ESPN’s panel of “experts” has 4 PAC-10 teams in their Power 16 and 2 SEC teams. Sagarin’s current computer rankings from USAToday has the PAC-10 ranked #1 and the SEC #2. Again, it’s way early in the season, but that’s where things stand as of today. Here’s some “reality” the way I see it:

    1. The PAC-10 as a whole does not, and may never get, the respect it deserves from anywhere East of the Rockies. Regional bias being what it is.

    2. I think part of the reason for (1) is that the PAC-10 years ago locked itself into some very mediocre mid-level bowl deals beyond their Conference Champion.

    3. I believe another reason is that the mid-level PAC-10 teams have not historically faired extremely well in a number of these games. Until PAC-10 teams perform consistently well across the board in all their bowl games (not just their top three teams doing well as last year), #1 is not likely to change.

    4. I believe the SEC, while a very good conference, is generally a bit overhyped. Last year however, based on final bowl results, it pretty much played up to the hype when all was said and done.

    5. Generally speaking, half the teams in ANY conference–not matter how good or bad the conference is–will end up under .500 in conference play (one loss for every win by someone else). So to say the bottome half of another conference would not finish .500 in your conference really isn’t saying that much.

    6. Regarding 2003. Both LSU and USC fans need to get over it. It is what it is: A split championship. The system, which is not perfect, failed to produce it’s desired outcome of an “undisputed” champion that year. USC objectively got rooked out of being in the BCS title game (ranked #1 in both polls prior to the bowl games). However, LSU and OK got in the game according to the “rules” that had been set in place. LSU won the game convincingly and therefore deserved the BCS title for that year. Likewise, USC won the AP title according the “rules” (AP votes were not “bound” by the outcome of the BCS system “title” game) set there–and they deserve the AP title. USC was #1 in the AP poll prior to the bowl games, won their bowl game convincingly against a very good team, and hence maintained their #1 AP ranking. I think an LSU/USC bowl game would have been extremely competitive–we’ll never know for sure who WOULD HAVE won had it occured because (1) It’s subjective to which team was actually “better” and (2) the “better” team may not have actually played better on the day the game took place.

    Everyone knows the “rules” to win a championship this year. We’ll see which of the contenders plays well enough week in and week out to win the prize this year. FIGHT ON!

  183. tigran says:

    I agree 100% with Mike D it is way to early to make assumptions like that, I mean were are still probably going to see about 10-15 more upsets let alone huge huge upsets. will also probably see many more teams in and out of the top 5. Are USC and LSU the two best teams in the country right now, definitely. However you never know when a team isn’t well prepared, or can have an off day, so lets stop the huge predictions, that goes for me to, and lets wait, and see what happens with alot of big games coming up such as USC Nebraska.
    FIGHT ON!!!

  184. SEC FAN says:

    ok maybe it is too early to start predictions ? and your right who’s to say what any given team can do on any given day. my point is this, can anyone sit there and honestly,SEC fan or not, and tell me that PAC-10 is as tough a conf. as the SEC……maybe you can but I would have to say your doing some serious mind altering drugs if you truely beleive it as the truth! look at last year, just the two big bowl games….LSU beat ND like a red headed step child…..and then the ohio state florida game, it was like after the one kick off return they had they never came back on the feild, and then it all started again last week, when non confrence VT took their trouncing from the bayou bengals. I mean is the SEC gonna just have to keep passing out good old fashion southern boy ass stomps before the pollsters realize that their beloved USC has’nt done crap except beat IDAHO (boy there’s a squad)

    and yes cal did beat tenn. Tenn has proven to be more like Vandy, or Auburn or Miss, they are our weaker part of the conf. right now, but then again cal had something to prove after the ass kicking Tenn gave them last year, so I dont blame them for coming out with a chip on their shoulder….but like the dude says above who knows whats gonna happen to any given team on any given day (i’m para-phrasing) the only thing I would add to his theology is this who knows what any of the bottom 2/3 of a confrence is gonna do week in and week out.

    so respond all you want, here is my “too early” prediction. LSU nat champs over USC final score 59 14

    now, respond or dont I could care less I will be back to this site at the end of the season to either rub it in your face or eat crow, let the cards fall where they may….

    all this from a Gator fan…….

    love peace and hair grease, talk to ya’ at the end of the season!

  185. Mike D says:

    Hey, a little bit of smack talk and “predictions” are part of college football. I just think it’s wise to temper emotion with a bit of factual reality. Making emphatic predictions at this point in the season is high risk/high reward. You’ll generally end up looking either real genius or real stupid. I’ve found that most people who view things through emotion only often (1) don’t care if they look foolish/stupid and/or (2) don’t even realize how foolish/stupid they come across, so maybe it doesn’t matter. Here are some things I’m interested in getting more data on:

    1. Michigan: That bad? Or are Appalachian State and Oregon much better than given credit for? I lean more towards the former, but also likely a bit of the latter. More data is needed to allow a more fact-based assessment.

    2. Va Tech: Overrated? Just one bad game? One great game by LSU? Or is LSU THAT good (I know your answer SEC fans). I believe a fairly even combination of all, but again, more data is needed to make a better assessment.

    3. Is Tennessee a truly “weak” sister in the SEC as suggested by SEC fan? Had they won at Cal I’d venture to guess they’d be ranked near the top 10 (warranted or not—again, only time will tell) so at this time a number of people don’t see it that way. How would a strong showing in the SEC by TENN impact people’s view on Cal’s win? What impact would a victory at the Swamp this weekend have? I believe (predict) Cal is a legit top 10 team and Tennessee will do reasonably well themselves this year. Only time will let us know for sure.

    4. Thus far, I agree that LSU has probably looked the most impressive of the contenders—but we’re only two weeks into the season, and last year OSU looked the most impressive of the contenders throughout the year. As I recall, many (including myself) somewhat doubted Florida prior to the BCS championship game because they only “squeaked” by some “marginal” opponents rather than blowing teams out week in and week out.

    All that said, I like USC’s chances A LOT. They do have a number of minefields to navigate through however. It’s certainly difficult for me to see them getting blown out by anyone (including LSU, as predicted by SEC fan, should that end up being the BCS title game). I think that is more like wishful thinking. USC hasn’t lost a game by more than one score for something like five years. With their talent and coaching it’s difficult for me to see that changing this year (should they fall at all). My greatest concern is how all the pundits have been unanimously declaring them #1 and the team to beat through the preseason as they are usually wrong. Precious few teams that start the season #1 end there. I believe the 2004 USC team was the last to do it and I’m hoping the 2007 rendition will be able to follow suit. I’m kind of hoping the media hype and focus shifts to another “more impressive” team as USC progresses through (hopefully) an undefeated season to a shot at this year’s BCS National Title.

  186. SEC STRONG, pac weak says:

    When you talk about Florida barely squeaking out victories last season, the only game i can think of is their 17-16 win against South Carolina.
    Now im not trying to brag, but think about it man SEC has 2 teams in the top 5, PAC has 1. SEC has 5 in the top 25, PAC has 3. PAC also has teams like Stanford, Washington, Washington State, and Ariona whom i cant remember when they where ever ranked. (PuSH OVERS) Since 2001 the Pac 10 has been 17-17 in Bowl games and the SEC has been 25-18. Also, LSU has only had 7 points scored against them and VT only had 149 total yards and LSU had 600. Whats this LSU has also played 2 games but only 7 pts? and USC played Idaho and had 10 on them? I dont get it. Also in the game against the power house Idaho, USC let them get 253 yards and USC only got 420 ( and this is the #1?).. Also, does the PAC 10 have a Championship Game? LSU had to play Georgia twice in 2003 b/c of it and we still beat the shit out of em. I just cant wait to see USC play Nebraska and watch them have trouble with what i feel to be an OK team, not a great one, and OK one.

  187. Flashwente says:

    Hey all you boring windbags who love the tab and index keys, who cares. I only read the short posts.
    Between SC and UCLA alone ther are enough national championships in all sports to call Pac10 THE CONFERENCE.
    SEC, Big 10, ACC what a joke!
    It’s like comparing Rodney Dangerfield (Pac10) to Ted Knight (all the rest).
    Oh, but you have your sad little pride…

  188. Mike D says:

    “When you talk about Florida barely squeaking out victories last season, the only game i can think of is their 17-16 win against South Carolina.”

    Ah, how soon they forget. Shall I remind you? Here are a list of Florida’s lone loss in 2006 along with games won by a touchdown or less. Also included are the final record, AP ranking and bowl result (if any for that opponent):

    21-20 win over Tennessee (9-4) [25]; Lost Outback Bowl by 10 to Penn St
    17-27 Loss to Auburn (11-2) [9]; Won Cotton Bowl over powerhouse Nebraska [NR] by 3
    21-14 win over Georgia (9-4) [23]; Won Chick-fil-A Bowl by 7 over Va. Tech
    25-19 win over Vanderbilt (4-8) [NR]; 3 of 4 wins against Tenn St (1AA), Temple and Duke
    17-16 win over South Carolina (8-5) [NR]; Won Liberty Bowl by 8 over Houston
    21-14 win over Florida State (6-7) [NR]; Lost Emerald Bowl by 17 to UCLA

    That would be 6 of 12 games prior to the conference championship game. Not exactly blowing teams out every week–and I think I’ve been told by an SEC fan that Tennessee and Auburn are lumped in with Vandy “as a weaker part of the conference” right now. Unless that only refers to THIS year, as a matter of convenience to cover for losses to Cal and South Florida. In which case you can’t say teams such as Washington are weak this year based on any recent prior season’s performance. I’d say the Vandy game was certainly less impressive than this year’s USC win over Idaho… But look how things turned out for Florida in the end….

  189. Mike D says:

    “Now im not trying to brag, but think about it man SEC has 2 teams in the top 5, PAC has 1. SEC has 5 in the top 25, PAC has 3.”

    SEC Strong: Don’t know if you simply missed some teams reading the polls or are trying to skew the facts. Current poll rankings:

    SEC: 6 top 25 (2,5,16,17,22,23); 1 “others receiving votes”
    PAC-10: 4 top 25 (1,8,11,19); 2 “others receiving votes” [WASHINGTON and AZ STATE; two of the P-10 “pushovers” you listed]

    SEC: 6 top 25 (2,3,16,23,24,25); 2 “others receiving votes”
    PAC-10: 4 top 25 (1,8,11,21); 2 “others receiving votes”

    ESPN “Experts” POWER 16
    SEC: 3 (1,4,16); 2 “others receiving votes”
    PAC-10: 4 (2,6,10,13)

    Seems pretty comparable to me given the SEC has two more teams.

    FYI: The SEC only has a conference championship game for two primary reasons that I see: (1) MONEY (2) There are too many teams in the conference to do it any other way. In the PAC-10 every team plays EVERY other team in the conference–no getting a lucky draw on missing out on a tough conference opponent; making a championship game excessive and unnecessary.

  190. tigers says:

    Just watch….. by the end of the year, USC will not have won the national championship…..
    SEC is very competitave and hard to come out of without a loss bud…… Pac-10 ( id love to c LSU kill all those teams….)
    Wait man wuts this you left out another poll on ESPN.com —–ESPNU fan poll has LSU #1 and so does the Power 16
    USC is #1 in the AP and USA Today…. Seems to me we have a tie for first…..
    Let it be, even if LSU loses a game, and USC doesnt, some other team from the SEC will dominate USC…. Cant wait for USC to lose to either Nebraska, Cal, UCLA, or Stanford (DOMINATING TEAM), or have a tough game with Arizona again or have a tough one with Arizona state……….We will see what you are made of by playin Nebraska… However, its ashame to see that USC doesnt schedule one tough non-conference oponents like LSU even though they will be playing about 5 ranked teams this year in their own conference….. GAY…… (USC = PUSSIES!)

  191. Mike D says:

    Hmmm, let’s see: Schedules are generally laid out 5 years in advance. USC plays historically solid (though in a down cycle right now) Notre Dame EVERY year alternating home and away. Let’s look at some additional recent-past non conference games:

    2003 USC AT Auburn; USC wins 23-0
    2004 USC AT Va Tech; USC wins 24-13
    2005 USC vs Arkansas; USC wins 70-14
    2006 USC AT Arkansas*; USC wins 50-14
    * Went on to SEC championship game where they stayed within 10 at a neutral site against future National Champion Florida.
    2007 USC AT Nebraska (historically solid program); results TBD
    Hmmm, 4 of these 5 games on the road too.

    Damn, I guess if USC wants to start scheduling “at least one” tough non conference opponent, they’ll have to quit scheduling SEC teams and teams SEC fans claim constitute their “tough” non conference games….

  192. Mike D says:

    And oh, as things stand right now LSU has 4 ranked teams on their schedule: #5 Florida, #16 Arkansas, #17 South Carolina, and THEN #9 Va Tech (three conference and 1 non-conference) and USC is scheduled to play…you guessed it, 4 ranked teams: #8 Cal, #11 UCLA, #19 Oregon and #14 Nebraska, (also 3 conference and 1 non-conference). I guess that means LSU’s schedule is comparable just about as weak as USC’s.

    Please back up at least some of your rhetoric with facts. Comments like “I’d like to see LSU kill all those teams” doesn’t require any support as I’m sure you WOULD LIKE to see that (as any fan WOULD LIKE to see their team dominate) and does not speak to the reality of whether it would happen.

  193. 4get it says:

    dude tigers you are arguing with a brick wall….. USC is playing Nebraska this weekend and that will show how bad they really are. i believe they may win, but it wont be b/c Nebraska is good…

  194. tigran says:

    Dont forget the BCS games and title games where they usually beat down on there opponents
    2002 Orange Bowl USC v.s. Iowa 38-17
    2003 Rose Bowl* USC v.s. Michigan 28-14
    2004 Orange Bowl* USC v.s. Oklahoma 55-19
    2006 Rose Bowl USC v.s. Michigan 32-18
    BCS Bowl Record 4-1
    *-National championship
    Keep trying to test USC no matter who you put them up against, they will always come out on top.

  195. Mike D says:

    Yep, historic FACTS are a stubborn thing and don’t change. Some further FACTS, specifically regarding tiger’s claim that LSU schedules at least one tough non conference opponent every year (while claiming USC does not). On a quick check (you can correct me if I missed something) here’s LSU’s non-conference schedules since 2003:

    2003: UL Layfayette, Arizona, Tulane, Fresno St
    2004: N Texas, Arizona St, Appalachian St
    2005: Oregon St, Arkansas St, Troy
    2006: UL Monroe, Arizona, West Illinois, LA Tech
    2007: Va Tech, Middle Tennesse St, Tulane, LA Tech

    Looking at those slates I’d have to assume the “tough” games were Arizona, Arizona St, Oregon St., Arizona, and Va Tech. Four of those five played at LSU. But wait, four of those teams are from the PAC-10 which sucks so bad, so they couldn’t possibly be the tough games, which leaves me scratching my head as to which of these perrenial powers (outside of Va Tech this year) tigers was referring to–or was he simply spewing, facts be damned. You certainly have a credibility problem saying that these PAC-10 teams suck when USC plays them, but are suddenly “tough” games when LSU does (well, unless you’re implying they’re easy for USC and tough for LSU because USC is so much better than LSU, which I do not believe is what you wish to imply). I’m not saying LSU isn’t an extremely good team. They are, and have looked very impressive thus far, and they could end up as national champs this year. I’m not saying the SEC is weak–it’s one of the best conferences out there. I’m simply looking for a little objective reality, which includes the fact that USC has had the top one or two programs over the last five years and looks poised for another great season–with a very real chance at adding yet another national title to their impressive resume. They do however, need to live up to the hype they’ve gotten to make that a reality.

  196. tigran says:

    Also Mike D dont forget, while LSU is going to play Middle Tennessee st. today, USC will be playing #14 Nebraska in Lincoln. Which is always a very tough place to play. Quite Frankly I think Nebaska especially on the road is a much bigger test than Virginia Tech at home who in my mind was very over rated. Who as we speak is having trouble with Ohio at home not Ohio St. Ohio

  197. Mike D says:

    I think the results of today’s game against Nebraska pretty much speak for themselves–though there is certainly still some room for improvement. Most other contenders did well for themselves also–I’d say Florida doing the most. Hard to gauge Florida’s at-home game dominance against a ranked team relative to USC’s road dominance, but things should further sort themselves out as the season wears on.

    On another note: What’s up with Notre Dame and their offensive genius head coach? I have to say the only thing I enjoy in college football nearly as much as a USC win is Notre Dame losing, but it looks so bad for ND at the moment that I ALMOST feel sorry for them.

  198. tigran says:

    Wow what a weekend in college football, Notre Dame falls to 0-3, #9Louisville gets upset by Kentucky who better be ranked now, #11UCLA gets upset and blown out by Utah, Auburn gets upset by Mississippi St., and #1USC proves that they really are the #1 team in the country by absolutely routing #14Nebraska on the road in Lincoln where they easily past an early test. How about the running game for USC especially freshman Stephan johnson, he absolutely put on a show. USC is definitely the #1 team in the country, and for LSU the have yet to be tested.

  199. Big Guns says:

    the irish suck! ucla a suck! wuz that shit again we were hearing about america’s team? dough boy taking the irish “back” to camp seems they got to find a team….seems the one he put together was a series of bad choices! well when you hired him was a bad choice! let me coach em! we’ll play all the div. 2 schools till i feel i can take off the training wheels!

  200. el trojans says:

    don’t take this the wrong way, I’m a big Trojan fan myself. But why do so many people think Booty is going to be a big Heisman candidate? It doesn’t seem like he’s that great. I’m sort of ignorant on the subject.

  201. Big Guns says:

    well the thing is we haven’t really developed a passing game yet, this game forces our recievers to step up their game more. then we’ll have a full balenced team.

  202. tigran says:

    Also if you can run for 313 yards why do you need to pass 40 or 50 times a game, especially with that unbeleivable offensive line. I think after the Wasington St. game this Saturday you will see USC receivers develop alot more, and Booty will start to throw 200-300 yards every game. However It’s really great that USC has so many new weapons on offense this year, I mean there were about 10- or 15 guys who made some big plays.

  203. SECBABY says:

    I dont know if anyone saw wut i saw on ESPN on national television, but of the 50 states, 47 think that LSU should be #1 were 3 think that USC should and of course they are California, Oregan, and Washington (The Pac 10 states) Also, the Pac10 proved their weakness this weekend. Washington getting routed by a weak Ohio state team, UCLA getting beat by a nobody, Cal had beat Tennesee but had a tough game with them and then Florida plays them and beats them by 39…. And USC plays a very poor defensive Nebraska. WOW great job Pac 10! Now lets see pac 10 has USC#1,Cal#6,and Oregon#13. SeC has LSU#2,Florida#3,South Carolina#12,Alabama#16,Kentucky#21,and Georgia#22. Thats 3 ranked teams for Pac that i see and 6 ranked SEC teams… WOW (also, if anyone heard the announcers said that LSU, Florida, or Oklahoma should be #1 b/c they have been blowing by quality opponents. O and if anyone didnt know LSU has played 3 games and their Defense has only had 7 pts scored on them. USC has played 2 and Idaho scored 10, and Nebraska scored 31pts. So that makes 42 WoW! great defensive team lol! i cant believe they even let them bak into the game. LSU played their 2nd and 4th string quarter backs knowing they wouldnt be scored on WOW USC and the PAC 10 SuCK!

  204. Mike D says:

    SECBABY: The SEC on whole has indeed looked very good so far. Kudos to LSU, Florida, South Carolina, and Particularly KY. I’ll reserve longer term judgment on Alabama and Georgia, but kudos for them being in the top 25 also. UCLA certainly looked pathetic and Washington faded this last weekend (how is it that every ranked team, or even top 10 team, the PAC-10 plays is “weak”, but even unranked teams with no wins the SEC plays are “quality” opponents?) However, to say USC, Cal, and Oregon have thus far looked anything but somewhat impressive thus far is complete idiocy. Preseason ranked Auburn’s performance to date may not rank up with the egg UCLA laid this past weekend, but it hasn’t been overwhelmingly impressive either.

    And, oh outside of Va Tech at HOME (who’s own prowess is in question after their less-than-impressive showing against Ohio), exactly what quality oppenent has LSU played? I mean really, trying to put a home game against Middle Tennessee on par with a game IN Lincoln against Nebraska, who are you trying to fool? Nebraska legitimately put up 17 against USC; after about the 3rd quarter USC put in neutral and still won by 18 (boy, pulling to within 24 with 4:30 left in the game and to within 18 with 0:51 is really getting “back in it”).

    I personally don’t have hearburn with anyone making a case for any of the current top 10 being “#1″ at the moment (though for teams such as Texas, given last week’s escape, it might be a more difficult sell). The system is what it is however–which is that it’s EXTREMELY difficult to leapfrog someone higher ranked–starting from preseason rankings–unless they lose. But, if USC and the PAC-10 suck as bad as you think; and LSU is as good as you claim; things should properlly get “set in order” by the end of the season. So please be patient and simmer down on the whinning.

    You look extremely foolish saying USC sucks when the facts are so blatantly obvious that they are among the top, if not the top overall college program since 2002:
    61-6 overall
    4-1 in BCS bowl games (average score, including loss: 38-22)
    1 BCS championship
    2 AP championships
    4-0 against SEC (average score: 42-12)

  205. SECBaby says:

    Look, Nebraska put on a very weak showing in week 2 against a weak Wake Forest team 20-17 (Not very impressive for a #14) And Wake forest beat Army this weekend 21-10. WOW Nebraska was Really good werent they! And they still managed to score 31 pts on USC after they had a close game with Wake Forest. My point is that a #1 team should not be giving up 20 or more points to a not so great team. However they managed to give up 31. LSU played #9 Virginia, and granted they may have not been that good but LSU still beat them with a solid 48-7 victory (the only points given up by LSU in 3 games)Now lets look at the remainder of these teams schedule:
    Washington State(unranked)
    Washington (unranked)
    Arizona (unranked)
    Notre Dame (terrible this year and unranked)
    #13 Oregon
    Oregon State (unranked)
    #6 Cal
    Arizona State (unranked)
    UCLA (unranked)
    *2 more ranked oponents and 8 unranked left… i think that even though Cal beat Tennesee it was still a 45-31 game. Florida played them and won 59-20 big difference b/n beating a team by 14 and by 39.

    #12 S. Carolina
    Tulane (unranked)
    #3 Florida
    #22 Kentucky
    Auburn (unranked)
    #16 Alabama
    La Tech (unranked)
    Ole Miss(unranked)
    Arkansas(unranked, but should be ranked by the time they play LSU)
    Thats 4 ranked teams for LSU and possibly a 5th one

  206. Mike D says:

    Let’s see, and last year USC beat Arkansas AT Arkansas by 36 while Florida “only” beat them by 10 at a neutral site in the SEC championship game. So I guess that means USC was far superior to Florida last year? And hey, UCLA beat USC by 4, so they must have been better than than Florida too? Of course that’s nonsense; Florida won when they needed to last year and USC & Ohio State did not. End of story-things such as their meager 6 point victory against Vandy is immaterial. Florida is the deserved national champion for 2006. Your current argument similarly holds little water.

    Now, at the moment, based on results thus far, my personal opinion is that LSU may have a more difficult road ahead. But it’s not USC’s fault Notre Dame (road game, and still a rivalry game for USC) looks horrific at the moment and UCLA laid an egg (I believe UCLA may well be ranked again by the time they play USC). Depending on how Cincinatti does against some of the bigger names in the Big East, Oregon State’s loss on the road there may not turn out to be as embarassing as it first appeared. It’s not inconceivable for Arizona State or Washington to break into the rankings either. Regardless, USC plays both Cal and Oregon on the road this year. No small task for any team. Currently, LSU’s toughest looking road games are at Kentucky and Alabama (both just breaking into the rankings); they get Florida and South Carolina at home; no easy task either (and it’s not LSU’s fault that what looks to be their toughest conference games will be at home this year-just the way it turned out).

  207. Mark D says:

    Some of you Knuckleheads are Morons and need to expand your choice of words used in here. USC is on a roll and no program has had as much success as the Trojans have had in the past 5-6 yrs, that is a fact. The last few years they have played several teams from the SEC and beat them all. If Lendall White gets another 3″ on 4th and 2, they beat Texas too. The Trojans will remain on top for many years to come. Get use to it.

  208. tigran says:

    Also on a past comment by SECbaby: Nebraska scored 31 because USC put there 2nd team by early 1st 4th qtr, unlike LSU, Florida, and Oklahoma, who leaves in there starting team through out the entire game when they are up by 40 just to run up the score. Which is risking injury, oh ya and look at the offenses LSU, and Oklahoma have played. Mississippi St., Virginia Tech, and Middle Tennessee St. all terrible offences. Oklahoma has played North Texas, Miami, and Utah St. all terrible teams. Now you talk about Idaho scoring 10. First af all how can you get exited for a game like Idaho, USC’s competition Tuesday is more intence than a game like Idaho, especially with the fact tha USC had many of there key players injured and they didn’t want to risk more injuries by keeping there starters in when they game is well in hand unlike LSU, and Oklahoma. And like my last comment USC plays all of there tough games on the road, while LSU plays there tough games at home, and remember that USC, and LSU have 30-35 game winning streaks at home. So it doesn’t matter who USC, and LSU play if it’s on the road they will win. And I think USC would kill if they were in the SEC just to shut you ignorant ass holes up. Teams like South Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, and especially Arkansas.Also USC will prove just how great there defence really is when the play great offences on the road, like Oregon, and Cal for an example.

  209. SECBABY says:

    On a comment made by tigran….. LSU put in their 2nd string quarterback Perileoux during the second half……. WOW Cal couldnt beat a weak Tennesse bad 14pts…. Florida vs Tennesse-59-20 if u knew. Also, once the BCS poll comes out in October (think thats when) we will see who is #1 by the ranked teams they play and how they do against them. Also, i agree that Oklahoma plays terrible teams, they play Tulsa next (who is that) i was just repeating wut i heard on ESPN. Oh btw when Usc played Arkansas, Mcfadden was not at his best, and everyone can see that from his stats, and the team was nowhere near ready. Some of their key players were not even able to play. Although, i do not believe they still would have won. I think that the only thing they have on that team is Heisman candidate Mcfadden(i believe he may recieve the Heisman after last year and this year, but what do i know they gave it to Brady Quinn last year who sucked)But then there are alot of teams who i feel do not deserve to be in the TOP 10. Like West Virginia who almost lost to Marshall and Wisconson who had a tough game against D2 Citadel, and Texas who had a 35-32 game against Central Florida, and Oklahoma who plays noone except Texas, newly ranked Missouri #25 (wow tough game…) and Texas A&M.

  210. tigran says:

    First of all y the Heisman went to Troy Smith.2nd of all Do not ever try to compare your sorry ass SEC teams to what is know know as one of the greatest dynasties of all time, a dynasty that still has about 5 years left or as long as Pete Carroll is around. Also you know if we played Arkansas now we would fuck them up just as bad, they dont have a team it’s all Darren McCfadden. We would fuck up any team from the SEC there all quality teams but besides LSU, and Florida none of them are great teams like USC. We would still fuck up your LSU Tigers, and the Florida Gators. However I definitely agree there are alot of teams that dont deserve to be in the top 10, and I am glad somebody finally came out and said it. Wisconsin sucks, west Varginia is overrated, Texas sucks, and honestly I know Cal is from our PAC 1o but I think they’re overrated to.

  211. tigran says:

    If you really think about it nobody can really beat USC the past 5 years those 6 losses were all upsets, games that USC would of one 9 times out of 10, when ever they were faced against a team that everyone thought that could challenge them USC pretty much always beat there ass, and remember the last 4 losses in the past 4 years all came up to a point total of 12. So this year with more experience I don’t think they will get upset, and they will definitely step up, and crush all the ranked teams like they do every year.

  212. brian says:

    um lets see here this website summary:stuck up usc fans, but half of u are BANDWAGON fans I hsve know tigran for a little while not since a couple years ago i have heard from his mouth usc, the school i go to three years ago no one wore a usc swatshirt now they do your all bandwagon fans i am a true ucla fan iv been there when theyre 7 and 6 iv been there when its 10-2 but u guys that have no life other than typing your “oppions” on a website that nobody importants reads

  213. tigran says:

    And Besides If UCla’s fooball team was as good as USC’s. Yuo guys would be bragging to. You guys are just jealous because you cant even contend against Utah. Besides no one is talking about UCLA were talking about USC, and LSU

  214. tigran says:

    And Brian can you fucking learn how to type, you don’t know how to spell shit. I have been a USC fan since 2001 the year they went 6-6. You barely even care about college football. I can tell when I talk to you about it. Besides You have only known me for pretty a couple of years, and dont take it out on USC because you guys suck. What kind of football team plays so bad where they can go from #11 to unranked.

  215. SECBABY says:

    Well i have made my point now. USC beat Nebraska 49-31 in Lincoln…. Look today, Ball State is beating Nebraska in Lincoln too? Wow Nebraska couldnt have been that good. So, USC cant be that good. They will go undefeated b/c of a weak schedule… who is LSU playing today? o yeah #12 S.C. and they have also killed #9 VT.. O and btw they have only had 7 pts scored on them soo far. I new that Nebraska was poor, yet they were able to score 31 on USC and will probably lose to Ball state

  216. dawg says:

    31 points? You obviously haven’t watched the whole game, if not at all. Pete Carrol, because of the classy guy he is, put his second unit in the 4th quarter for them to get some experience and playing time. The game wasn’t as close as the score seemed to be. SC outscored Nebraska 42-10 at one point. LSU on the other hand likes to run of the score while risking possible injuries. Smart.

  217. SECBABY says:

    REALLY? you obviously havent watched an entire LSU game….. Perriloux plays QB too and we have about 3 different running backs……

  218. Mike D says:

    Only saw the first quarter of the USC game, but by the looks of the final, they didn’t seem to have much trouble. The beefy part of their schedule doen’t really come until the second half of the season but they can’t get caught overlooking hungry non-top level teams. Thus far they haven’t. LSU easily handled South Carolina, the game was not as close as the final score; though if looked at things like SECBABY does I would say something like:

    I can’t believe LSU let an obviously overrated South Carolina team back in the game, especially at home when South Carolina has such an anemic offense. And perrenial bottom feeding Vanderbilt handled Ol’ Miss by 14 while Florida barely beat them by 6; so it’s obvious Florida isn’t that good either. And oh, winless Syracuse beat Louisville easier than Kentucky, showing how bad Lousville is, so Kentucky must not be that good. And KY beat Arkansas, who must be even worse, so Alabama beating Arkansas on the last play of the game means nothing and they’re bad too. Thus Georgia must be pretty bad to need OT to beat ‘Bama.

    That’s how ridiculous your arguments sound SECBABY. The SEC is a very good conference–arguably the best in college football this year. I don’t think most mind you making your argument for LSU or Florida being #1 and the SEC being the toughest conference this year particularly bothers people. But your repeated denying of the undeniable about non-SEC teams and conferences (particularly USC and the PAC-10) also being pretty darn good does. It also makes you look rather foolish, which diminishes any legitimate arguments you may stumble across in your ramblings.

  219. tigran says:

    I mean I know LSU is a great football team, and so is Florida, but don’t take away, anything from any other great team like USC just because they’re not in the SEC. You can be a great team, and not play in the SEC. don’t treat it like all the good teams are only in the SEC

  220. Mike D says:

    Well, you usually have to win one or two ugly ones to go undefeated, and tonight’s win up in Washington was U-G-L-Y. If they play like that in Eugene, Berkeley, Tempe and possibly even at the home against OSU or UCLA, an undeated season is out the window. Fortunately, tonight they proved good enough against Washington to overcome the turnovers, penalties and injuries. More than can be said for Oklahoma, Florida, West Virginia, Texas and Rutgers (all but West Virginia losing to unranked teams and WV going down to South Florida). I felt Cal and Oregon both looked pretty good–one of them had to lose. Wisconsin held on to beat previously unbeaten MSU. It’ll be interesting to see how things shake out in the polls after today’s slew of upsets. With all the upsets in the top ten, I don’t think it’s unconceivable for Oregon to move into the top ten despite their loss, as it was a competetive game against what will now likely be the #3 ranked team.

  221. tigran says:

    Well Mike D I know were #2 now in the ap. But did LSU play any better than we did and they faced a mucher weaker Tulane team, I think they would of struggled to against Washington, and unlike, 8 of the other ranked teams, including the three in the top 5, USC held off the upset, I mean teams were getting upset left and right, atleast USC held off. Also I look at it this way. Every great team has adversity, and has to go through a scare, and this was USC’s. However they showed poise, and came out alive.

  222. Mike D says:

    After last night’s performance I can’t say that I’m convinced they deserve a #1 ranking at the moment. Not that I don’t think they are good enough to win the title, but they will need to play closer to the top of their game week in and week out if they are going to do it. I’m not particularly concerned either–I’m hoping their less-than-impressive performance and drop in the AP poll will provide a motivating challenge and “wake up call” for them. I fear they may have been taking all the accolades being heaped on them from preseason a bit too seriously and forgetting they have to perform on the field EVERY WEEK to win the title.

    Regardless, winning will take care of everything. To earn the championship USC will likely have to go undefeated, which means in a five game stretch over a six week span they will have to win at Oregon, at Cal, at Arizona St and their rivalry game against UCLA (their game against Oregon St–who is not all that bad and who beat them last year–is the “easy game” during that stretch). If they get to the Oregon game undefeated and run the table through that gauntlet, they will have a well deserved berth in the title game (as well as a likely #1 ranking going into that game in all polls and computers). I just don’t see any current top ten undefeated teams besides LSU (Ohio St/Wisconsin winner, South Florida, or Boston College) jumping USC if they all were to run the table. Kentucky feasibly could if they were to impressively go undefeated in the SEC, but then LSU would have to lose so USC would still be at least #2. Cal possibly could if they didn’t have to lose for USC to go undefeated, so going undefeated puts Cal out of the picture. Should USC slip only once, their chances on getting in would be slim and depend on who they lose to, by how much, and how many undefeated and 1-loss teams there are at the end of the year. With two or more losses, they for sure would not deserve a shot at the title.

    I think they’ll make it through the next three weeks undefeated–though I’m a little squeamish about going into South Bend, despite how bad the Irish have looked; there’s just something about that rivalry. I believe they will either blow the Irish off the field, or it will be extremely nip and tuck. The Oregon game will go a long way towards my assessment on what I believe their chances will be for the title.

  223. trojan fan says:

    What is SC going to do next year without Booty? I realize that Booty is having his share of problems this year, but I shudder to think what might happen if someone like Mark Sanchez were to lead the team next year.

  224. Mike D says:

    I think they’ll be fine next year at quarterback one way or another. It’s hard for me to believe Carroll & company would leave themselves sans someone they felt could do the job after Booty leaves via a recruiting lapse. Not sure who it will be, but I feel fairly confident someone competent will emerge to lead the team at quarterback (I wouldn’t throw Sanchez out as a possibility either–I assume you believe his character/leadership is in question as from evertying I’ve heard on him he has the physical tools; maturation is not out of the question in all areas–nor is it guaranteed).

  225. tigran says:

    Now I love upsets, I was celebrating, when Oklahoma, Florida, West Virginia, and Texas lost, now I know there was more but those were the ones that really affected the title race. The race for the national championship turned from a 5 team race, to a 2 team race. I say 2 team because Cal, Ohio st., and Wisconsin still don’t look like real title contenders. So anyway although I love upsets, the only thing that bothers me, is that the blockbuster match ups for next week between Florida v.s. LSU, and Texas v.s. Oklahoma wont be as exiting,. What was supposed to be a #2 v.s.#3 match up turned into a #1 v.s. #9 match up, between Florida, and LSU, and what was supposed too be a #4 v.s. #7 game turned into a #10 v.s. v.s. #19 game. However It is still going to be a great college football weekend, one the will provide 11 ranked v.s. ranked games.

  226. Mike D says:

    The Florida/LSU game may have lost a little luster but it’s still HUGE. As last week showed, it’s incredibly difficult to go undefeated, so there’s a more than fair chance that a one loss team will be in the title game when all is said and done. Should Florida win, and run the table from here, it still could be them (as last year). A loss and all Florida’s hopes to defend their title are gone. A loss for LSU would certainly damage their hopes significantly, but not extinguish them completely should they run the table from that point on.

    Texas/Oklahoma has indeed lost much luster–especially in regard to how good Oklahoma had looked prior to last week. I think Texas’ shot at the title game are pretty much nonexistent and Oklahoma’s are hanging by a thread. As opossed to a one loss LSU or Florida, they just don’t have a tough enough schedule remaining to climb as far as they need to even if they run the table from here on out.

    Cal looks like the real deal to me, and I think USC is going to have their hands full up in Berkeley. However, I agree that historically Cal seems to clutch up (usually at an unextpected time) even if they pull off a big win (which would be against USC in this case).

    Wisconsin has not looked impressive but has found ways to win. Ohio State is intriguing to me and may be a legitimate contender.

    Boston College and South Florida are also intriguing teams IMHO–will be interesting to if either of them can run the table (I think they’ll each end up with one or more losses, but who knows for sure). I don’t see any of these teams jumping an undefeated USC or LSU team however, no matter what they do.

    I just do not see Kentucky running the table in the SEC (though if they did they could jump an undefeated Wisconsin, Ohio State, Boston College and South Florida which would likely put them in the title game–they would have beaten LSU and either USC or Cal has to end up with a loss).

    Don’t have a real feel for Arizona State, who would have to beat Cal and USC (they get both at home) to go undefeated which I don’t see happening–and they’re too far back in the rankings anyway should any two teams in front of them remain undefeated.

    Purdue, Missouri, and Cincinatti, the other undefeated teams from major conferences, are likewise too far back in the rankings and lack historical reputation. Hawaii, the only other undefeated team, realistically doesn’t have a prayer unless pretty much everyone ahead of them winds up with two or more losses.

    So the way I see it USC and LSU control their own BCS destiny. Cal is close, but could maybe get jumped by Ohio State even if they go undefeated. Kentucky is actually likely the next closest to controlling their own destiny (see earlier comments), though I believe highly unlikely. I believe Ohio State needs USC or LSU to lose to have a chance while Wisconsin needs the USC/CAL winner or LSU to lose even if they run the table. Boston College and South Florida just don’t have the historical name recognition (or conference reputation that Kentucky would have) to jump any teams ahead of them without those teams ahead of them losing.

  227. tigran says:

    Don’t be surprised if Florida beats LSU on Saturday. Remember the reason LSU’s defense is so great, especially against the run is because they are able to load the box with 8 guys against,NFl style offenses witch gives no room or spacing fo opponents. It also brings pressure against the passing game, and with the speed of the LSU secondary the linebackers don’t have to drop back into coverage as often. However Florida runs a spread offense, with 5 wide sets, witch will force LSU”s linebackers to drop back and play coverege, and the safety’s wont be able to blitz as often. So there will be alot of room for Tim tebow, and the Florida offense, not only that LSU has to worry about tm Tebow’s running ability, with all that space he will havwe remember LSU hasnot faced one offence tha runs the spread. Here’s what it will all look like.

    X X X
    X X X X
    X X X X
    O O O O O O O O
    the entire secondary including the linebackers will drop in to coverage.

  228. sec fan says:

    well I said I wasnt gonna comment anymore until the end of the season when LSU hoist the trophy and settles this once and for all, but in light of this past weekends games and the turn over on the poll. I gotta say, I hope like everything that USC gets that #1 spot back….why, just so that it will be that much sweeter when we show pac-10 what football is all about. there short and sweet nobody reads the long post anyway.

  229. SECBABY says:

    I am sorry mike D but LSU will win this weekend… I have been watching Florida for a while and they are not as strong as everyone thinks they are. LSU D will prevail

  230. Mike D says:

    You don’t have to apologize to me–I really don’t care who wins the Florida/LSU game. Given LSU’s at home, nursing last year’s loss, and I believe is the better team, I expect them to. That said, I would not be shocked if Florida pulled off the upset–I believe they’re a pretty good team also and may match up decently against LSU.

  231. Mike D says:

    Regardless of who ends up with this year’s title, I think USC knows just a little about what football is about. Since start of 2002 season:
    2 AP Championships, 1 BCS Championship
    63-6 overall (.913)
    5 consecutive BCS bowls (4-1 record in those games)
    5 consecutive top 4 AP finishes
    5 consecutive 11 win seasons
    24-3 against AP top 25 teams (.885)
    4-0 against SEC

    Program history:
    11 National Championships
    747-300-54 (.702) overall record
    29-16 (.644) bowl record
    17-10-1 (.625) against teams currently in SEC

  232. mike e says:

    good shizz mike d! But who are we kidding really. we all know usc is going to start dominating all of their opponents from now on. They will win the title with no doubt. i really hope they play lsu though. im impressed by their defence. usc needs to step their game up cause they do have a lot of it. Also SEC fan sucks balls!!!!!!!!!

  233. Titan says:

    Lack of a “Steve Smith” wide out is costing the Trojans big time. This current offensive backfield is entirely S.K’s folks. Unlike the 2005 team that was coached up by Norm Chow, the current staff is reaping what they have sewn.

    I have always admired Norm Chow, and what he did over there at BYU with wayyyyy less talent that what USC gets. When Norm signed on to Pasadena, I knew that USC was going to roll. Now that he’s gone, and “HIS” players are gone, USC’s Offense is sputtering by on PURE TALENT.

    You just can NOT replace an offensive genius like CHOW. It was outright depressing to watch all of that USC talent go down burning in flames to a fiesty group of Stanford Cardinals.

    I can still hear the ringing cheers during the LSU vs Florida game when the upset was anounced. Bot LSU and Florida looked better than USC. Don’t get me wrong, I root for USC. It’s just that those team ran all kinds of schemes at you. Besides the schemes, the ball actually was passed deep down the side and middle “&” the wide outs made the “catch” and were running at their 4.3 speed.

    Faced with 4th and 20, the Cardinals strike right down the middle of the field! Wow!

    How about that sack of Booty in the closing seconds! I guess SK thought that they weren’t going to blitz. Wow!

  234. Mike D says:

    Stunning, and bitterly disappointing. I didn’t see any of the game and on last check it was 23-14 USC when I went out for the evening. They obiously weren’t impressive to be up only 9 at that time, but Stanford had scored only once offensively all game to that point so I figured a “W” was fairly safe. From the stats it looks like they dominated the game overall (total yards), BUT 5 TURNOVERS? And giving up a fourth and twenty and a fourth and goal from the 10 to lose it on Stanford’s final drive? It’s obvious they did not deserve to win. I felt they may lose one or two this year, but certainly not to Stanford. They may be lucky to stay in the top 10 with a HOME loss to this year’s STANFORD team….

  235. Mike D says:

    Best guess for tomorrow’s top rankings:

    1. LSU
    2. Cal
    3. Ohio State
    4. Boston College (I think they’ll jump SF)
    5. South Florida
    6. Oklahoma
    7. Anyone’s guess

    If LSU, Cal and Ohio State close out undefeated it’ll be interesting to see who gets to play LSU in the title game. But both of those teams could easily lose, and I think BC and SF will lose before the year’s out. That puts Oklahoma in the best position of any of the 1 loss teams. For USC to have a chance they need to (1) get their heads on straight and play up to their talent and (2) get lots of help, because they would need a lot of teams in front of them to lose no matter how good they play/look from here on out.

  236. tigran says:

    remember last season when USC lost early what saved them was there tough schedule late in the season against #21Oregon, #17California, and #6Notre Dame. well even though they got upset tonight I still expect them to get by Arizona, and Notre Dame, so like last year they will have a slew of late season tests, which can really help them out, hopefully either LSU, or Ohio St. can lose one game so a one loss team can get to the title game, and if USC can run the table the rest of the way it can still be them, because I am sure that if they beat #14Oregon, #3California, #18Arizona st., and rival UCLA it should put them back in the race as #2 unless both Ohio St. and LSU run the table, and if this time they are one game away from the title, I would expect them to beat UCLA, and get in, and we still have a long season ahead of us.

  237. Titan says:

    This year is looking like last year. USC will not play in the NCS. It will be the Big Ten and the SEC -AGAIN! If USC can somehow beat Cal, it knocks the PAC 10 absolutely out of contention.

  238. tigran says:

    you have the right to talk shit SECBaby, but congratulation’s on a huge win, Now USC has lost only there 7th game in the past 6 years and after each loss they always bounce back and this year wont be any different. I promise you. after each loss it never tears there season apart, they still always manage to win at least 11 games

  239. Mike D says:

    USC has the potential to run the table, but not the way they’re playing. It’s what you DO, not what you potentially can do. To date, they are significantly underachieving. If they don’t turn a corner, I see them losing to both Oregon and Cal, and they could drop one or two of their other games. We’ll see how they respond.

  240. Mike D says:

    You know you have a top level program when everyone else rejoices so much over such a humiliating loss. I have to admit, if I weren’t a USC fan I’d be snickering about this game myself–everyone loves to see a major power get knocked of by a lower level team (except the fans of the the major power). The “lower level” team comment is not meant to be a knock on Stanford as a whole–they’ve had some pretty decent teams from time to time over the years, but objectively speaking not recently and certainly not this one.

  241. Mike D says:

    At them moment I think LSU/OK is the most likely title game matchup. I believe Cal, Ohio State, Boston College and South Florida will all end up with at least one loss and Oklahoma will run the table, passing them up. With LSU’s overall resume, I think they could withstand a single loss (so long as it weren’t to La Tech or Ole Miss) and still stay in the top two. There have already been a lot of crazy results this season however so who knows–should be interesting to watch the rest of the year unfold.

  242. Avanti says:

    Confirmed at USCRIPSIT.COM – Mark Sanchez is practicing with first team offense and will probably QB on 10/13 vs. Arizona.

  243. Mike D says:

    Wow, the Undeafeted Team and Top Ten carnage continues. LSU, Cal, Missouri, Cincinatti no longer undefeated, with Hawaii barely staying so and ASU still playing at this time. That leaves only OSU, BC, USF, Hawaii and possibly ASU. I don’t think any of these will stay undefeated but who knows? Based on remaining schedule (for what that’s worth) and prior performances, USF may have the best chance of those teams. There’s certainly going to be scramble for pecking order of the numerous single loss teams, though most of these will end up with more than one loss. After all the talk of who would win the “predetermined” LSU/USC title game, there’s now a very real chance NEITHER of these teams will even be in the game–though both still control their own destiny for at least getting into a BCS bowl game.

  244. Mike D says:

    The Trojans looked very ordinary to me again today, but considering they are nearly playing with the second string these days with the number of injuries they have, I guess it could be worse. Hope they get healthy in a hurry as the remaining schedule is going to be extremely challanging.

  245. Mike D says:

    Hypothetically speaking: Say OSU, BC and USF do drop a single game and LSU, Oklahoma, and USC run the table from here on out (not a likely scenario, but not impossible): Which two do you think get in the title game based on overall body of work for the entire season (considering past performance and difficulty of running the table given a team’s remaining schedule)? Based on where teams are in the polls right now, I’d guess it would be LSU and Oklahoma, closely followed by OSU and USC

  246. tigran says:

    USC has a great chance at the title game. After this week with all the upsets lets say USC is at #5. So the next week lets say they beat Notre Dame convincingly like they’re expected to, so they will probably move up to #3. Now the reason I think they will jump two spots for beating Notre Dame is because the way things have been going this year it is very unlikely that USF, BC, and OSU all keep winning for 2 straight weeks in my mind they are next on the upset list. So as #3 lets say they go onto beat Oregon in Eugene, that should be enough to put them at #2, and a win over Oregon St. and Cal should bring them back to #1, and of course they would still have to take care of business against ASU, and UCLA. so thats why they still have a great shot at the title, however the question is not if winning the rest of the way is enough to send them to the title, it’s if they have enough to win all those games, and I think they do, because considering the fact that they are winning with 2nd stringers, I think by the time they begin the tough road starting with with Oregon, they will have most of there starters healthy, and have the same team back that we called #1 not so long ago.

  247. Mike D says:

    That’s very optimistic tigran. I’d say they at best have a reasonable chance for the title game should they be able to win out. I speculate that the new top 10 will be something like:

    1. OSU
    2. BC
    3. USF
    4. Oklahoma
    5. LSU
    6. South Carolina
    7. Oregon
    8. West Virginia
    9. Kentucky
    10. USC
    11+ Cal, Arizona St, Va Tech

    Could be some slight shifts by one or two places. I mean how do you sort out LSU beating South Carolina, South Carolina beating Kentucky, and Kentucky taking out LSU in triple OT today? Now, despite how impressive it would be for USC to win out, I just don’t see them passing any of those top 5 teams without those teams losing. I do think they could get up to #6 no matter what anyone else does, but to climb any higher I believe they would need help. As I said, I believe OSU, BC and USF will all end up with at least one loss. If that occurs, the Trojans get to #3, but they still would need LSU or Oklahoma to lose again. Not that it couldn’t happen, but I believe USC is more likely to lose again than either of those two teams. I’m hoping for the best, but trying to remain realistic in the process.

  248. tigran says:

    USC has a great chance at the title game. After this week with all the upsets lets say USC is at #5. So the next week lets say they beat Notre Dame convincingly like they’re expected to, so they will probably move up to #3. Now the reason I think they will jump two spots for beating Notre Dame is because the way things have been going this year it is very unlikely that USF, BC, and OSU all keep winning for 2 straight weeks in my mind they are next on the upset list. So as #3 lets say they go onto beat Oregon in Eugene, that should be enough to put them at #2, and a win over Oregon St. and Cal should bring them back to #1, and of course they would still have to take care of business against ASU, and UCLA. so thats why they still have a great shot at the title, however the question is not if winning the rest of the way is enough to send them to the title, it’s if they have enough to win all those games, and I think they do, because considering the fact that they are winning with 2nd stringers, I think by the time they begin the tough road starting with with Oregon, they will have most of there starters healthy, and have the same team back that we called #1 not so long ago.

  249. tigran says:

    Well Mike D the way things have been going this year we really have no clue how everything is going to play out, i mean as soon as we think we have it all figured out, you then find another top 5 or top 10 team go down, so as of now we are looking at what is going to be a interesting finish to this season for one cant wait to see how it all plays out i just hope USC can hold on for another week until they are healthy.

  250. Mike D says:

    Based on simple head to head matchups a number of the current top ten teams will have to aborb one or more losses before the season is over. I’m more concerned about USC winning their games as that is all they can control. From what I’ve seen to this point I believe one or more of the following are true:

    1. USC is simply not nearly as good as the preseason hype.
    2. Despite USC’s depth, injuries have taken a significant toll.
    3. USC has consisitently played down to the level of competition. Reason unknown (potentials include overconfidence, arrogance, lack of motivation, ???)
    4. Every opposing team has been “jacked up” to play USC and played “over-their-heads”.

    I think it’s a combination of all the above, but am unsure as to how much each has contributed. As the weeks of mediocre play go by, I fear #1 above may be a much greater contributing factor than I’d like it to be. Right now, USC needs to get by ND in South Bend, which is by no means a “gimme” the way things have gone thus far. Then, the following week’s game in Eugene will be very telling as to their chances of at least getting to the Rose Bowl. From what I’ve seen thus far (from both USC and Oregon), I fear it would not be unreasonable for Oregon to actually thrash them fairly badly. Then again, maybe USC needs a game they consider to be a true challenge going in to get them to raise their level of play.

  251. tigran says:

    I agree 100% remember last year they were also playing at the level of they’re weak competition, but as soon as they got to the big games, they began to blow out every top level team they had played, and I think by the time they play Oregon they will be much more healthy

  252. Mike D says:

    Ah, another undefeated top ten team goes down, though I don’t think this one particularly shocked many people. I just don’t see OSU, BC, ASU or Kansas staying undefeated either–not impossible, but I’d be a bit surprised if any of them did; and Hawaii’s schedule is too weak to get them into the #1 or #2 spot no matter what they do. So assuming OSU, BC, ASU and Kansas go down, it’s likely to be pretty wide open among any of the current top 13 teams that can finish with only one loss. I’d say Oklahoma and LSU have the edge if they can finish without losing again. Likely to be plenty of arguments over who should be in the title game by the time we get there. And all this after ESPN’s “preseason season” predicted like 4 or 5 top teams going undefeated (USC, LSU, Oklahoma, Michigan and one other I think). The reality is that going undefeated is extremely difficult–even for very good teams. Kind of reveals just how amazing USC’s 34 game win streak during the 2003-2005 seasons was.

  253. tigran says:

    Mike d I don’t want to brag but believe it or not I called 8 upsets this year and Im 8 for 8 i called Auburn over Florida, South Florida over Auburn, Kentucky over LSU, Illinois over Wisconsin, Kansas St. over Texas, South Florida over West Varginia, Oregon St. over Cal, and Rutgers over South Florida. For Saturday I got UCLA over Cal, and Auburn over LSU.

  254. Mike D says:

    Those are both feasible. It’ll be interesting to see how LSU responds to the tough loss last week. If it were AT Auburn it would be much more likely. UCLA is so inconsistent it’s hard to peg them. Both their bad games have been OUT of conference however, and Cal seems to have a historical tendency to drop one or two games they should win. I haven’t checked if their starting QB is still out; that would make a huge difference IMHO. It would actually bolster USC’s chances at a shot in the title game (assuming they manage to win out, which I am not counting on) if Cal wins the rest of their games except against USC.

  255. tigran says:

    Nice win for USC finally they get the blow out. What I noticed is that since the punt return by Joe McKnight, witch led to a USC touchdown against Arizona witch saved there season. USC has been playing with allot more passion, and a sense of erg ency. I think that one play is going to play a major factor if USC can win the rest of the way. I know it was against a 1-6 Notre Dame team, but the 38-0 win is what USC needed going into the tough part of there schedule. After Cal got upset for a second straight week, this time to UCLA witch by the way makes me 10-12 on my upset calls. I don’t see USC losing that game, as of now I feel Arizona State on a Thursday night is going to be USC’s toughest test. For this upcoming Saturday I pick USC to win 34-21. I think this will be the game where USC shows the country that there defense is as good as advertised, also I think Sanchez will have a big game and get allot of different receivers going, USC will also get allot of plays on the ground, that will be do to some key players on the o-line returning. not only is USC going to be allot more healthy on the o-line, but they will also have a few key returners on the defensive end. And my upset picks for this weekend will be Rutger over West Virginia, Penn St over Ohio St.

  256. Big Guns says:

    hey lets keep C dub for another three 3yrs. ‘Cause he’s charlie weis…the irish savior, he got what it takes to bring the irish back to prominincy amember? i mean remember?

  257. troy rocks! says:

    last night, i spent a long while going over the rest of the season to see where SC could get. My final(after the bowl games)put SC in second, after beating Ohio State convincingly in the rose bowl. LSU routs Boston College…. putting LSU #1 and SC #2. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge SC fan. The reason Oklahoma is not in the BCS Bowl game is because i am predicting the upset at Texas Tech and Ohio State falls to Michigan in a close bout.

  258. tigran says:

    I disagree. If you have USC winning the rest of the way there is no way they wont be in the title game, and same for LSU. I just think LSU will lose another game either to Alabama in two weeks on the road, or to Florida in the SEC title game assuming they will play again. Now the best game on Saturday will be USC v.s Oregon, but the game of the week will be Boston College v.s. Virginia tech both of those games will have huge implications on the BCS. For now I don’t think any of us make those kind of predictions for another 3 to 4 weeks. however that would be very interesting if it did end up like that

  259. tigran says:

    I disagree. If you have USC winning the rest of the way there is no way they wont be in the title game, and same for LSU. I just think LSU will lose another game either to Alabama in two weeks on the road, or to Florida in the SEC title game assuming they will play again. Now the best game on Saturday will be USC v.s Oregon, but the game of the week will be Boston College v.s. Virginia tech both of those games will have huge implications on the BCS. For now I don’t think any of us make those kind of predictions for another 3 to 4 weeks. however that would be very interesting if it did end up like that

  260. tigran says:

    I disagree. If you have USC winning the rest of the way there is no way they wont be in the title game, and same for LSU. I just think LSU will lose another game either to Alabama in two weeks on the road, or to Florida in the SEC title game assuming they will play again. Now the best game on Saturday will be USC v.s Oregon, but the game of the week will be Boston College v.s. Virginia tech both of those games will have huge implications on the BCS. For now I don’t think any of us make those kind of predictions for another 3 to 4 weeks. however that would be very interesting if it did end up like that

  261. tigran says:

    I disagree. If you have USC winning the rest of the way there is no way they wont be in the title game, and same for LSU. I just think LSU will lose another game either to Alabama in two weeks on the road, or to Florida in the SEC title game assuming they will play again. Now the best game on Saturday will be USC v.s Oregon, but the game of the week will be Boston College v.s. Virginia tech both of those games will have huge implications on the BCS. For now I don’t think any of us make those kind of predictions for another 3 to 4 weeks. however that would be very interesting if it did end up like that

  262. tigran says:

    I disagree. If you have USC winning the rest of the way there is no way they wont be in the title game, and same for LSU. I just think LSU will lose another game either to Alabama in two weeks on the road, or to Florida in the SEC title game assuming they will play again. Now the best game on Saturday will be USC v.s Oregon, but the game of the week will be Boston College v.s. Virginia tech both of those games will have huge implications on the BCS. For now I don’t think any of us make those kind of predictions for another 3 to 4 weeks. however that would be very interesting if it did end up like that

  263. tigran says:

    I disagree. If you have USC winning the rest of the way there is no way they wont be in the title game, and same for LSU. I just think LSU will lose another game either to Alabama in two weeks on the road, or to Florida in the SEC title game assuming they will play again. Now the best game on Saturday will be USC v.s Oregon, but the game of the week will be Boston College v.s. Virginia tech both of those games will have huge implications on the BCS. For now I don’t think any of us make those kind of predictions for another 3 to 4. weeks. however that would be very interesting if it did end up like that

  264. Mike D says:

    USC is now #12 in the BCS. Should they be able to win out they for sure would pass up ASU, Oregon (they would have beaten them), and USF (strength of schedule down the strecth). That only gets them to #9. Toss up if remaining strength of schedule could get them by OK, WV, Va Tech, Kansas or FL without those teams losing down the stretch. No way they pass OSU, BC, or LSU without those teams losing down the stretch. However, Kansas or OK has to lose (they would play in the Big 12 title game if neither loses before then); BC or Va Tech has to lose (they play Thurs); and I think FL gets to the SEC championship game if they win out so LSU or FL has to lose (they would play again if neither loses before that). That puts USC anywhere from 4-6 based on “must losses” should they win out. They need outright help after that. BTW “troy rocks”, if Michigan beats OSU, Michigan will be going to the Rose Bowl, not OSU, unless Michigan loses some Big 10 games before that matchup (they are undefeated in the Big 10 as of now). I think winning out would give USC a reasonable shot at the title game (based on the historical likeliness of some upsets down the stretch), but only provide for sure a top 5 or 6 pre-bowl position. A loss this weekend in Eugene puts an end to all such theoretical speculation and hope however. On the other hand, a win would be the first definitive evidence I’ve seen this year that they really can perform at the level that would be necessary to run the table down the stretch.

  265. tigran says:

    If USC wins on Saturday v.s. Oregon they will move up rapidly, because people can already start to see now that this team is healthier they are starting to look like the team we once called #1, and just the fact that they are USC such a big name, and if they do win there conference for a 6th straight year, a conference that is the 2nd toughest in the nation, they will definitely be in the picture. Also remember in college football you control your own destiny, you dont have to always hope for losses around the country. also remember lets say Kansas is playing Iowa St. and they barely speak by, and on the same week USC beats Arizona St. you don’t think they will move ahead, and for Ohio St. I am almost certain that they will lose at least once I think they will lose this Saturday to Penn St. for teams like BC, or Kansas, they are do to lose again, I know that if USC wins the rest of the way it will be enough to move them up to #2 or #1, and remember the way things have been going this year there are sill allot more shake ups and upsets waiting to be happened

  266. BRIAN says:


  267. tigran says:

    Brian that’s only because you guys have played more PAC 10 games than USC, and besides if USC wins the rest of the way out they’ll win the win the PAC 10, and you can’t talk because your team is not even ranked. Do you want me to tell you why, because UCLA will always have 2-3 straight games when they play great, and people start to think oh this team is ligate, and all of a sudden as inconsistent as they are they lose to some unranked team and thats something that happens to them 3-4 times a season, and most of that is due to Carl Dorrells lack of preparation.

  268. jmoney says:

    Do you think your rapist quarterback will pull off a win this weekend? I heard the LAPD is going to serve him w/ a paternity suit in the locker room at halftime. You may want to give him a heads up.

    PS-Rub some cream on your injured Booty.

  269. jmoney says:

    It’s probably a good thing that you guys won’t be involved in the National Championship this year. I heard it’s in New Orleans. With all those boobs flashed in front of Mark Sanchez in the streets, the sexual predator relapse is almost a certainty.

  270. tigran says:

    Dam Jmoney I thought you died or something, well I geus we cant always gat what we want, if you dont mind were trying to have a normal conversation about football, so why dont you fuck off, this time for good

  271. Mike D says:

    Didn’t see any of yesterday’s game, but purely judging by the stats it may have actually been USC’s best showing of the season considering the level of competition. They were in it right to then end but between the possessions with back to back turnovers and the horrible clock management on that last drive (three runs on the first four plays when you need to go 70 yards in three minutes with only one time out?) it was just a bit too much. Anyway, how big is the ASU/Oregon game next week? Winner has an VERY good chance at playing for the BCS Title. I think Oregon is a legit contender for that. Yesterday’s win over Cal was ASU’s first quality win; but considering Cal’s history of folding once they drop a game I’m not yet completely sold on ASU. Irratic UCLA drops one to WSU. Who knows what to expect next?

    USC can still guarantee themselves at least a tie for second in the Pac-10 by winning out. However, they could just about as easily lose out too. Oregon St is 5-3 (3-2 in Pac-10 themselves), Cal in Berkeley will be no picnic even with their recent woes, ASU at Tempe and then UCLA. They can still salvage a respectable season and likely top 10 finish, or this could be an even more dissapointing season than it has been to date.

    On the national scene, OSU looked the most impressive they have to date taking apart PSU at Happy Valley, they may have just enough to win out and get to the BCS title game yet again; BC may ride the semi-miracle finish they pulled of in Blacksburg Thursday to the title game (no future game looks even as tough as that one looked on paper–but an upset could easily still loom as pressure mounts). If those two go down just imagine the possible arguments (LSU, Oregon, ASU, OSU, BC, Oklahoma, Kansas, WV, even Missouri). The Oregon/ASU game likley clears one of those teams out; and the only one of the Big 12 teams will be standing after the Big 12 title game, but still quite a potential BCS nightmare. It’ll be interesting to see if enough teams get to two or more losses to clear out the mess before the season ends.

  272. jmoney says:

    Hey, I’m just thrilled to see your QB dodging defenders in the backfield. He has a knack for shaking free, whether it’s breaking the tackle from the grasp of a pass rushing defensive end or, say, having his lawyers dismantle the mounting legal evidence of a county prosecutor.

  273. tigran says:

    For USC to win the PAC 10 for a 6th straight year they of course need to win out, also they need ASU to lose a game before they play each other, because say if USC does win out but if ASU’s only loss is to USC, ASU will still win the PAC 10 the also need to hope for Oregon to lose another game. however if USC goes 10-2, and doesn’t win the PAC 10 I still think they will be given a BCS bowl. I think if they win a BCS bowl this year and finish 10-2. Next year will be their prime, because they will have 10 offensive starters returning, and 8 defensive starters and next year I think guys like Patrick Turner, vidal Hazeleton, Joe McKnight, and Stefon Johnson will become featured players.

  274. Mike D says:

    Chances on a 6th straight Pac-10 title are slim at best. All they can do is focus on winning their games. From what I’ve seen thus far, I’ll be pleasantly surprised for them to win out (doable, but not likely if their level of play does not improve). They lose a tie break to Oregon should they end up in a two-way tie; assuming they won out they’d have the two-way tie break against any other team; not sure how a three-or-more team tie break works in the Pac-10. 10-2 could possibly get a non-Rose BCS bowl bid because of the name draw of USC (ratings, ratings, ratings); would depend on how many at large slots are available and how teams vying for them end up with only one loss or less.

    Regarding next year; I’ll wait and reserve judgment. As I recall, most everyone was saying THIS was their year based on last year’s Rose Bowl performance and the number of starters they had returning….

  275. Fisher says:

    One way for USC to get to the Rose Bowl:

    1. Win the remaining games (duh!) & finish 7-2 in Conference play.

    2. Pray that Oregon also wins their remaining games and gets invited to the BCS championship game. Go Ducks!

    3. USC will finish with a 2nd place tie with ASU both at 7-2 (ASU will have lost to Oregon and USC) but will get the bid to the Rose Bowl because they will have beaten ASU.

    Simple, right?

  276. jmoney says:

    Not going to happen. The Pac Ten is actually good for the first time in my lifetime. Get ready to head down that long descent that Florida State started a few years back when the ACC stepped it up.

    Pete Carroll should have bailed when it looked like he could handle an NFL job. Poor guy, now he has to spend time having his offensive line protect his QB during the game, and the university has to protect the ladies on campus from the QB’s sexual appetite.

    So ironic that he could have avoided getting caught if he would have just used a Trojan.

  277. tigran says:

    USC just needs to focus on winning nothing else just winning every thing will come to the if they just win the rest of there games. They need to concentrate on one game at a time.

  278. USC Coach for 2009 says:

    It was a gamble, glad I didn’t have to make the call. Sanchez got the start, and the kid has a strong arm, but threw too many picks……doesn’t matter that he’s the back up. I won’t trust him to run this team in the future.
    I’m not gonna rip on the Offense, even though I dislike Sarkisian’s play calling. He sucks big Oregon Ducks!
    I’m gonna rip on the defense. The scheme was a bull crap piece of work. You can not justify having a healthy Cushing off of the field. You suck coach. They should have left you back at idaho. Gone are the days that the D-Line were slanted towards the inside. This would have been an excellent day to return to that style….have the tackles play a five technique angled/cocked towards the helmets of the guards ~ same thing for the ends but aimed at the tackles. You a$$holes you used to do that with the wild bunch. As a D-line coach, I loved that path, especially for a team that runs that Urban Meyer crap shotgun option. The D ends would have been killing it in the backfield………..but no, you chose that bull$h!t scheme with #41 and #43 on the field. Hey coach, those two a$$holes are special teams players! Your frikin ballers are (in order) ~ Cushing, Rivers, Rey, and #47 (forgot his name). If you run a scheme that takes these guys off the field and places your “specail” teams guys on, you are an ass hole.

  279. tigran says:

    I just hope they finish 11-2 and win any type of BCS bowl, the worst I hope they dois a Fiesta bowl, Im cool with that that will still give them a 5-1 BCS bowl record in the past 6 years, any BCS bowl is great at this point.

  280. Mike D says:

    Well, should USC find a way to win their next three, they would be a very attractive BCS bowl pick. Should the Ducks win out and end up getting into the championship game, a two loss USC would almost be a lock for the Rose Bowl as the Rose Bowl committee will always opt for BIG 10/PAC 10 teams (preferably a BIG 10/PAC 10 matchup) if it makes any sense–and a two loss USC team (that would likely be in the top 10 if they can finish the season with only two losses) would make sense. Now, if it were OSU/Oregon in the title game; I’m not sure who the Rose Bowl would select as their first pick (only that they would be seething at a BIG 10/PAC 10 matchup for the BCS Championship not being played in the Rose Bowl; but I think a two loss USC team would be more attractive than the second place BIG 10 team (likely a three loss Michigan) in that situation. Hard to say who the opponent would be in such a scenario. But that possibility is a few weeks away; we’ll see how things stand week by week.

  281. Mike D says:

    Imagine the arguments as to who should be in the title game in a scenario similar to this:

    1. OSU loses to Michigan
    2. Kansas ends up undeated, meaning they beat Missouri and then OK in the BIG 12 title game; or Missouri wins out beating Kansas and then OK in the BIG 12 title game; or OK wins out including the BIG 12 title game.
    3. Rest of the top 10 one loss teams win out.
    You have the following one loss (or in Kansas’s case undefeated) Conference champions from major conferences:

    ACC: Boston College
    BIG 12: Kansas, Missouri or Oklahoma
    Big East: West Virginia
    PAC 10: Oregon
    SEC: LSU

    and OSU would have only one loss; having been #1 until the last week of the season, but not even win the BIG 10 (they would lose the tie break to Michigan even if Michigan falls to Wisconsin; which means that after Michigan’s horrific first two weeks of the season, they can guarantee themselves a Rose Bowl berth by beating OSU, no matter what they do against Wisconsin). And if OSU lost to ILL and then beat Michigan, they would be another one loss major conference champion.

    Anyway, can you imagine the arguments about which two of those teams should be in the title game? You would have at least three one-loss major conference champion teams being left out in the cold; with another possible 2-3 one loss teams from those conferences to boot.

    Here’s another simpler scenario: If Kansas, Oregon and LSU were to win out, should Kansas pass up those two teams? Hard to say that an undefeated team (including a conference championship game) from a major conference should be left out of the BCS title game in favor of another one-loss major conference champion.

    The BCS may get lucky in the last few weeks of the season as they have in the past and end up with one one or two teams legitimitly getting done wrong; but there are a number of ways there could be some real heated debates/arguments regarding who among a half dozen teams or more “deserve” to be in the title game. I’m pulling for one of those scenarios myself, just for the fun of it.

  282. Mike D says:

    I just thought of a scenario I might enjoy even more:

    OSU, LSU and Kansas win out. LSU stays #2 in the AP (behind OSU but ahead of Kansas) but between the USAToday, Harris and computer polls an undefeated Kansas squeaks by LSU to #2 in the BCS and gets in the title game against OSU. LSU convincingly wins their bowl game over the number 4 or 5 team while Kansas barely squeaks by OSU in an unimpressive championship game. As a result, the AP voters keep LSU ahead of Kansas in their poll, leaving Kansas with the BCS title and LSU with the AP title. I’m sure LSU fans would maintain their consistency in how they really did not win any championship–the AP means nothing and only the BCS title game winner means anything…NOT! But it MAYBE might get them to whine just a little less about 2003 (or am I too optimistic?)

    I’d actually prefer to see the Ducks manage to get in the title game and win it; but wouldn’t the above scenario have some ironic poetic justice to it?

  283. tigran says:

    Why is Gameday traveling to Williamstown massachusets, for a game between Arthrec College vs Williamstown University, Im not kidding its on College football.com

  284. Mike D says:

    It’s Amherst vs Williams. My best guess from looking up the game on Wikipedia is because it’s the second oldest rivalry in America (Yale vs Harvard first played in 1875; and both Amherst vs Williams and Lehigh vs Lafayette were first played in in 1884). They call it “Biggest Little Game in America”. I’m guessing Gameday decided to go with a nice, cozy, nostolgic theme; highlighting the “little guys” and “purity” of the game or something like that. Can’t say I’m necessarily opposed to such a gesture.

  285. Mike e says:

    Fuck yeah!!!! cushing and maluluaga are coming back next season!!!! they will be unstopable nex year!!! yeahhhhh! jus goes to show how much they still love football!!! football > money!!! good decision guys!!

  286. PHILIP says:


  287. tigran says:

    If USC can win a BCS bowl game this year and continue the BCS dynasty it will be a great set up for next year to win another national title, I mean any BCS bowl is great, as long as we improve are BCS bowl record to 5-1 in the past 6 years, that’s pretty impresive, so as long as we loive on the BCS streak Im 100% pleased

  288. Mike D says:

    Closing strong to give a legitimate opportunity to get into a BCS bowl is certainly the goal and the ideal. However, even if USC ends up with an even more disappointing season by losing one or more of their remaining conference games, pushing them into a lower tier bowl game; I hardly think it’s legitimate to not be content with their overall performance over the last 6 years.

    I’m hard pressed to come up with a program that wouldn’t trade what they’ve accomplished during that time period for USC has done. Some programs might be content enough to not trade, but objectively speaking I don’t think anyone has, on a whole, outperformed USC during that period even if USC were to drop their next three.


  289. tigran says:

    USC really needs to bring the pressure today against Cal, who has a banged up QB in Nate Longshore, I think USC has a solid day on offense but defense is what will lead them to winning big against Cal. I call USC winning 27-10. As you know I am 14-16 on my upset picks I did call Wisconsin over Michigan, I also call Illinois over OSU.

  290. Big Guns says:

    yeah, that little punk didn’t learn his lesson yet? ok so pete didn’t cry when you dissed us on national tv, when you chose the bears, we didn’t trip..cause there 10 more just like you! so deshaun jackson you popped off ya mouth again, and again you couldn’t find the endzone! wut up wid that.. greatest thing since wheat bread!

  291. Ozneb says:

    SC Running game did pretty good in the rain with 220yds from C.Washington, Good job! ASU is next on the list and another road game.. here we come. my Question is.. whats with the club house in the tree at Cal ?


  292. sec fan says:

    what I hate is since USC couldnt keep up , LSU is gonna end up having to break it off in oregon, none of us down here are excited about it, just isnt the same as shuttin the trojans down, I dont know why, because oregon is the best that the pac-10 has to offer and that is saying very very little. just hang on you will see what i am talking about soon enough, NOTHING compares to SEC football, it’s a whole diffrent level of play!

  293. sec fan says:

    what I hate is since USC couldnt keep up , LSU is gonna end up having to break it off in oregon, none of us down here are excited about it, just isnt the same as shuttin the trojans down, I dont know why, because oregon is the best that the pac-10 has to offer and that is saying very very little. just hang on you will see what i am talking about soon enough, NOTHING compares to SEC football, it’s a whole diffrent level of play!

  294. tigran says:

    Honestly I think Oregon will beat the shit out of LSU, and Im rooting for Oregon to get to the title so USC can play in the Rose Bowl and WIN IT FOR THE 33rd TIME!!!, and there 5th BCS bowl win in 6 years, unless Oregon loses a game or two and USC just ends up winning the PAC 10. However Oregon has Arizona on Thursday and Arizona is known for there big upsets at home during November. Remember in 2005 #4 UCLA went to Arizona during Novemember and got blown out, and last year #7 Cal went to Arizona during November and they olso lost. Is this a sign of things to come as #2 Oregon will head to Arizona on Thursday night on NOVEMBER 15? I am 15-17 on my upset picks this year. I just called Illinois over OSU, and Wisconsin over Michigan. However I cant decide weather I want call Arizona over Oregon. Mike D what do you think is all the vodoo enough for me to call this huge upset.

  295. Mike D says:

    sec fan, objectively speaking based on current data, I would say that the SEC is the best conference this year; however, all of their teams have shown some flaws and there are a number of quality teams from other conferences too. I mean, you could end up having Tennesse, who Cal beat without too much trouble the first week of the season, in your conference championship game. Would Cal beat Tenn today? Don’t khow, but what happened is what happened.

    Interesting that it was a team with a former Pac-10 coach (from Oregon to be specific) that handed LSU it’s only loss so far this year (an omen of things to come?). I think you may find this year’s Oregon team quite up to the challenge of a title game against any team in the land should they get there–but there’s a ways to go. And if Kansas ends up beating Missouri and then Oklahoma in the Big 12 title game to stay undefeated, I don’t see them not passing up at least Oregon no matter what Oregon does; likely leaving Oregon out in the cold as I don’t see them passing up LSU unless LSU stumbles and loses.

    I’m quite disappointed in USC overall performance this season (how spoiled is that?–they very realistically could go 10-2, get into a BCS bowl game and I’d be admittedly disappointed), but am somewhat enjoying the turmoil at the top of the BCS standings. We’ll see how the next few weeks and the bowl season plays out.

  296. Mike D says:


    While anything is possible, and there could be an drop after two straight emotional and huge wins against two top 10 (at the time) teams, I personally just don’t see Oregon losing to Arizona unless they lose some key players (primarily read Dixon and Stewart) to injuries. I believe Dixon was a little dinged up last game but don’t know his current status. Oregon has played pretty consistently well all season and I don’t see it coming to an end now.

    Depending on what UCLA team shows up, that game could be a “trap”, and they could be in a dogfight against a decent Oregon State team (I believe the best team they play down the stretch AND their rivalry game–however they get that one at home and Arizona and UCLA are on the road so…).

    In a nutshell, I think Oregon will win out, and barring Kansas going undefeated will squeak into the title game (just ahead of the Big 12 winner and West Virginia). LSU being the presumed opponent, with the Big 12 winner having a slight edge over West Virginia as alternate possibilities should LSU slip. But, stranger things have happened, I just don’t anticipate them at this point (but then again, when do we, as they wouldn’t be all that strange if we did).

  297. Mike D says:

    Well, USC has set themselves up with a reasonable possibility to “salvage” the season. They’ve started playing a bit better and I now have reason to believe they can, and should, beat ASU in Tempe on Thanksgiving. If they do, that should put them back into the top 10 and leave them only a very winnable game against UCLA to finish out 10-2. That would virtually guarantee them a spot in the Rose Bowl if Oregon goes to the championship game. I just can’t see the Rose Bowl committee not picking a 10-2, top 10, second place team from the PAC-10 to replace the PAC-10 champion they’d be losing. If Oregon fails to get to the title game, a 10-2, top-10 USC team is still a plum of a pick for the other BCS bowl at large bids. Of course, ASU is thinking along the same lines for themselves. A lot on the line for both teams.

  298. tigran says:

    The team I really want USC to play if theyplay in the Rose Bowl is Ohio St. How great would that be also because of the fact that USC and Ohio St. are playing in the 3rd week of the season next year.

  299. Mike D says:

    I’m sure the Rose Bowl would much rather have a top-10, one loss, Big 10 champion in OSU than a three loss Michigan as the Big 10 champion–especially if Oregon ends up in the Rose Bowl as the Pac-10 champion (failing to get into the title game). An Oregon vs. Michigan rematch COULD be a good game, but based on Oregon’s earlier thrashing of Michigan at the big house, it does not have a lot of appeal going in. Let’s face it, Michigan’s three losses makes them not particularly appealing for a BCS bowl game regardless of who their opponent would be.

  300. tigran says:

    Mike D how do you see USC finishing what bowl game do you think theyll win, over who, and what will be there record? Just give me a straight up answer

  301. tigran says:

    15-3 is now my upset pick record.
    This week i am going to make my biggest calls of the year.
    Arizona over #2 Oregon
    Kansas St. over #5 Mizzouri
    Texas Tech over #4 Oklahoma
    #22 Cincinatti over #6 West Varginia

  302. Mike D says:

    My gut right now is that USC will find a way to win their next two and finish 10-2; get into the Rose Bowl (Oregon going to the title game) and play OSU, who seems to have Michigan’s number recently. And I believe they or more likely to beat OSU than not. It won’t be easy, and may not be pretty even if I am correct; but that’s the way I see it right now.

  303. tigran says:

    Im am not turning back on my upsets that is what I am sticking with. I know its a big gamble, but I feel that this is going to be another upset week.

  304. Mike D says:

    Cincinatti over WV would not surprise me at all; Tech may have a reasonable chance at the upset over OK, but I would be a bit surprised if K State takes out Missouri or if AZ beats Oregon. Haven’t seen enough consistently from K State so I believe the only way they win is if Missouri totally looks past this game to next week’s matchup with Kansas; and, while AZ is improving and at home, Oregon has played too consistently well all year for me to believe they’ll have enough of a letdown to drop this one. I wouldn’t be surprised if AZ keeps the game competitive, but I think Oregon comes out on top.

  305. tigran says:

    A one of my upset picks is looking good huh, I hope Arizona can pull I off. That means USC and ASU will play on Thanksgiving for the Rose Bowl, and USC will play for there 6th straight PAC 10 title. Don’t forget I called Arizona over Oregon, just look up on the comments you will see it this will put my upset record at 17-3.

  306. Mike D says:


    You did call AZ over Oregon, though I don’t believe AZ would have won had Dixon not gone down (reference my Nov 12 post regarding that); however, while ASU now controls their own destiny for the Pac-10 title and the Rose Bowl; USC still needs help even if they win out. If Oregon beats UCLA and OSU, they win the tie breaks over ASU and USC (having beaten both), even in a three way tie. So USC needs to beat ASU and UCLA AND have Oregon lose to either UCLA or OSU to win the Pac-10. In such a case USC gets the tie break against ASU, the only other team that could finish with only two league losses.

    All that said, I now believe it’s likely Oregon could drop one of their last two due to the pure letdown of how costly tonight’s loss was. I would almost count on it if Dixon cannot come back. He’s the key to their offense and the heart and soul of the team in general. So I’d give USC at least even odds of getting to the Rose Bowl as conference champions should they beat ASU and UCLA.

    Hard to believe the winner of the Big 12 will not be in the title game now. With OK and Missouri at only one loss apiece, and Kansas undefeated, the conference champion is more than likely to have at most one loss which ought to keep them ahead of WV and in the title game even if WV wins out. WV likley would need to win out and have LSU lose to have a chance.

  307. Mike D says:

    Heck, Ohio State has to be thinking they have a chance at the title game again. Would take a lot of help, but it’s not infeasible. If OK loses to Texas Tech or OK State but wins the title game against Missouri or Kansas (or some other scenario where the Big 12 Champion has two losses) and WV or LSU loses again they’d suddenly be looking very good. AZ State would not be far behind Ohio State if they managed to beat USC and AZ.

  308. Mike D says:

    Yes SEC fan, today Alabama, who you included as one of the stronger SEC teams in a September post (to quote, “think about it every week we play FLORIDA, GEORGIA, ALABAMA, ARKANSAS, AUBURN, EVEN OUR WEAKER TEAMS LIKE S.CAROLINA AND OL’ MISS are a harder schedule than most of your!”) certainly showed the country a whole different level of play today against Sun Belt power LA Monroe (who North Texas proudly claims as having their only victory of the season against).

    Just goes to show that embarassments can even happen to even teams in the incomparable SEC. That said, LSU is certainly the current odds on favorite to win the title, despite looking less than impressive against Ole’ Miss today. But the way things have gone this year I wouldn’t be making plans for the national title game until the deal is sealed….

  309. tigran says:

    How about my upset picks i was right on Arizona over #2 Oregon, and Texas Tech over #4 Oklahoma. My record is now 18-3. Next weeks upset picks UCLA over #11 Oregon I think Oregon will be somewhere around there , also Texaxs A&M over #10 Texas I think Texas will move up 3 spots.

  310. Mike D says:


    You have called a number of upsets correctly, but I do have to question your overall counting. You claimed to 17-3 before this weekend (Nov 15 post), in which two of your 4 proved correct, and now you claim to be 18-3 after the weekend. The numbers just don’t add up–unless you’re using a different accounting system than straight game to game results compared to the ones you “called”. My guess is that you’re likely more around the .500 mark for the season (such as your were this weekend) on how your upset picks have gone, which is pretty darn good for calling upsets.

    With Dixon out for the season, I’d be very surprised if the Ducks win both of their remaining games–I think they are more likely to lose both than win both without him. Assuming they drop at least one, ASU can clinch the Pac 10 with a win over USC Thurs or USC can take control of the conference race with a win (needing only to beat UCLA to close it out). Huge game Thursday as far as the Pac 10 and Rose Bowl.

    I’ll be interested to see if Oregon finds ways to win after such a devastaing loss, or if they fold up their tent a la CAL (though without Dixon it may be more that they simply don’t have the fire power than folding up their tent). It seems to me that over the last few years that CAL consistently looks pretty good for the first half of the season, then they drops a game they were expected to win, and then they go down the toilet after that; showing almost zero character in response to the disappointing loss.

  311. tigran says:

    I know I will correct my self I am 18-5,
    I was just lazy at the moment to correct it but I new I mest up when I looked back to see what I wrote.
    Oh Mike if neither LSU, Mizzourri, or Kansas ein there conferenses which is a great shot of happening
    the national championship game will be west Va. and Ohio St. that is not that complicated of a scenerio.

  312. Mike D says:

    If OK (or perhaps Texas should OK lose to OK State) beats the Kansas vs. Missouri winner (which I believe will happen), there will not be a Big 12 representative in the BCS Championship game. Conversely, if the Kansas/Missouri winner takes the Big 12 title game, they are a lock to get in.

    Here’s what I believe are the remaining legitimate possible entries for the BCS Championship game by conference and my assessment of likelihood:

    SEC: LSU
    Big East: West Virginia
    Big 12: Kansas/Missouri Winner
    Big 10: Ohio State
    Pac 10: Arizona State

    I have West Virginia in the second slot because I’m predicting that the Kansas/Missouri winner will not win the Big 12 Championship game (if they do win it, they are in). Now, if LSU, West Virginia, the Kansas/Missouri winner and ASU all manage to lose again (unlikely in my opinion, but not impossible); Ohio State is in for sure and all bets are off regarding their opponent in light of the likely number of two loss teams competing against each other (and against a one loss Kansas who would not have even won their conference).

  313. USC COACH 2008 says:

    1. Oregon drops their last two games as they feel the loss of the best player in college football.
    2. Arizona State gets exposed by USC, as a healthy PC USC team begins to flex its muscles for the BCS polls. Green Wideouts turn savvy and begin their ascent as the best group ever signed to wear the trojan uniform.
    3. LSU wins plays for the SEC championship, but loses after their “throwing” qb gets injured.
    4. Kansas defeats Missouri, then, loses to a pissed off Oaklahoma team that is the “real” deal BCS challenger.
    5. West Virginia sucks, don’t care what they do. I just hope the power house U Conn runs a fast break and knocks these fools out.
    6. Virgina Tech is gonna lay a goose egg, and lose a wild one to Virgina for that in-state battle.
    7. USC blows the doors off of Arizona State. JDB looks like the QB that we all know he is ~ “A frikin animal ballin a$$ QB out of the state of Louisiana. Then, the rb’s roll over 400 yds against UCLA as USC dishes out their frustrations on a meek UCLA team.

    BCS Voters struggle, but give in to the preseason hype that now seams true…They vote USC as number 2, and they line up against LSU.

  314. Mike D says:

    USC Coach,

    I can’t say I’d argue much with most of your assessments/comments (though the likelihood of EVERY ONE of those outcomes occurring is small regardless) but even if all laid out like that, no matter how much the BCS voters agonized and struggled, the system being what it is, it’s hard to see any two loss team getting into the BCS championship game ahead of Ohio State (not that I don’t necessarily believe Ohio State is overall a “better” team than a number of those would-be two loss teams).

  315. Mike D says:

    Oops, that last parenthetical comment should have read, “not that I [DO] necessarily believe Ohio State is overall a “better” team than a number of those would-be two loss teams”.

  316. USC COACH 2008 says:

    PC if any of your staff is reading this………please please roll the frikin dice. You must blow the damn doors off of this Arizona State wanna be team! Erickson is a descent college coach, sucked as a pro coach. I didn’t like the crap he did over at Miami when he was there…took the damn swagger out of a Cane program that J.Johnson built………..

    Get after it with the play calling. Get after it coach…..damn…….I played for a coach that told me, “I expect you to play your ass off. It’s fair for you to expect me to coach my ass off to get after it ~ to win.

    We got two weeks…..AZ State 1st. Handle that shit man.

  317. USC COACH 2008 says:

    Sarkisian still needs to go at the end of the year. That wipe, Dcoordinator, needs to go too. Give the Dcoordinator to K Norton. Bring me on for D-Line :-)

  318. TroJaN4LifE says:


  319. Mike F says:


  320. Mike D says:

    Yesterday’s USC game and today’s LSU game were pretty sweet weren’t they? Here’s a couple of possible scenarios that could lead to a LSU/USC matchup in a BCS Bowl game:

    1. Oregon wins out, USC beats UCLA and LSU wins the SEC title game, but doesn’t make it to the BCS title game (Ohio State will finish ahead of LSU so Kansas, Missouri, or WV winning out would keep at least two teams ahead of them). With Oregon going to the Rose Bowl as the Pac-10 Champions, USC is available for an at large bid to meet LSU in the Sugar Bowl (and if a 10-2 USC team were available when the Sugar Bowl’s turn to pick comes, I could pretty much guarantee you that’s who they’d select).

    2. Oregon loses at least once more, USC beats UCLA (winning the Pac-10 and clinching a spot in the Rose Bowl), LSU loses to Tenn or GA in the SEC championship game and Ohio State ends up in the BCS Championship game (OK beats the Missouri/Kansas winner or WV loses). With no Big 10 team looking particularly attractive to replace OSU, the thought of a LSU/USC matchup causes the Rose Bowl to offer their at large spot (due to OSU going to the BCS title game) to a three loss LSU team over some other two loss team.

    Neither perhaps likely, but neither implausible either. I think it’s more likely USC wins the Pac-10 (I just don’t see Oregon winning out without Dixon) and LSU takes the SEC Championship game, locking USC into the Rose Bowl and LSU into the Sugar Bowl such that they couldn’t play each other in a bowl game this year.

  321. Mike D says:

    Incredible turn of events since the loss in Eugene. Now one win from sixth straight Pac-10 Championship, Roses and a sixth straight BCS bowl game. Two more wins would likely yield another top 5 finish. No time for any let downs. FIGHT ON!

  322. tigran says:

    Thats right lets go USC. This time they are not going to allow UCLA to come onto there turf and spoil there chances at a Rose Bowl. USC should come out firing clicking on all cylinders, especially John David Booty with the passing game. UCLA should have nothing on offense, and the way UCLA’s offense is plaing, and how the Trojans defense is playing thats exactly what I expect to happen. Thats amazing if they beat the Bruins (as expected) it will be 6 straight PAC 10 titles, 6 straight BCS bowl appearenses. a 70-6 record in the past 6 seasons man you talk about a football team to be remembered.

    Mike answer these two questions for me 1: if the title game ends up being OSU and WV who does USC play in th Rose Bowl
    Also 2: they said on ABC if UCLA beats USC (not going to happen) and ASU loses to Arizona UCLA will get the Rose Bowl how is that possible when UCLA will have the same conferense record as ASU and ASU beat UCLA.

    PS: Kill the Bruins
    FIGHT ON!!!

  323. Mike D says:

    1. If OSU goes to the championship game, it means Mizzou or WV loses next week. Either of those would be a possible replacement for OSU. Kansas is another possibility; they certainly look good for at large BCS Bowl pick. Is the ACC champion locked into a specific bowl? If not, the Va Tech/BC winner would be a possibility. Georgia is another possibility. If LSU loses to Tenn, they would be a very tempting pick to provide a USC/LSU matchup; but in such a case there would probably be too many teams too far ahead of LSU to justify that pick. I don’t see Hawaii ending up in the Rose should they finish high enough to get a BCS bid. No real telling for sure until the dust settles on the SEC, ACC, and Big 12 championship games and we know who’s locked into what Bowls and how many at-large openings BCS Bowl openings there are, but my best guess would be Mizzou, Georgia, WV, Kansas or the ACC champion (if they are not locked into a specific BCS bowl).

    2. If UCLA, AZ and Oregon win there is a four way tie at 6-3 (ASU, Oregon, UCLA and USC). Amongst those four teams head to head round robin records would be:

    UCLA: 2-1
    Oregon: 2-1
    USC: 1-2
    ASU: 1-2

    That would knock out ASU and USC and then UCLA would win the tie break against Oregon by virtue of their win today.

    However, if UCLA, AZ and Oregon State win: It’s a four way tie between UCLA, USC, ASU and Oregon State. In the head to head merry go round of those four we would have:

    UCLA: 2-1
    USC: 2-1
    ASU: 2-1
    Oregon State: 0-3

    That would knock Oregon State out. Next step would be to compare the three team (UCLA, USC and ASU) head to head merry go round. Each team would be 1-1 in that tie break so we move on to compare UCLA, USC and ASU’s record against the 4th place team (Oregon State), which they all beat, so we go to the fifth place team. Now both AZ and Oregon would be tied for fifth at 5-4, so they would compare collective records against the two:

    UCLA: 1-1
    USC: 1-1
    ASU: 0-2

    That knocks ASU out and then UCLA wins the two team tie break over USC by virtue of their head to head victory next week in such a scenario. So, if UCLA upsets USC AND AZ upsets ASU, UCLA wins the tie break scenarios regardless of who wins the Oregon/Oregon State game and what you heard on ABC is correct.

  324. Mike D says:

    My BCS Bowl Matchup Predictions:

    Conference champions (automatic bids): Ohio State, West Virginia, Va Tech, LSU, USC, Oklahoma

    Other automatic bids: GA (top four finish non conference champion), Hawaii (undefeated with a top 12 BCS finish).

    At large bids: Mizzou–will drop below #4 for the automatic bid but will get selected over Kansas by virtue of having beaten Kansas (only two losses will be to Oklahoma), leaving one loss Kansas in the cold as no conference can have more than two teams in BCS games; and AZ State (BC a possibility of they play well against Va Tech, but unlikely Fiesta Bowl would pass up a chance to get AZ State in favor of the ACC runner up; FL can’t get in because of the two team limit per conference).


    BCS Championship Game:
    #1 West Virginia vs
    #2 Ohio State

    Rose: (Will get first pick of teams to replace OSU)
    At large pick: Georgia
    Host team: USC (Pac-10 Champion automatic)

    Orange: (Next pick this year)
    At large pick: Missouri
    Host team: Va Tech (ACC Champion automatic)

    Fiesta: (Next pick)
    At large pick: AZ State
    Host team: Oklahoma (Big 12 Champion automatic)

    Sugar: (Last pick this year)
    At large pick: Hawaii
    Host team: LSU (SEC Champion automatic)

    Now that I’ve made my predictions, Missouri will probably beat OK, BC over Va Tech, Tenn over LSU, Pitt beat WV, Washington beat Hawaii, UCLA upset USC again and who knows what else that would throw my selections all to hell–we’ll know next week.

  325. Mike D says:

    Short version BCS Bowl matchup predictions for those who don’t like to see the thought process behind the picks:

    BCS Championship game: Ohio State vs West Virginia
    Rose: Georgia vs USC
    Orange: Missouri vs Va Tech
    Fiesta: Arizona State vs Oklahoma
    Sugar: Hawaii vs LSU

  326. Mike D says:

    The more I look at how things shape up, the more confident I am that USC (assuming they take care of business against UCLA–not a given the way things have gone since their last matchup) will play either Ohio State (if WV and Missouri win), or Georgia (likely highest ranked team available for the Rose Bowl replacement pick should OSU end up in the title game, and the Rose would get first pick).

    In short, it’s hard to imagine the Pac-10 Champion playing anyone besides Ohio State or Georgia in the Rose Bowl this year. Whichever one it is will likely be #3 going into the game, so a win against UCLA and then a Rose Bowl win would likely vault USC into the top 5.

  327. nick says:

    I really hope Georgia doesn’t go to the Rose Bowl with USC. I don’t know about anyone else, but that would be one of the least appealing possibilities to me.

  328. Mike D says:


    If Ohio State goes to the BCS championship game, the only other remote possibilities besides Georgia that I see would be Missouri (assuming they lose to Oklahoma); but Georgia would probably be ranked ahead of Missouri and has more name recognition so I don’t believe that would happen; or Kansas (WV loses and Missouri wins and Kansas would get into a BCS Bowl instead of Oklahoma). But if Missouri wins, the Fiesta Bowl would get first replacement pick over the Rose (because Missouri would be #1 and OSU #2) and would likely snatch up a would-be #4, single loss Big 12 team (Kansas), who’s champion is locked into the Fiesta Bowl, over a would-be #3, two loss SEC team (Georgia); leaving a #3 Georgia and maybe a West Virginia ranked in the 5-8 range available. Can’t see WV being picked over Georgia in such a situation.

    The Va Tech/BC winner goes to the Orange and loser would have 3 losses so it wouldn’t be either of them, LSU either goes to the Sugar or is out of the BCS bowl picture (Tenn and Georgia being in), Oklahoma either goes to the Fiesta or is out of the BCS picture (Missouri and Kansas being in) so it wouldn’t be them. Florida can’t get into a BCS bowl because the Tenn/LSU winner and GA are going to get automatic bids to BCS games; Hawaii doesn’t have the clout and will likely end up in the Sugar (who has the last at large selection this year) if they beat Washington, and the Rose Bowl is not going to select an all Pac-10 USC/AZ State rematch. I just don’t realistically see anyone but Georgia except for a very slim outside shot for Missouri should they lose to Oklahoma.

    Guess you’ll just need to pull for Missouri and WV next week to keep Ohio State in the Rose.

  329. Mike D says:


    If BOTH Missouri AND West Virginia lost, it’s possible Georgia could end up in the title game against Ohio State, probably making Missouri the most likely pick for the Rose. But if Missouri and West Virginia lose, I don’t think Georgia, who has two losses and isn’t even playing in their conference championship game, would get in the BCS Title game. I think they would get jumped over by a BCS conference champion such as Oklahoma, Va Tech, or LSU. If USC had a tougher matchup for their last game to impress the voters with, you could even add them into the mix in such a scenario (as it is, they would have to CRUSH UCLA, have Oklahoma win unimpressively, have Pitt beat WV, Tenn beat LSU and BC beat Va Tech to even have remote consideration). Even then, where would a single loss Kansas team fit in? So, the way I see it, Georgia is the far and away most likely replacement for Ohio State should OSU end up in the title game.

  330. SC Wannabe says:

    The BCS is crap. How in the hell is Georgia ranked higher than the Vols and LSU? This is bull crap. If they are not the conference champ, they shouldn’t be ranked higher than their conference champs. This is crap.

    I await the additional points earned in the final week of games.

  331. Mike D says:

    BS or not, it’s what the system is, warts and all. The only teams that could pass up Georgia, who does not play again until their bowl game, at this point are Virginia Tech, LSU, and Oklahoma. They could only do so by impressively winning their conference championship games; which locks them into specific bowls (Orange, Sugar and Fiesta respectively). All available teams for replacement selection would remain relatively ranked in relation to one one another, so it would have no impact on a replacement selection by the Rose Bowl should Ohio State end up in the BCS Championship game.

  332. jmoney says:

    We’d probably see a better national championship game if your coach wasn’t such a whiny bitch a few years back and didn’t have the BCS reduce the impact for strength of schedule. Way to screw up college football, butthole.

  333. Mike D says:


    1. Very mature, rational statement: “Anything not perfect about the BCS and college football is Pete Carroll and USC’s fault.” The reality is that the BCS system, as long as it exists, will always have flaws no matter what they do with it; some years those flaws will be masked, and others they will be laid bare for all to see.

    2. Even if all the woes of the BCS were Pete Carrol’s fault due to changes made after the 2003 season (I assume that is what you are referring to), how do you figure we’d have a “better” championship game? The computer averages, which incorporate “strength of schedule” have Missouri #1, WV #2, and Ohio State #3 just like the human polls. I don’t see that there would be any difference this year as things stand. Furthermore, the human polls DO factor in strength of schedule to some degree, if they didn’t, wouldn’t Hawaii be #1 instead of #12?

    3. I really don’t recall all that much whining given the injustice of the team voted #1 in both contributing human polls getting squeezed out of the BCS title game by some computers primarily based on teams running up scores throughout the year. What I recall off the top of my head were statements along the lines of “It’s very disappointing. It kind of seems wrong and doesn’t make sense to me, but that’s what the system came up with. We’re just going to play the game we have in front of us and not worry about it. That’s all we can do.” I really don’t think any team under similar circumstances would feel much different. If you have documented “whining”, please reference it–in full context, to back up your statement.

  334. Mike D says:

    Hmm, ESPN’s Ivan Maisel and Mark Schlabach have their latest Bowl projections: They (as well as I), think Va Tech, USC, Va Tech, WV, and OK will win this week and wrap up their conferences and Hawaii will win, staying in the top 12 to lock up a BCS bowl bid. Maisel’s BCS Bowl picks mirror mine except he has Kansas getting in to play Va Tech in the Orange over Missouri–a possibility, but I think Missouri would maintain the edge over Kansas despite having two losses should they lose against OK. Reason being that both their losses would have been to the Big 12 Champion (Oklahoma), who Kansas did not have to play, and that they beat Kansas head to head.

    More interesting was Schlabach’s projections: He projects the Rose Bowl selecting Illinois to replace Ohio State, Georgia going to the Orange against Va Tech and both Kansas and Missouri getting left out in the cold (the Fiesta picking in-state AZ State over both of them despite being ranked lower). That is a possibility. The Rose Bowl is VERY big on maintaining the tradition of a Pac-10/Big-10 matchup. It just seems that dipping down to #15 (current rankings) Illinois over a would be #3 Georgia would be too steep a price to pay to maintain that tradition for this year’s matchup. An interesting projection however–certainly more likely than selecting a Missouri or Kansas IMHO, and one that I would not altogether discount.

    Assuming USC wins Saturday, I’d personally prefer they play a higher ranked team to improve their chances at moving up in the final polls with a Rose Bowl victory. Even losing to #3 in a decent game would probably be no worse than beating #15 as far as rankings go.

    Oh well, if OSU gets in the championship game I guess we’ll know soon enough who the Rose Bowl will select to replace them….

  335. Mike D says:

    The way I read the BCS selection rules, Illinois would have to move into the top 14 to get selected. I guess Schlabach projects BC losing to Va Tech will drop them below Illinois; moving the Illini up #14 and qualifying them for an at-large selection. Don’t see anyway else for them to move into the top 14 unless Hawaii loses (but Schlabach projects Hawaii to beat Washington and end up in the Sugar Bowl), which would let Illinois move up the polls to become at-large eligible and also open up another at-large slot, likely going to the Va Tech/BS loser or Illinois–out of those, only the Illini (Big 10) would have a chance to be selected by the Rose Bowl, but I still think the Rose Bowl would end up opting for a two-loss #3 Georgia over a three-loss #14 Illinois, despite their penchant for tradition.

  336. tigran says:

    With all of the emotion, and motivation USC is going into this game because it’s the final home game of the year, and now that USC is healthy and playing tremendous football. I don’t see the lightning striking on the Trojans for a second year in a row

    FIGHT ON!!!

  337. Mike D says:

    A very sound, if not completely dominating win over UCLA today. Just need to finish of the year with a win in the Rose Bowl.

    On the national scene, assuming OK doesn’t blow their big 4th quarter lead there be chaos in the BCS. I could make an argument for, and against the teams ranked 4-9 going into today (GA, KA, Va Tech, LSU, USC, and OK) as being Ohio State’s opponent.

    However, when all is said and done, I think LSU will sneak back in (even though I felt they played poorly enough to deserve to lose today). I just can’t see voters putting GA or KA, neither who even made it to their conference championship game, into the BCS championship game–though it’s not beyond possibility. I think Va Tech’s blowout loss to LSU earlier this year will keep them below LSU. I also believe that USC’s loss to Stanford was just too damning to put them in (though I believe USC is currently playing as well or better than any of the other candidates). Oklahoma may have the best chance to squeak by LSU soundly beating #1 Mizzou, but I believe voters will look at LSU, with both of their losses being in multiple OT games, as the “most deserving”. There’s sure to be lot’s of wailing and gnashing of teeth regardless. The Rose Bowl will get first replacement pick since OSU will be #1, will be interesting to see who they select: GA if not in the BCS championship game?, KA?, Mizzou?, Illinois assuming BC drops below them and they climb into the top 14?. The whole BCS Bowl matchups depend on who ends up #2 and who the Rose and bowl that loses the #2 team picks to replace those teams. Mizzou’s loss tonight may be bad enough to drop them behind KA as a BCS bowl selection despite their win over KA last week. Tomorrow should be interesting!

  338. Mike D says:

    Well, looks like OSU/LSU. The Sugar Bowl is not going to give up Georgia (Bowl losing the #1 team cannot pick a team from the same conference of the #2 team w/o the Bowl losing the #2 team’s permission). So looks like USC will be playing Illinois or Mizzou/Kansas. I’d rather one of the latter (higher ranking team), but I think they will end up going with Illinois to maintain a Pac10/Big10 matchup. In which case I think AZ State will get shut out (Fiesta going with an all Big12 OK/KA matchup over selecting a lower ranked AZ State). My just-before-selection-predictions (on which I reserve the right to be wrong):

    National Championship Game (what a joke to call it that this year–at least half a dozen worthy teams): LSU/Ohio State

    Rose: Illinois/USC
    Orange: West Virginia/Va Tech
    Fiesta: Kansas/Oklahoma
    Sugar: Hawaii/GA

    Mizzou ends up being “punished” for making the Big 12 Championship game and AZ State left out also–playing each other in the Holiday Bowl instead of either getting a BCS bowl.

    I think I would have nailed my original predictions had West Virginia not layed an egg against Pitt. Oh well.

  339. Mike D says:

    Hmm, I guess the Cotton Bowl gets the #2 Big12 team and the Holiday Bowl #3, which means Mizzou would go to the Cotton Bowl in my scenario and AZ State would get Texas in the Holiday Bowl. We’ll know shortly.

  340. Mike D says:

    For the first time in my life I think I’ve heard Lou Holtz say something as an ESPN analyst that I agree with (just saw the clip on their website). He generally panders so much towards Notre Dame and rarely gives USC their due. Anyways, his comment was something to the effect off: “If I were in the Championship game, there is no team I would less rather see right now than USC. However, I don’t believe they (USC) deserve to be there.” (Based on how the system works). Parenthetical comments mine.

  341. tigran says:

    well all you UCLA fans it is our turn to brag, as USC beat UCLA for the 8th time in the past 9 years, USC has just one there 6th straight PAC 10 championship, I am more than thrilled for USC to play in the Rose Bowl, however I don’t understand why they chose Illinois to play the Trojans, I was more then sure it was going to be USC Georgia. I’m sure Georgia fans are furious at the selection of the BCS. Mike how do you see USC and Illinois playing out.

  342. Mike D says:


    Because the Sugar Bowl lost LSU, the Rose Bowl could not select an SEC team without the Sugar Bowl’s permission, so that made Georgia unavailable (no way the Sugar Bowl was not going to keep a team from their “tie-in” conference, especially when that team was the highest ranked of the non-“locked in” teams. Had West Va, Mizzou or Tennessee won, keeping the SEC champion in the Sugar, Georgia would have been available and I believe selected by the Rose Bowl.

    I’m a bit surprised by the Orange Bowl selecting Kansas to play Va Tech. Thought they would have gone with an east coast team (West Va), especially since there used to be a semi tie-in with the Big East (Orange Bowl was hosted by either the ACC or Big East Champion up to 2005) more recently than the old tie-in with the Big 8 (current Big 12). Given they did not go with West Virginia, it’s curious why they took Kansas over Mizzou: Mizzou BEAT Kansas; Mizzou’s only losses were to #3 Big 12 Champion Oklahoma; and Mizzou was two spots higher in the final BCS rankings. I could have understood the Fiesta taking Kansas over Mizzou if they were left with the choice (not wanting a third OK/Mizzou game this year), but do not really understand the Orange Bowl’s reasoning. My BCS Bowl Predictions:

    Championship Game: If LSU plays at the level they’ve been playing at for the last half of the season I believe OSU will beat them. Despite being ranked higher, I believe OSU will be going in as the underdog and most everyone expecting LSU to win. Kind of reminding me like 2002 when no one really believed in them when the went up against Miami. I’m going with OSU (probably as much out of hope as logical reasoning).

    Rose: USC SHOULD, and I believe WILL handle Illinois, though it may be a bit tougher than most expect. However, I expect USC to pull away by 10+ points by the end.

    Orange: I think Va Tech wins relatively easily against Kansas. IMHO it would be a much more interesting game if Mizzou were playing.

    Fiesta: If White is still iffy it won’t even be close. Even if he’s healthy I think OK wins this one relatively easily.

    Sugar: This one intrigues me. I don’t think Hawaii can stop Georgia, but they may be able to put up enough points to keep it competitive. I think LSU’s defense would definitely had a very difficult time but Georgia’s may be a bit more suitable to deal with what Hawaii brings. I’ll be pulling for Hawaii but believe Georgia will win going away when all is said and done.

  343. Mike D says:

    Question for everyone: Should Hawaii find a way to beat Georgia, do they have any kind of legitimate claim/arguement to be #1 (at least in the AP)? They’d be undefeated and have beaten a quality team that many consider to be playing as good as any in the land right now.

  344. tigran says:

    I think that all depends on how the OSU LSU game goes. Also if USC goes out there and beats Illinois in a way that shows Illinois had no bussiness being in a BCS bowl, than they too can also make a claim to be #1, especially along with that if lets say LSU gets blown out by OSU. So theres your anzwer Mike.

    Mike answer these 2 questions for me
    1: What is your perspective on the firing of Carl Dorrell.
    2: Because of the decision there was made between USC and LSU, do you think USC deserves a shot at the share of a natoinal championship just like the one thay one in 2003, because at that time there was also a decision made between USC and Oklahoma, and last year since Florida was chasen over Michigan they were also given a shot at a split national title but failed against USC.
    So what do you think should they get it
    Answer those two questoins for me.

  345. SLACK TEN says:

    So, I’m reading my USA Today to review how the coaches voted on the top 25. Very interesting ranking from the unshaved beavers, and daffy ducks……..

    Mike Belotti, of all coaches, should know the tremendous loss that a team suffers when the starting QB is out. Still, the USC team lost in the final minutes with the “2nd string” QB leading the offense down the field. Belotti, you prick, USC barely lost to you with Sanchez manning the helm. Mike Belotti ranked USC #7 behind Kansas, Missouri, Georgia, VT, LSU#2, and Ohio State #1! Wow, way to go….guess all those critics out there across America are right. The PAC 10 does suck, take it from an asshole but wipe like Belotti.

    The next dumb ass coach on my list is that prick from Oregon State…..Mike Riley. You idiot, you ranked USC at number 6??? PAC 10 football sucks because of you. You suck coach. USC is the best team, the PAC 10 champ….which at best in your estimation is #6. Way to go Ass wipe. Why don’t you just go to a frikin the SEC so that you don’t have to be ashamed of the “SLACK 10.”

    That ass wipe, Charlie Weiss, voted USC #7! Thanks Charlie, you’ll be jobless in South Bend next year!

    The voting from these coaches was slanted as the majority of these pricks were from the midwest eastward.

    Jim Tressel of Ohio State voted USC #3! Whoaaa, maybe he knows something since he actually has won championships!

    Tedford voted USC #2! Whoaaa, maybe that CAL coach knows something too, since he left Oregon’s sorry ass!

    Ron Zook, of Illinois, voted USC #4!

    Fuck the Oregon Coaches!

  346. Mike D says:

    Regarding Dorrell: Haven’t been following UCLA very closely, but it seems they have just been too inconsistent. They’re being compared to USC which has been quite a standard as of late. Seems UCLA has come up with one or two “big” wins almost every season, which just makes many of their losses and overall mediocrity more frustrating for UCLA fans. In short, I’m not surprised to see him go, though I’m not sure that they’ll end up doing any better with whoever they bring in next.

    USC has no shot at ending up with the AP championship no matter what happens in the Bowl games. They may be the best team at the present, but even if they are (no way to prove it) it won’t matter. That’s not they way the system works. The winner of the LSU/OSU game will take the BCS and AP. Oklahoma may get some #1 votes in the AP if they stomp West Virginia and the LSU/OSU game is unimpressive, and Hawaii could sneak a few if they beat Georgia in a manner that doesn’t look like a “one in a million” game, but neither would overtake the winner of the LSU/OSU game.

    I think Oklahoma and USC are the two teams playing the best right now (some would likely argue Georgia is playing as well as anyone too), but based on the “rules of the system” the game they ended up with is as much or more defensible then any other possible matchup they could have voted in.

    I’d argue that OSU, LSU, OK, USC, Va Tech and even W Va & Hawaii are about equally deserving of the opportunity in the championship game, but only two can get in. Mizzou, Kansas and Georgia are just behind those seven, but I exclude them for not winning their respective conferences. And the way the “rules” work (movement in the rankings based on who you lost to, by how much, and when), the OSU/LSU matchup is what comes out. So whether or not anyone thinks they are the best two teams, or even if in fact they are not (no way to prove that), they’ve done what they needed to do to get there within the bounds of the system and the winner deserves the BCS title.

    Based on current play and returning players, my guess is next season’s preseason rankings will have OK #1 and USC #2: But as I said when this season started, “Precious few who start the season #1 end there.” But next season is a ways off, time to enjoy this Bowl season for now.

  347. tigran says:

    If USC beats Illinois, it will give them a 5-1 BCS bowl record in the past 6 years including 3 Rose Bowls an Orange bowl, and 2 national titles. Also a 70-6 record, 6 straight PAC 10 titles, 3 heisman trophy winners, and 6 consecutive fineshes in the top 5. These are of just a few accomplishments of many through 2002-2007.
    Now my question is how long will this kind of success last, when will it take a break, because throughout Trojan history they have aways been a great team but there have been a few holes here and there through certein time periods.

  348. SECBABY says:

    Well its about time that i come back and say I TOLD YOU SO! LOOK WHO IS IN THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! O and BTW there is only 1 BCS Title game and LSU won it in 2003 not USC so… no split national championship… LSU WILL DOMINATE OHIO STATE and USC will dominate a terrible Illinois team. I am sad to say, i really wanted to see LSU vs USC but we will wait till next year. Please help us exploit how weak the Big 10 is GL and the rose bowl.

  349. tigran says:

    LSU does not deserve the title game they were not impressive at all, they should of had about 3 or 4 losses, USC and Oklahoma are the most deservant teams no team is playing better as of now, both teams lost there 2 games only because of significant injuries. You guys are lucky you didn’t end up playing Georgia in the SEC title game or else you would of gotten blown out. LSU fans talk about there defense more than anything, and how great it is, I’m sorry but giving up 50 points to Arkansas, about 400 yards rushing, and 300 yards passing to a team that only throws about 15 times a game isn’t impressive at all. also LSU had 2 losses just like USC but here’s the difference LSU lost there last game of the regular season, while USC one there last 4. LSU is a good football team but after they lost to Arkansas it should have been it for them. Also USC is the real national champions of 2003 just look at the polls from the end of that season USC was ranked #1. LSU struggled with Oklahoma in that game winning 21-14 a mere 7 oints, while the following year when USC played Oklahoma in the title game USC won 55-19, a whopping 36 point victory, and for next year LSu is going no where probably a 3 or 4 loss team

  350. tigran says:

    LSU does not deserve the title game they were not impressive at all, they should of had about 3 or 4 losses, USC and Oklahoma are the most deservant teams no team is playing better as of now, both teams lost there 2 games only because of significant injuries. You guys are lucky you didn’t end up playing Georgia in the SEC title game or else you would of gotten blown out. LSU fans talk about there defense more than anything, and how great it is, I’m sorry but giving up 50 points to Arkansas, about 400 yards rushing, and 300 yards passing to a team that only throws about 15 times a game isn’t impressive at all. also LSU had 2 losses just like USC but here’s the difference LSU lost there last game of the regular season, while USC one there last 4. LSU is a good football team but after they lost to Arkansas it should have been it for them. Also USC is the real national champions of 2003 just look at the polls from the end of that season USC was ranked #1. LSU struggled with Oklahoma in that game winning 21-14 a mere 7 oints, while the following year when USC played Oklahoma in the title game USC won 55-19, a whopping 36 point victory, and for next year LSu is going no where probably a 3 or 4 loss team

  351. tigran says:

    LSU and Ohio State is a very interrsting matchup because we really don’t no what to expect from either team. I think the key matchup is LSU’s front line v.s. Chris Beanie Wells and the ground game. A lot of people are set that LSU will dominate but Iam not so sure I want to go down that road. However if OSU doesnt get Tod Bekhman and that passing game going again LSU will dominate, unless they perform like they did against Arkansas. It isnt as if LSU has looked that much more impressive than OSU. The only factor that fans have really looked at is that LSU plays in the stronger conference the SEC. Although after last year Florida proved thats a key factor after it’s 41-14 thrashing on the Bucks. This year I feel OSU is a bit more of an underdog than it should be. However the factor fans are forgetting is that the game is in New Orleans, Louisiana, can somebody say HOME FEILD ADVANTAGE!!! The same ofcourse goes for USC and Illinois in the Rose Bowl.
    I am sure that USC will handle Illinois because of the Fighting Illini’s lack of a passing game. Ive seen Illinois against Iowa an 9:00 am game earlier this season and they looked terrible losing 10-6. Trust me 6 wont be enough to beat the Men of Troy. Illinois was just forcing everything fumbling on options, getting negative yardage play after play, I dint see how that team is going to beat USC. I think the Illini will keep within reach for a little while but USC will soon begin to pull away, and dominate.

  352. Mike D says:

    SECBABY, even you would have to agree that LSU was EXTREMELY fortunate to end up in the title game after blowing chunks against an average Arkansas team. As I stated on Dec 3, I could make arguments for OSU, LSU, OK, USC, Va Tech, W Va and Hawaii for deserving a shot in the title game; and that objectively I fell OK and USC are the two of those teams playing the best at the end of the season. However, given the way the system works (flawed though it be), the OSU/LSU matchup is what comes out and the winner deserves the BCS title (and the AP title which will also go to the winner of that game this year).

    Regarding 2003, your statement of “no split title” is assinine and contrary to FACT, which you seem fine to ignore when it does not suit your fancy. There was no split BCS title that year (LSU earned and deserved the BCS title within the bounds of the system), but the just-as-legitimate AP title did in fact go to USC (just as equally earned by them within the bounds of the system). Simply stating something contrary to the truth does not make the truth go away; no matter how much you may despise the truth…..

    BTW, if LSU does not improve their play substantially for the BCS title game from what I saw in the last few games of the season, you and a number of other SEC fans are likely to be sorely disappointed. On a whole for the ENTIRE season I believe LSU showed more and was objectively the “better” team of the two; but the way LSU was playing at the end of the season may not be better than OSU. We’ll see how the teams respond and play soon enough. Enjoy the glory of being in the game and the glory of the title should LSU win. Happy New Year regardless.

  353. tigran says:

    mike d have you tried that playoff simulation format on espn.com it’s really cool, theres about 4 or 5 different formats one of them is custom. Anyway I noticed about 40% of the time the title game ended up being between USC, Oklahoma, or Georgia. My question is if we had a playoff format who do you think would end up playing in the title game.

  354. tigran says:

    My 2007-2008 Playoff Format

    1)OSU 28 16)BC 17
    1)OSU 31
    8)Hawaii 45 9)Missou 27
    9)Missou 48
    OSU 21
    5)Georgia 38 USC 34
    12)ASU 21
    5)Georgia 24
    13)Illinois 24 4)USC 27
    4)USC 41

  355. Mike D says:

    Yes, I looked at the playoff simulation a couple of weeks ago. I notice the simulation gives you a split of what percentage of the time it believes team A would win against team B, then selects (I presume based on those percentages) the winner for that specific simulated playoff game–So even though you might see a 75% for team A and 25% for team B; on a given run, team B could “pull off the upset” and be selected the winner of that particular game (should happen one out of four times on average for those numbers).

    I went ahead and ran USC against every team available and this simulation had USC winning over 50% of the time against every opponent, for whatever that’s worth. The closest splits were against Oklahoma and LSU, both at 51%/49%, basically an even odds coin flip according to the algorithms the simulation makes it’s caluculations.

    Ran it a few times all the way through with the various preset seeding selections available and, based on those results and my own intuition, I believe the most likely winner in a playoff would largely be determined by initial seedings and specific matchups throughout the tournament. That is, team A may mathup up well against teams B, C, D and E but not well against F, G, H and I; even though all those teams may be “about as good”. If the brackets split such that they would get to play three of their games agains B,C,D or E, but only one against F,G,H, or I, their chances are reasonably good. Vice versa if the brackets set up opposite.

    Even if you have a 60/40 split advantage against each of four opponents in a 16 team tournament, your statisical chances of winning the whole thing are only 0.6^4 = 12.96% That’s likely much better than any other of the individual 15 teams, but still the “Champion” only once about every 7.7 times a tournament with that particular seeding is played.

    All that aside I believe USC, Oklahoma or LSU, with about equal liklihood, would win an actual 16 team playoff if we had one this year. The simulation seemed to like Georgia’s matchups in their bracket using one of the preset seedings available (I forget which one), as it had Georgia winding up in the title game many more times than I would have thought when I ran it, so maybe Georgia would be a sleeper in such a tournament. No one can no for sure.

  356. tigran says:

    What do you guys think about that 4 team playoff system in 2011, I dont really like it, because there whole objective for that is to get it right and stop some contreversy, and that adds more contreversy. At that point the question will remain who should be the fourth team whitch team in the top 7 or ten deserve it more to get in to that playoff.

    If we had that system now in my mind the bst playoff we would see. would 1)OSU v.s 4)USC
    2)LSU v.s. 3)OU, Now Although that sounds great. I would still rather keep that BCS system the way it is. The only upside of that whole 4 team playoff, that ables us to have a playoff while keeping the same regular season importance, because that way you still cant, really cant afford more than 2 losses, and for alot of teams who aren’t as big as power houses you cant afford 2 losses

  357. Mike D says:

    For a year like this year a “plus one” system (basically a four team playoff) would still leave much controversy as to who got in, but historically speaking I’m not sure that’d be the case in most years. Even with a year like this one, with no clear cut sorting out of the top eight to ten teams, an eight team playoff would pretty much suffice to get all teams that could possibly argue themselves #1 in the playoff (though there’d be a couple screaming pretty loudly this year). There could be some arguing over who the 7th or 8th teams should be, but reality is that it would be a rare occurence that any team in that area of the pecking order would come out on top in an eight team playoff.

    Downside, as you mentioned, would be that stretching to eight teams would start to significantly diminish the importance of the regular season games–you’d have a good chance of getting in even with up to two losses. It could really downplay the importance of conference championship games unless getting in the playoff required being conference champion. For example, using pure BCS rankings to select the top eight, both OK and Mizzou would be in and GA would be in, benefiting by not being able to have suffered a possible third loss in their championship game that could have dropped them out of the top eight.

    So choose your poison of imperfection.

    Personally, I’m in favor of an eight team “plus two” system (possibly using the four major bowls to get down to the final four, then two semifinal games and the championship game). The six BCS conference champions getting in seeded 1-6 based on their final BCS ranking plus a couple of “at large” berths getting the 7th and 8th seeds factored in somehow. An at large team from a non BCS conference with a higher BCS ranking than any of the BCS conference champions would move up in seeding accordingly. No same conference matchups allowed in the first round. Using the BCS rankings, under such a system, using the four BCS bowls for the first round, this years seedings/first round matchups would yield something like:

    #1 OSU vs #8 Hawaii (Rose Bowl)
    #2 LSU vs #6 West Virginia (Sugar Bowl)
    #3 Virginia Tech vs #7 Georgia (Orange Bowl)
    #4 Oklahoma vs #5 USC (Fiesta Bowl)

    (LSU would play West Virginia instead of Georgia to avoid a same conference first round matchup).

    Kansas and Mizzou would be screaming but you can’t please everyone. Besides, Mizzou already lost twice to one of the teams in the would be playoff and Kansas lost to, and finished ranked below, Mizzou so…I’d leave them out and put Hawaii in. Personally, I’d seed OK #3 and VTech #4, but they finished opposite in the BCS rankings so I’ll leave them as is…

    There are just too many good teams across the board with too few common games (as each team only plays 3 or 4 non-conference games) to whittle it down to only two teams during the regular season IMO. Though, under my proposed system, non conference regular season games would lose almost any importance except for jockying for seeding position or getting one of the two at-large bids…. So once again, choose your poison of imperfection.

  358. Mike D says:


    USC did their part to exploit “how weak the Big 10 is” (or did they just show how good they can be?), but your SEC teams did not seem to want to join in that party today, with #12 heavily favored Florida dropping their game to Michigan (unranked 3rd place Big 10 team) and SEC East Champion Tennessee barely handling Wisconsin (the Big 10’s fourth place team).

    Georgia held up their end of the bargain crushing Hawaii. It was kind of a no-win situation for them. Most everyone will say they should have done what they did and not give them a whole lot of credit for it. But barely winning or losing would have been horrific. They played a great game, but what a classless move challenging a first down catch with a 35 point lead and the end of the 3rd quarter in a game they were totally dominating in all phases and had firmly in control even if they gave Hawaii 21 points at that time. Lost a bit of respect for them there.

    Arkansas got their heads handed to them but the rest of the SEC, while none being overly impressive, held their own and found ways to win. I’d say the outcome of LSU’s game will be the determining factor if one would call the SEC’s overall bowl performance this year a success or not. Should LSU lose, they’d still have an overall winning record, but only one dominating win (Georgia) and I believe only one other win against a ranked team (Tennesse over Wisconsin); while losing their marquee games against OSU and Michigan and having Arkansas manhandled by Mizzou (does my memory fail me, or didn’t Arkansas beat mighty LSU AT Baton Rouge this season?).

    Regardless, should LSU win and take the National Championship one would have to call it a successful bowl season for the SEC.

    The Big 12 has shown well. Should Oklahoma take out West Virginia, as I believe they will do fairly easily, they would have very nice wins by OK, Mizzou, Texas, and Texas Tech–though I expect Kansas will get taken to the wood shed by Va Tech.

    Outside of Arizona St, the Pac 10 showed fairly well–especially considering the coaching disarray at UCLA and them playing with their fourth string QB (or somewhere near there down the depth chart). Oregon surprised me playing so well without Dixon–I really didn’t think they’d put it back together but they did.

    On a whole all the Big 10 currently has is Michigan’s big win. They need OSU to pull out a win to salvage the bowl season for that conference. But a win there would give them the National Champ for the year so….

  359. Mike D says:

    Oops. Sorry, forgot to give the SEC credit for Auburn’s win over ranked Clemson. To me it doesn’t change the determining factor for the conference’s overall bowl season performance hanging on LSU’s game, but I don’t want to be accused of not giving full credit where it’s due…

  360. Mike D says:

    I’d love to see USC add to their string of five top 4 AP finishes, but even with their impressive win today that doesn’t seem likely. Pre-bowl AP rankings:

    1. OSU
    2. LSU
    3. Oklahoma
    4. Georgia
    5. Virginia Tech
    6. USC
    7. Mizzou

    Good chance they’ll overtake the OSU/LSU loser but with today’s perfomance by Georgia it’s hard to see them jumping the the Dawgs. If OK and Virginia Tech win by any reasonable margin (which I believe the both will) it’d be hard to see them jumping either of them as well. Similarly, it’d hard to see Mizzou jumping USC despite Mizzou’s impressive win today. So….it looks quite possible we may have to “settle” for a #5 AP finish this year. Sigh…..

  361. tigran says:

    Mike Florida was one of the candidates for next years #1 or #2 before the lost to michigan, Now the favor is Oklahoma but if they lose to West Va. what happens then, the prabables would then be USC or Georgia. However they probably wouldnt take USC because of what happened this year. USC does however lose alot, Cedrick Ellis, Lawrence Jackson, Kevin Ellison, Keith Rivers, Terrell Thomas, JDB, Chauncey Washinton, Thomas Williams, and Fred Davis, However on the flip side they return alot as well, Such as Mark Sanchez, Joe McKnight, Stefon Johnson, Cj Gable, Stanley Havili, Patrick Turner, Vidal Hazelton, David Ausberry, Ronald Johnson, Brian Cushing, Rey Monoluga (assuming those two will return), Clay Mathews, Josh Pikard, Carey Harris, Shareece Wright, Fili Maola, and Everson Griffin, also remeber the great recriuting class they always bring, plus the depth they have.

    Now assuming that Oklahoma wins here are my 2007-2008 rankings

    #1 Oklahoma
    #2 USC
    #3 Georgia
    #4 Ohio St.
    #5 Virginia Tech
    #6 LSU
    #7 Texas
    #8 Missourii
    #9 Florida
    #10 West Va.
    #11 Kansas
    #12 Penn St.
    #13 Auburn
    #14 Wisconsin
    #15 Clemson
    #16 Airzona St.
    #17 Tennessee
    #18 Illinois
    #19 Alabama
    #20 Michigan
    #21 Texas Tech
    #22 BYU
    #23 Oregon St.
    #24 Kentucky
    #25 Purdue

  362. Mike D says:

    Unless Oklahoma loses tonight, I would agree it will likely be Oklahoma, USC, and Georgia starting next year in the preseason 1-3 positions in some order. But as we saw this year, it’s not where you start, but how healthy you stay, how you play week in and week out, and where you are at season’s end that counts. From ESPN’s Mark Schlabach in his article on USC’s win:

    “What the Trojans’ domination of the Illini showed was that USC has a lot more than everyone else when it has everything at its disposal. The No. 7 Trojans are better than both No. 1 Ohio State and No. 2 LSU, which will play for the BCS championship Monday night in the Louisiana Superdome. The Buckeyes couldn’t even beat No. 13 Illinois, which was so clearly overmatched by USC. It’s a shame the Trojans can’t play the winner of the BCS title game in two weeks….With a stunning home loss to a 41-point underdog on its résumé, USC wasn’t the most deserving team to play for the national championship. But the Trojans sure look like the best team in college football.”

    I think that about sums up this year for USC, and while not everything Trojan fans were hoping for and expecting, an objectively very fine season none-the-less.


  363. SEC BABY says:

    How can u put Vtech ahead of LSU after a 48-7 thrashing? Also, Tenesse beat Wisconson…. and there is no way that USC can jump Georgia. Lastly LSU had injured players in their loss to Arkansas, and Look we lost 2 games in 6 OTS, one was to # 17 Kentucky not # 70 something Stanford. But goodluck next year we will be in the mix for a national championship again with Ryan Perriloux and our defense will have more experienced players. And ill say it again the Rose Bowl in 03 was not the national championship game. And im tired of hearing that the Rose bowl is the best BCS bowl. How can it be the best if only the Pac 10 and Big 10 get to play in it?????

  364. Mike D says:

    A bit testy to start the new year aren’t we? I believe tigran’s “rankings” were his predictions for 2008-09 preseason rankings. With Oklahoma getting whipped tonight (I’m still a bit stunned by what WV did–Oklahoma looked very good down the stretch; just one more example of how unpredictable things can be), top five final AP teams for 2007 are likely to include (dependant on the outcome of the Va Tech/Kansas game and assuming the BCS championship game is not a blowout either way) OSU, LSU, Georgia, USC and the Va Tech/Kansas winner. Exact order dependant on how good/bad teams look in the Orange Bowl and the Championship game but most likely possibilities for each slot I see are:

    1. OSU/LSU winner
    2. Georgia
    3. Va Tech, USC, or OSU if they lose a competetive game
    4. Va Tech/Kansas winner, USC, or OSU/LSU loser
    5. Kansas (if they win) or OSU/LSU loser

  365. Mike D says:

    Well, with Okalhoma’s loss it looks very good for USC to extend their streak to six consecutive top 4 AP finishes. Not too shabby.

    Should LSU lose, it’s not inconceivable for their third loss to drop them out of the top five below West Virginia. Mizzou could feasibly move ahead of them too, but it’s hard for me to see putting Mizzou ahead of Oklahoma when OK beat them soundly twice (but stranger things have happened) and I can’t see LSU dropping below Oklahoma at this point no matter what happens Monday. So WV is the only team not mentioned in my previous post on top five teams that I feel could possibly pass up a three loss LSU.

  366. Mike D says:


    Quit displaying your ignorance. And please don’t whine about injuries–every team has them. They are part of the game and can severely damage your title hopes (USC, Oregon, West Virginia and many other teams are more than aware of that).

    The AP DOES NOT HAVE A CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. No one ever said they did. The AP title is in no way tied to the BCS system other than taking the bowl game results that come out of the BCS system into account in evaluating each teams overall performance for the year. The AP voters then vote who they believe the best team to be. Generally, that is going to concur with BCS system–but when the #1 team in both pre bowl human polls doesn’t get into the BCS game because of some computer algorithms, well we see what happened. Heck, USC even got a couple/few #1 votes from the BCS coaches poll (who were supposed to be “bound” to vote for the BCS championship game winner).

    No one ever said the 2003 Rose Bowl was a “Championship Game” (though many believed the two teams playing in that game were both better than the two playing in that year’s BCS championship game). But even if both Michigan and USC were better LSU and Oklahoma, LSU got in the BCS title game and won it within the bounds of the system, hence they won AND DESERVE THE 2003 BCS TITLE. Likewise, USC WON AND DESERVES THE 2003 AP TITLE. Please get over it.

  367. Mike D says:

    And regarding the Rose Bowl. It is simply the “Granddaddy of them all”. That does not mean it shas the “best matchup” in any given year. It does mean it is the oldest of the bowls with much deeper and richer tradition and pageantry. Sheesh, maybe you should see a therapist do deal with what seems to be “football program national title envy” and “bowl envy”.

  368. Mike D says:

    Brad D,

    What kind of comment is “Wanna challange, step up and face Georgia”? One could just as easily say to Georgia, “Step up and face USC.” USC isn’t running from any team I assure you. The only other thing I could even possibly think you may be referring to is the Rose Bowl not trying to get Georgia as the replacement team for OSU. If that’s the case you’re statement displays ignorance for the following reasons:

    1. USC has/had nothing to do with the “replacement team selection”. The Rose Bowl committee does that.
    2. The Rose Bowl Committee did not go after Georgia because (a) they knew there was no way the Sugar Bowl was going to give up Georgia (if the conference of the #2 BCS team has a bowl tie-in, the bowl losing the #1 team cannot select a team from the same conference as the the #2 team without the permission of the bowl losing the #2 team) and (b) tradition (Rose Bowl Big10/Pac10 matchup).

    Georgia looked good down the stretch and very good against Hawaii, but they failed to even reach their conference championship game so, each view that the way they wish and draw their own conclusions.

  369. tigran says:

    Wow the two teams who were candidates for next years top 2 Oklahoma and Florida, both lose. So that pretty much leaves USC and Georgia. Oklahoma was the favor to be the consensus #1 for 2008

    Now with Oklahoma losing here are my 2008-2009 college football rankings

    #1 USC
    #2 Georgia
    #3 Ohio St.
    #4 Virginia Tech
    #5 Oklahoma
    #6 LSU
    #7 Texas
    #8 Florida
    #9 Missouri
    #10 West Va.
    #11 Kansas
    #12 Penn St.
    #13 Auburn
    #14 Wisconsin
    #15 Clemson
    #16 Illinois
    #17 Arizona St.
    #18 Tennessee
    #19 Alabama
    #20 Michigan
    #21 Texas Tech
    #22 Boston College
    #23 Texas A&M
    #24 South Florida.
    #25 Oregon St.

  370. tigran says:

    SEC Baby cant you get what Mike D is saying. LSU and Oklahoma were #1 and #2 in the BCS system whitch means they get the BCS title. However the human polls the AP. Had USC at #2 instead of Oklahoma, because the AP is totaly different from the BCS, and has the right to do that, there for with USC being #2 in the AP. Won the AP national championship by winning the Rose Bowl. The BCS title is all yours it’s all LSU’s but the AP was USC’s, You cant say the AP was allyours because the voters of the AP didn’t think so that’s why they had USC #1, and the BCS had LSU #1.


  371. Mike D says:

    Boy, Kansas surprised me tonight. I didn’t really think Va Tech was all that much, but I thought less of Kansas (no marquee wins and getting beat relatively soundly by Mizzou). Only saw the second half but it seemed to me Va Tech lost that game as much as Kansas won it. Still, got to give credit to Kansas for playing well enough to take advantage of what was there.

    Good chance USC could move up as high as #3 in the AP (very slim chance of even to #2 depending on the outcome of Monday’s game but I really don’t see them passing up Georgia) and into the top 5 in the BCS rankings with Va Tech losing. If OSU loses, but is in the game, they could end up at #2 in the AP, pushing USC to a likely #4 behind Georgia. We’ll see.

  372. Mike D says:

    Hey SEC BABY,

    Regarding your question as to how tigran could have Va Tech ahead of LSU despite LSU thrashing them earlier this year (even though tigran was doing preseason rankings for next year, not end of year rankings for this season). Why don’t you ask that of the computers used for the BCS system? For the prebowl rankings, their cumulative algorithms came out with Va Tech #1, Oklahoma #2 and LSU 3#.

    And before you start grousing about those computer rankings, remember, these are the same algorithms that put Oklahoma and LSU into the 2003 BCS championship game over prebowl #1 AP and #1 USA/Today ranked USC. Without them, LSU may not have even been playing in that game (or would have had to beat USC, which while not impossible, IMO would have been unlikely the way USC was playing at that time). Must be quite a conundrum for you.

  373. tigran says:

    Here are my revised rankings for the 2008 preseason

    #1 USC
    #2 Georgia
    #3 Ohio St.
    #4 West Va.
    #5 Oklahoma
    #6 LSU
    #7 Texas
    #8 Kansas
    #9 Florida
    #10 Missouri
    #11 Virginia Tech
    #12 Penn St.
    #13 Auburn
    #14 Wisconsin
    #15 Clemson
    #16 Illinois
    #17 Arizona St.
    #18 Tennessee
    #19 Alabama
    #20 Michigan
    #21 Texas Tech
    #22 Boston College
    #23 South Florida
    #24 Texas A&M
    #25 Oklahoma St.

  374. tigran says:

    I moved up West Va. because I herd that both Pat White and Steve Slaton will be coming back. I had USC #1 because It doesn’t seem like theres any other team who had more of a right to take that spot all though if the Trojans do end up being #! next year. To me as a fan it doesn’t really mean anything, because where ever the trojans are ranked in the top 5 all they have to do is just win every game and they will end up playing for a title

  375. DeTrojan says:

    How about:
    1. USC (b/c they are God’s chosen football team)
    2. Floriday (Returning Heisman winner does wonders)
    3. Dem ‘Eers (For just dismantling Oklahoma last week)
    4. LSU (For winning tonight)
    5. Michigan (Rich Rodriguez + TP = high ranking; good football; enough to win conf)
    6. Texas
    7. Kansas
    8. Os-Pu
    9. Va Tech
    10. ??

  376. Mike D says:

    Congratulations to LSU.

    Well, SEC BABY and other SEC fans, I’d think you’d be quite ecstatic about this time. We know LSU will be #1 and it’s highly likely Georgia will end up #2. (My guess is LSU, Georgia, USC, West Virginia, Kansas and then OSU). OSU showed a couple of signs of life but looked mediocre at best. Self imploding more than once to eliminate any reasonable chance they may have had. LSU looked outstanding for the last part of the first quarter and the entire second quarter but pretty average beyond that. However, that was more than enough to win the game and with it this year’s title (they’ll even get the AP title this year also–maybe you can let 2003 go now).

    Now it’s eight long months to wait until next season. Have a wonderful “off season” all.

  377. tigran says:

    But Detrojan is right.

    Where do you put the newly revamped Michigan, that will have the nation’s #1 coaching prospect along with the nation’s #1 recruiting prospect. Spread option mania, it’s going to be fun to watch Michigan football next year.

  378. tigran says:

    The last comment was not me.

    Anyway thst was by far the most unsatisfacting ending to a season I hsve ever seen, now as a fan Im glad after everything USC has gone through this year they still ended up winning the Rose Bowl ipmroving there BCS record in the past 6 seasons to 5-1, how that was the most boaring national champion ship game I have ever seen.

    How great would it have been to see matchups between USC, Georgia, and LSU, thats what I want to see.

    Now LSU is the BCS champion, however there was no true dominant team this year, and no true #1
    For next year Im going to change my top 5
    #1 USC
    #2 Georgia
    #3 West Va.
    #4 Florida
    #5 Oklahoma

  379. Mike D says:

    Yeah, they better not wait half the season to kick into gear playing at Virginia in their first game and then coming home to meet Ohio State for their second game of the season. But you have to like that they pretty much take on all comers with their non-conference schedule. They of course have Notre Dame (though down right now) annually (alternating home and away) and generally at least one other game against a team in the upper half of a BCS conference (two in 2008 with Ohis State and Virginia). It cracks me up when I think back to comments like this from USC haters (“tigers” in this case) last September 13 :

    “However, its a shame to see that USC doesn’t schedule [at least] one tough non-conference opponents like LSU….”

    (I assumed he meant “at least” since he put in “one”, but maybe he meant the entire schedule as he pluralized “opponents”.)

    Regardless, let’s compare LSU’s non-conference schedule to USC’s for the next three years:

    USC: @Virginia, Ohio State, Notre Dame
    LSU: North Texas, Troy, TBD, Tulane

    USC: San Jose St, @Ohio State, @Notre Dame
    LSU: Appalachian State, Houston, @Tulane, S Miss

    USC: @Hawaii, Virginia, Notre Dame
    LSU: TBD, UL Lafayette, Tulane, TBD

    So let’s see (counting ND as a BCS school since they have their own clause in the system), over the next three seasons that’s 7 of 9 non-conference games against BCS schools for USC (4 on the road). And that would be, let me count, uhmmm, let’s see, ah, ZERO of 12 non-conference games against BCS schools (pending the three TBD) for LSU (ONE on the road). Damn, it is a shame USC doesn’t schedule a tough non-conference schedule like LSU does….

  380. tigran says:

    How about USC beating UCLA 72-63 in basketball we are just owning the Bruins this years. We lead UCLA in the Lexus Guantlet 35-10.
    FIGHT ON!!!

  381. Hank says:

    Hey, look what I saw on ebay – this
    is an amazing collectible!
    USC Signed Football–24 Signatures
    Item number: 280208035261

  382. LSU says:

    Hey,tigran, u realize that LSU doesnt play a tough non-conference schedule because we play in the hardest league right? And also, this year we have to go to Auburn and Florida. Also, when the AP pole has LSU #1 and UGA #2 along with Tennessee#12 Florida #13 and Auburn #15, along with Kentucky, Mississippi State, and Arkansas recieving votes ( after losing the #25 spot ), you realize that maybe the SEC gets respect because they are good. The Pac 10 has USC #3, ASU #16, OU # 23, and OSU # 25 and no others recieving votes. WOW, maybe the SEC is good? Also, look @ LSU’s schedule, a tough UGA team, @Florida, Miss St. (coming off a better year for once lol), Auburn, Alabama,@ S.C., all teams who will probably be ranked when LSU plays them. Goes to show, LSU doesnt need a tough out of conference game because all SEC teams have it bad enough already. UGA or LSU could have been the the national championship. I’m in favor of a playoff system, but i feel it would end up like the Womens NCAAB tournament, when the actual Nat. Championship game took place b/n Tennessee and LSU in the Semis. They would make sure 2 teams from the same conference, even if they are the 2 best in the country, would never play each other all because of T.V. ratings and MONEY

  383. LSU says:

    Hey,tigran, u realize that LSU doesnt play a tough non-conference schedule because we play in the hardest league right? And also, this year we have to go to Auburn and Florida. Also, when the AP pole has LSU #1 and UGA #2 along with Tennessee#12 Florida #13 and Auburn #15, along with Kentucky, Mississippi State, and Arkansas recieving votes ( after losing the #25 spot ), you realize that maybe the SEC gets respect because they are good. The Pac 10 has USC #3, ASU #16, OU # 23, and OSU # 25 and no others recieving votes. WOW, maybe the SEC is good? Also, look @ LSU’s schedule, a tough UGA team, @Florida, Miss St. (coming off a better year for once lol), Auburn, Alabama,@ S.C., all teams who will probably be ranked when LSU plays them. Goes to show, LSU doesnt need a tough out of conference game because all SEC teams have it bad enough already. UGA or LSU could have been the the national championship. I’m in favor of a playoff system, but i feel it would end up like the Womens NCAAB tournament, when the actual Nat. Championship game took place b/n Tennessee and LSU in the Semis. They would make sure 2 teams from the same conference, even if they are the 2 best in the country, would never play each other all because of T.V. ratings and MONEY

  384. LSU says:

    Hey,tigran, u realize that LSU doesnt play a tough non-conference schedule because we play in the hardest league right? And also, this year we have to go to Auburn and Florida. Also, when the AP pole has LSU #1 and UGA #2 along with Tennessee#12 Florida #13 and Auburn #15, along with Kentucky, Mississippi State, and Arkansas recieving votes ( after losing the #25 spot ), you realize that maybe the SEC gets respect because they are good. The Pac 10 has USC #3, ASU #16, OU # 23, and OSU # 25 and no others recieving votes. WOW, maybe the SEC is good? Also, look @ LSU’s schedule, a tough UGA team, @Florida, Miss St. (coming off a better year for once lol), Auburn, Alabama,@ S.C., all teams who will probably be ranked when LSU plays them. Goes to show, LSU doesnt need a tough out of conference game because all SEC teams have it bad enough already. UGA or LSU could have been the the national championship. I’m in favor of a playoff system, but i feel it would end up like the Womens NCAAB tournament, when the actual Nat. Championship game took place b/n Tennessee and LSU in the Semis. They would make sure 2 teams from the same conference, even if they are the 2 best in the country, would never play each other all because of T.V. ratings and MONEY

  385. brian says:

    dude tigran usc is a football school. usc is better than ucla in football. but not basketball ,basketball is the sport ucla is good at. sure u had a good season but a couple good season isnt yet a dynasty but usc is preety good at basketball ill admit it

    how bout oj mayo

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